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By: Evin Davis

How to Manage Your Media Business in Odoo

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The media industry is where the management should have to stick to the drafted plan and schedule but should be flexible at certain unforeseen instances. The management of the operation of the industry has always tried some for the executives and the managers with rupture in the routine schedule due to unforeseen events, technical faults and human errors. This is an industry which should be able to depict a certain amount of standard and maintain it throughout the operation.

The earlier stages of operation of the media firms were done with the help of analysing and decision making based on the paper-based reports available to the management team. Gradually the management teams started to look out for automated software to deal with the management operations of the companies. As the Enterprise and resource planning(ERP) software seems to be developing to automate decision making for various aspects of the media industry. The Odoo platform is one among the ERP solutions that automate the management operations.

Odoo is considered as the one-stop solution to deal with all the operations of a company. The platform allows the media managers to perform all tasks of management operations for the effective functioning of their company. It allows companies with a presence in all sorts of platforms such as television, radio, print and digital platforms. The platform also allows the managers and salespersons to provide sales quotations for the various advertisement switch are being broadcasted, printed or mentioned. The salespeople are empowered with the slot availability and the schedule of the programmes and the vacant spaces in the papers of the advertisement areas.

The platform allows the company to have a series of interconnections with the management team or the managers or the decision making people of the company from the Client relationship management to human resources. Since Odoo runs from a single platform it will be helpful for the users of the media companies to establish management and monitoring strategies at the various aspects of the business.

This blog will describe how the Odoo platform will help the media company in managing the operations of

Client relationship management

Sales and purchase

Programming and traffic

Newspaper circulation

Human resource management

Accounting in the company

Client relationship management

The client relationship management tool of the Odoo platform allows the users to create leads for business opportunities for advertisement in the broadcast and the papers. There are leads that can be changed to opportunities with the lead enrichment functionality available which would provide the user with the contact information. The platform also allows the user to satisfy the customer with vue support activities such as meetings, emails, video conferencing etc. The user can also avail the option of the customer support and helpdesk functionality which would help them to obtain new contact and leads. With the Odoo platform, the user can do the operations such as lead management, opportunities management and generate reports and analytical data.

Sales and purchase

The platform allows the users to create purchase orders on the various products, equipment and services which are needed for the company. These can vary from the camera equipment, printing paper, IT support etc. The user can create a purchase request, create a call for quotations, call for tenders, allow automatic procurement etc. The purchase module in Odoo will help the users sto aggregate and save the cost on various procurement done for the company and ensures that it gets allocated to the right department or employee.
The sales module of Odoo helps the users from processing the leads to generating the sales quotations and invoicing the customers. The sales target options and the performance analysis strategies can be configured as per the management need to ensure the smooth transition of the sales of advertisement slots in the broadcasting and the column in the newspapers. The user can also derive various sales reports based on numerous parameters available in the sales module of the Odoo platform.

Programming and traffic

Manage the script and contents of the various programmes in the broadcasting and the publishing of various columns in the newspaper. The Odoo platform provides the users with the document management tool which allows the documents to be shared and edited by the concerned people. The video editing functionality can also be established by interfacing external applications with Odoo. The platform also allows the managers to draft and send out the timesheets for the various programmes being developed.

Newspaper circulation

Since newspapers are an unavoidable factor of certain households they should be delivered in the morning itself to please the customers. The Odoo platform allows the users to set out the delivery routes, allocate employees and outsource agents to perform the task. The transportation of the papers to various locations can be performed by the help of a company fleet of vehicles available at the disposal if any or can be outsourced to contractors. The route of operation in the circulation of the newspapers can be planned by the managers and fed to the fleet management tool.

Human resource management

The Odoo platform helps the users in managing the employees available at their disposal from the job posting to the allocation of them to various apartments. The platform allows the user to post jobs on company websites and various social media platforms. The interview process can be monitored and modulated as per the user's needs. On hiring based on the analysis of the skills, experience qualification they can be allocated to the various departments of the company. The platform allocates a separate module for describing the personal information and other details of each employee. The time off, leaves, working time vacations, payroll, advance salary, loans etc of the employees can be managed in Odoo.


The Odoo platform allows the user to perform all the accounting and finance-related operations of the company in Odoo. The platform allows the user to manage the chart of accounts of the company, the ledgers and other financial documents. The reporting functionality in the accounting module helps the users to generate various financial airports such as profit and loss reports, annual reports etc. The accounting platform also allows the user to verify the payments made from various online sources and the cash provided as liquid money.

Running a media business in Odoo will generate high profits to the company as it would automate all the operations which were earlier done by management teams. The module also provides the user with better time management, productivity, resource management and employee satisfaction and management.

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