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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

Manage the employee appraisal in an efficient and orthodox way

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A regular review of the performance and the contribution of the employee towards the company is known as employee appraisal. It is pivotal for the company to improve the outcome of the employee and also to increase his/ her productivity. For growth and development among employees, a systematic method should be adopted.

Appraisal has got many advantages in planning the future plans of the company. Supervisors can plan promotion programs for the employees, compensation packages, training policies, and future development programs. Through employees, appraisal authorities can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. Regular assessment of the performance will clearly help in the development of the company and also optimize employee performance. Appraisal provides satisfaction in work as their efforts are valued and recognized. 

Odoo 14 ERP is a complete solution for your business. It comes with a whole module devoted to employee appraisal. The Appraisal module helps you to evaluate your company's appraisal operations. This module has many parameters and different actions which makes the work much easier. It is user-friendly and automated. 

In this blog, we will look at how the Odoo Appraisal module helps you to efficiently work out the process of performance appraisal and increase productivity.



As you open the Appraisal module, you can see the list of employees with their photographs. Appraisal functions can be done on each employee by just selecting the preferred employee from the list. To get any particular employee, you can search for them by applying Filters.


By selecting employee details of his/her appraisal process can be seen.  It includes the stage at which appraisal is, name of employee’s manager, his/ her job position, appraisal deadline, and assessment note. There is a provision that records the feedback of both the employee and the manager.


With the Schedule activity option, you can assign an activity to the employee with a due date and summary of the activity. You can select various activities like interviews, reminders, meetings, calls, upload documents, and many more. 


From the Employee's Goals tab you can easily evaluate the progression percentage of any assigned task or goal. New goals can be assigned and a detailed description of the goal, deadline, and whom it's challenged by can be entered.  


At the Last Appraisal tab, details of the previous appraisal are available. These details include the employee's manager name, job position, appraisal deadline, and company. Feedback from the employee and manager is also available.


You can check the calendar of the employee and schedule a meeting with them. You can also add who is responsible and the list of attendees. There is an option to add it to the calendar of everyone so that everyone gets reminded of the meeting. 



The goals tab redirects you to the goals of every employee. Titles of the goal assigned, progression percentage, deadline, and name of the employee to whom the goal is assigned can be seen unified. With the progression percentage, the supervisor can get a quick analysis of the employee's dedication towards the goal. Achieved goals are provided with a Done badge.


By selecting the Reporting tab a complete analysis of appraisal appears on the screen. You can analyze all the appraisals all at once.  Appraisals are differentiated under different departments which makes analysis easier.


From the configuration tab, you can select settings and you will be redirected to the page where you can alter and view settings of the appraisal module. You can select when the next appraisal should be, whether after the last appraisal or after the arrival date.


You can confirm the email template which will be automatically sent after the appraisal is confirmed.  You can also configure the feedback template of employees and managers. 


By selecting the Employees option from the Configuration tab, a list of employees appears.


Every detail of each employee can be viewed from here. With a single click, the complete profile of the employee can be obtained. The supervisor will get a complete history of the employee.


You can request an appraisal from here. Other details shown are Work Email, Phone and Mobile, employee’s Department, under which Manager she/ he comes under, Coach and work position. Since he/ she is in contract, details of remaining leaves which can be helpful in time analysis, schedule of the employee, timesheets, and Last Appraisal date are also displayed.

The resume of the employee with work experience, educational qualifications, and skills is shown. You can easily find out the work history and different skills of the employee. The Work information of the employee includes work address and work location, approvers, how many hours per week the employee works, timezone, default planning role of the employee, and planning roles. An organization chart that clearly shows the workflow and to whom this selected employee works can be seen.

The private information section consists of private contact information such as an address, email, phone number, bank account number, and homework distance. It also includes marital status, dependent details, emergency contacts, education, work permit, and citizenship details.

HR settings allow you to view the first contract date, job position, details of fleet, timesheets, attendance, and badge ID. 

You can always edit and add or discard any details from here by selecting the  Edit option. 


Details regarding the appraisal renewal can be added here. After how many months a new approval should be created can be selected from here.


Any evaluation status can be added here. You can mention the name and company which has been evaluated.


Odoo Appraisal helps you to evaluate and communicate with your employees effectively. Performance appraisal will encourage employees to work harder and also this enables a space to develop their skills. Odoo ERP is fully automated and you can easily perform appraisal procedures with the help of the Appraisal module. Through this company can also find dedicated employees, who can be further promoted and can also find employees who need a boost in their workplace. Odoo Appraisal is a complete solution for your employee performance appraisal program.

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