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Improve Employee Health with Odoo Lunch Module

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Everybody loves a good break, but wasting break time foraging for food? Nobody likes that. Imagine the whole lunch break being taken up ordering and delivery. A good lunch program is a solution to keep the employee morale up giving them a relaxed lunch break. It is also helpful in getting the employees to connect better with the company and coworkers. With the benefit of having our employees on-site by delivering food to them, we technically have more employee time without putting pressure on them.
Healthy and locally sourced food can go a long way in improving productivity and also boosting the company’s commitment to fellow businesses. While we spend bills after bills conducting retreats, and team-building sessions, lunch is simply the easiest way to connect the employees of the company. Creating a lunch culture can be quite beneficial for the company. Lunch breaks can be converted to brainstorming sessions that will make lunch breaks productive work time. 
While lunch culture has become common among many companies, especially corporates, the new onus is on shifting to a healthier meal plan. While we have no right to control what our employees eat, providing healthy meal options at work could be one way to incorporate a healthy meal into their everyday lives. Employee health is definitely an investment worth making. The health of our employees is our responsibility, especially when they spend one-third of their day on our growth. 
Providing healthy lunch options can help the employees to have a healthy meal that would boost their productivity and reduce their stress. It surely is one easy way to reach your employees. Providing lunch at work is also a good way to get your employees to break free from their workspace for a healthy break that will boost the mental energy for the day. Initiating a lunch culture will create more productive afternoons. While all other offerings and benefits may not always engage the employees, a lunch program is sure to get more people engaged and on a more regular basis. The better you eat, the better you deliver.
Employee morale is significant for a company, and while we take steps to improve the morale of our employees, employee health is also a good start. While many companies have started with yoga and similar fitness programs, lunch programs are sure to connect better with the employees. While healthy food becomes an easy option, more people will gradually shift to a healthier meal. 
When you have a large number of employees, managing the lunch programs by coordinating between employees, vendors, products, and delivery can be difficult. With the Odoo lunch module, we can configure the various vendors, delivery locations, and products to reduce the effort in coordinating lunch. 

Odoo Lunch 

The lunch module comes under the various hr modules offered by Odoo. It allows us to organize lunch for our employees by simplifying the ordering of lunch. 
Once we install the lunch module, we can configure the vendors, locations, products and categories, and alerts. 
We can add the vendors who will be delivering the various lunch items for the company. Most companies have contracts or packages with various restaurants that will be providing for the company. We can create the vendor details to have the deliveries organized. 
In the vendor details, we can configure contact details, delivery options, and location, available days as well as how the order is placed. We can now create product categories.
Product Categories
In the configuration, we have the option to add the product categories. Here we can add the various categories. It could be based on the cuisine, diet categories, and so on. For example, we can create the options vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and so on. Here we can create the category vegan. 
We can configure the product category, add the extras and save. 
We can now create the various lunch items to be ordered. All available items in the office lunch menu can be added to the products. We can configure the category and the vendors for the different items in the menu. 
We can also add an image for the item. For example, we have created a Quinoa bowl for the vegan menu and we have also configured the vendor. If the product is available from different vendors and belongs to different categories, we will have to create them as separate products. For example, you may have the same item hamburger from two different vendors. Then we will have to create two items. The same applies to items that have diet variations like vegan and non-vegan. 
If we have opted for delivery and even otherwise configuring the location would be a good way to manage the orders made. Adding the locations of various deliveries would improve the organization of food delivery. We can name the location, provide an address and add the company. 
Once we have configured all the information, we can now proceed to see how an order is placed. 
Placing an order
We can open our lunch dashboard and the items open to order will be displayed in the dashboard. We can select the items and add any instructions as necessary and then add them to the cart. 
We can select the delivery location, review the order details and click on order now to place the order.
We can set the threshold amount for the employee if needed. The employee’s order cannot exceed this limit and a warning will be displayed if our order is beyond the threshold. This will ensure that the employee meal expense does not weigh too much on our employee budget. 
If we follow any diet category or have vendor preferences, we can categorize and filter the menu item from the side panel. We can select the item category and also the vendor of our preference. The filtered item ist will be displayed and we can create our order. 
We can view the order history and the account history of our lunch account from the drop-down menu. 
While configuring we can also create alerts to be displayed in the dashboard. We can create alerts like offers or changes in restaurants and so on.  We can create the alert deadline, the display message and also choose to display the alert in chat or in-app. 
The alert will be displayed till the end time on your order window
We can create healthy and creative meal plans, suggesting meal patterns to follow for the employees on the days of the week. These prompts could be the kickstart of a healthy diet plan for many of your employees. 
A healthy work environment is one that attends to the welfare of its employees, especially the mental and physical well-being of them. The lunch culture in the office would surely bring the employees together to choose a healthier life while encouraging them to take timely breaks to recharge themselves.  

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