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By: Evin Davis

Modernize your Health Clinic Operations with Odoo

Functional Odoo 14

The operations of the healthcare facilities have been in full swing during the pandemic era, and the operations of the effective management of these activities have been disrupted. The rush by citizens to get vaccinated immediately without any prior planning by the organization has been functioning unorthodoxly and inefficiently. The sudden surge of people getting vaccinated has been declared to a moderate level which is now manageable for the organizations. However, in the early aspects of operations, the organization could not function effectively and manage the patient and the rush to be vaccinated firstly due to the unavailability of vaccines due to the ineffective functioning of authorities. Secondly, the lack of a dedicated management solution that will cater to the operations.
Now the inflow of citizens during the pandemic is only an example of how the operations of a healthcare facility will be going downhill without the proper and dedicated tools of operations. Today, most businesses and organizations function with the help of reliable business management solutions that can be crafted well to support the aspects of every operation. Likewise, in the functioning of the health care establishments, you will also require dedicated tools of operations that will be beneficial in the functioning of all these aspects of its functioning. Various prominent tools are available in the market regarding the functional aspects of the management of a healthcare facility. Among them, are the enterprise and resource planning solutions that are available on top of the chart in performance and efficiency of the operations. 
These Enterprise and resource planning solutions are available as dedicated tools and solutions that provide the operational aspects of independent application-specific operations. Among all the ERP solutions available, Odoo ERP tops the operational aspects of business management with the dedicated infrastructure and complete control of the operations. Odoo is a new generation ERP solution developed in the early 2000s and has evolved as per the ongoings of the world in the form of technology, capabilities, and tools of operation. Developed as a TinyERP solution, the Odoo platform was initially meant for smaller businesses then it was configured as the software solution, which we know as the modern Odoo that is available today. Originally, the Odoo version 8 was released back in 2014, and from then, there was one new version of Odoo released every year. Today we have Odoo 14, which is the most advanced solution that is available on the market. The next and most advanced version of Odoo, the Odoo 15, will be released in the Odoo experience meet of 2021.
The Odoo ERP is an apt choice for healthcare facility management as it will bring in advanced controlling aspects and dedicated tools of operations that will help with the functioning of the day-to-day operations of the facility. With Odoo, you can modernize the functions of a health clinic by bringing in aspects such as digitalization and tools of modern advancement which are capable of automating certain routine aspects. Let's now look at how the Odoo platform is capable of modernizing the operations of a healthcare facility.
Bring in Complete Digitalization.
With Odoo, you can modernize the operations of your healthcare facility to be running paperless, which is mutually beneficial for the operations of the institutions as well as good for the environment. All the record-keeping aspects, along with the accounting ledgers, bills, statements, medical reports, patient details, employee details, and all the documentation aspects of the running of the healthcare facility, can be digitized with the Odoo documents module. 
Complete Employee Management
You can manage the employee operations right from the aspects of their recruitment which can be conducted online through the website, to the payroll management aspects, which are done every month. In addition, with the dedicated planning module, the employee shift, as well as department operations, can be well managed as per the requirements of the functioning.
Appointment Scheduling
The patient's operations, as well as their appointments, can be scheduled using the dedicated appointment module. Moreover, the appointments can be taken up either through tokens which are distributed online through the websites upon registration. The appointment configuration can also be done by taking it via calls, text messages as well a direct show-up. In addition, for each of the appointments which have been defined, you can allocate an employee to take care of the patient.
Scheduling using the Calendar
The calendar module allows you to directly schedule the meeting or the appointments which each of the patients visits. The scheduled appointments will be auto notified to the patients in the form of text messages as well as emails based on your need. Moreover, the calendar-based scheduling will ensure that your appointment, as well as engagement, will not mix up and both the patient as well as you are not disappointed.
Contract Management
With the dedicated Contract management module of the Odoo platform, you can define the contact information of all the patients and can be made use of in the operations related to them throughout the Odoo. This storage of the contact information will allow you to conduct the operations instantly and have direct access to them.
Accounting and Finance Management
The accounting aspect of the clinic as well as the healthcare facility operations such as the generation of invoices, management of chart of accounts, cash as well as online payment along with the ledger management and the reporting aspects and can be efficiently managed with the help of the dedicated Accounting management module, as well as the supporting financial management tools, win Odoo.
These are certain aspects of the Odoo platform which will ensure that your healthcare facility and its operations are efficiently managed for the operations bringing in more efficiency in management. If you need Odoo for your business operations, you can contact us at info@cybrosys.net for your Odoo implementation and other aspects.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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