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Odoo 14 Fleet Management for Vehicle Rental Business

Functional Odoo 14

The cab rental business is a growing business as many companies prefer to rent cabs from cab rental agencies for ensuring the smooth transportation of their employees. Taking into account the demand for rented cabs, many firms are coming up to invest in this business. Many rent out their vehicles in small and large groups to businesses. The fleet management business operates different types of vehicles to meet the requirement of different customers. The vehicle rental can be managed based on a lease, rent, and other agreements.

A vehicle rental business generally owns a number of vehicles or a fleet of cars. They usually lease out their cars to other companies. Many business firms depend on fleet management companies as they do not have to bother about maintenance, repair, fuel management, vehicle registration, and other technicalities. A fleet management firm offers vehicles as well as all-round support for the vehicle.

Managing a Fleet business requires comprehensive management skills. Managing contract agreements, vehicles, and the maintenance and repair of vehicles get complicated without a proper control system.

Odoo has developed a fleet management application to manage different types of fleet management operations. The use of an ERP for fleet management can benefit the fleet management business to a great extent.

Here, we can look at how Odoo Fleet can help the business. 

Manage Vehicles

A fleet management firm usually operates a number of vehicles. Managing and monitoring these vehicles are not easy tasks. But with Odoo, a user can coordinate all operations and manage vehicles effectively. A user can easily create vehicle details and manage the details with Odoo. A user can create vehicle details adding details including the vehicle model number, driver details, chassis number, matriculation date, purchase value, pollution rate, contract details, engine specifications, and other details. This will help the benefit to document and use all the details in an efficient way. The Odoo Fleet management will support adding all details including minute details of the vehicle.


Contract Management

Before engaging in business with a firm, a fleet management business has to prepare a contract. The contract has to be managed efficiently and monitored to ensure that the contract conditions are managed properly. This will avoid legal complications and help the fleet business to operate efficiently.

With Odoo Fleet Management a user can create contact just by filling in the required details in a given form. Here, the user can add details including the responsible person, type of contract including repairing, leasing, omnium, etc. The vendor details, vehicle details, and current driver detail can be updated. Besides it gives the option to add basic information about activation cost, recurring cost, and depreciated cost.

It also supports managing the invoice date, contract start date, and contract expiration period.


Manage Services

With Odoo a user can manage all services also. Service management becomes easier with Odoo Fleet as it helps to mention service type, date of service, total cost, vehicle details and other information. The status of the service can also be viewed and controlled with the help of Odoo. The services to do, running services, completed services and canceled services can be viewed using Odoo. Besides, it helps to plan service and service costs.



A user can easily manage and update the Odometer value in the Odoo fleet App. This helps to list the vehicles, the odometer value, and the date in a simple way.


Manage Vehicle Manufacturer 

With Odoo Fleet a user can easily add vehicle manufacturer details. The make and image of the vehicle can be added. This enables the user to find out the total number of vehicles purchased from a single manufacturer.


Vehicle Model

This feature enables a user to add a vehicle model and other details. The details of the manufacturer, vehicle type, name of fleet manager, salary specifications and the vehicle information including CO2 emission rate can be mentioned here.



Another key feature of Odoo is that it helps to generate reports on costs. The total service cost, contract cost, and other types of costs can be reported easily for a period of time. Report generation can be done based on company, cost type, date, driver, fuel, vehicle, and the vehicle name.


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