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By: Evin Davis

Multi-Channel Sales Operation in Odoo


More and more sales are what makes the company forward in terms of profits and the revenue acquired. Therefore, every organization plays a variety of methodologies and tricks to bring more customers to their sales and thus to improve the revenue of operations. With the help of discount and promotion programs, they tend to attract more customs, which will be more beneficial for the organization than the customer. Moreover, dedicated marketing campaigns and coupons programs also play a crucial role in attracting more and more customers to the company, which will be beneficial for the instance operations. By performing various activities and customer satisfaction as every organization tries to bring in a label for their company and try to maintain it by defining various sales strategies.
Running the sale operations in various ways such as selling as a product or a service, or as a part or as the spare parts, assistance and maintenance are the different ways the sale operations can be conducted. In most cases, the companies run the operations of all these aspects for the business to progress to ensure that they are always on the market and the profits are running in through various channels. In addition, with the invention of internet facilities and other advanced forms of operations, you can run the aspects of eCommerce operations widely effectively. The development of electronic and smart devices has catered to online sales websites, which has been the primary methodology of sales operations. The business can achieve numerous amounts of profit with a limited and minimum level of investment.
It's always better to run the business operations in multiple mediums, whether it's an eCommerce platform, retail store, or wholesale operations; this will bring in customers from different mediums. If a business is already operating as a retail or wholesale store, it's easier and costs less to set up an eCommerce platform operation for online sales. There is not much money involved in setting up an eCommerce platform, and there is not much need for further infrastructure in regards to its development. Running the business operation with multiple mediums will be beneficial for the company in terms of the profits and customer number, but the aspects of the manageability and control of the business and the operations of all the mediums will be difficult.
This is where the need for dedicated business management tools and software solutions are required. Enterprise and resource planning solutions are some of the prominent tools which cater to the business. These come in as complete solutions, dedicated tools, or applications. However, only a certain number of solutions offer complete management, which will cater to the entire business operations. Odoo is one of those solutions that will provide complete business management regarding the entire aspects of operations. With Odoo, you can run the different mediums of the company's business operations from the same platform.
Let's now look into how the Odoo platform helps with the effective conduction of sale for the products at the various levels of the operations and mediums in which a company can operate.
The Multi-channel Operations with Odoo
Odoo operated with a dedicated and modular structure providing the users with modules that are application-specific for the operations catering to all the functional needs of business operation. In regards to sales, Odoo puts forward different modules of the operations helping you to run the multi channelized sales for the functioning. Let's now look at the distinctive tools of Odoo that cater to the business's multi sales operations.
Sales Module
The sale module of Odoo helps you define the entire sales operations, and it acts as the epicentre for all the operations of the product and service sales operations, helping with the complete management of it. Moreover, with the integrated structure, you can define and control the sales aspects of products and services in the medium defined below.
eCommerce Platform
The Odoo allows you to host a dedicated eCommerce online store where the product and services can be sold online along with the dedicated retails and wholesale operations. The integrated payment acquirers, eCommerce integration with prominent platforms, and shipping integrations will ensure that the products are distributed, and the money for the purchases by the customers are received properly.
POS Module
The dedicated PoS module will ensure a sale management tool in the store counter where the product can be billed. This model will be suitable for retail store operations. Furthermore, with configurations, you can run Bar and Restaurant operations to be managed effectively with it. Additionally, there are also integrated payment terminals and the capability of integration with advanced devices such as barcode scanners and biometric devices helping with the sales operation and customer management.
Subscription Module
You can sell the subscription-based product and services through the subscription module of Odoo. Moreover, the effective management of the subscription-based products can also be done to make the operation effective. The subscription module is in direct integration with the Odoo sales module that will ensure that all the aspects of the subscription product as well as services operations such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, laundry services, hospitality services, and many more.
Field Services
The Field services module will help you with the management of the operations of the Field operations by arranging and managing the operations of each employee in regards to the service operations which are required. The spare parts sales required at the time of the servicing can be effectively managed with the Field services module as it is in direct integration with the Sales module of the Odoo platform.
The Rental product module of Odoo will allow you to run the product rental operations to be run effectively, which will help with the management of the product being rented out as well as the acceptance of payments. Moreover, you can send reminders about the product rentals to the customers if they delay the bring back of the product or the equipment.
These are the certain modules in Odoo that will cater to the multi-level sales operations management in different mediums. All these operations are possible in Odoo due to the centralized inventory and dedicated central database management, which will cater to all the operations.

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