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Uses of Odoo 14 Data Cleaning App

Functional Odoo 14

Data Cleaning App is a new module introduced by Odoo in Odoo v14. The app has been designed to clean the clutter and remove all unnecessary files and documents from the computer. 
Data management and efficient use of computer memory can be ensured with the help of data cleaning applications.
Odoo Data Cleaning App works like a cleaning staff for your system. It helps to easily identify data duplication. Duplicated data gets flagged based on the rules set by the user.

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Data cleaning app allows you to set different rules for the cleaning process. The data cleaning can be done with the help of the created rules. Here, in this blog, let us discuss the benefits of Data Cleaning Application

1. Helps to identify duplication of Documents
Odoo data cleaning application is a supporting application that can help you easily identify duplicate documents. All types of duplication including contact duplication, country duplication, document duplication, and all other clutter can be identified with ease. The sorting of data helps you to identify unwanted documents easily. Once the rule is set all duplicated documents get listed in the dashboard of the Data Cleaning App. This helps the user to get a glance at the duplicated documents. Apart from listing the duplicated documents, it also provides the percent of duplication. This allows the user to check if the documents should be merged or discarded.

2. Quick Clutter Management Support
Managing clutter in your computer could be a tough task.  Data duplication can affect the operation of the computer system. It will consume space unnecessarily and reduce productivity. IT can also cause difficulty in managing the documents in an organized manner. But with the Data Cleaning app clutter identification and removal gets a single click solution. Odoo 14 Data Cleaning app helps to select the clutter and check the duplicated documents effortlessly. It can help you trace duplicated documents and enables you to view the duplicated documents. The list of the documents is done in a way to easily examine the two documents where duplication is detected. Clutter can be avoided with a click. The merger of documents helps to avoid duplicate data and merge the information.

3. Set Time for checking duplication
As we have discussed, Odoo Data Cleaning App allows you to set rules for data cleaning. This can be done using the configuration feature. Odoo helps to configure deduplication rules. Here, you can also set the time for checking duplication. The process can be done every week, month, or at any fixed time interval. Such a feature enables you to carry out the data cleaning process with manual support. This will avoid error and help you to decide whether to merge or discard the documents.

4. Notification for deduplication
Odoo Data Cleaning App helps you to introduce notification to single users or multiple users. Deduplication and data cleaning process can be monitored by the user on receiving notification. This also helps the user to set notification intervals. The notification will be auto-generated and sent to the selected user. The user will then be able to check the list of deduplication and manage the activity.

5. Percentage evaluation of Document duplication
Odoo Data Cleaning Application dashboard gives a clear view of the document duplication details. Apart from the document list and the duplication status, it also provided details regarding the percentage of duplication of the listed documents. This helps the user to decide on the action to be taken.

6. Scope to Merge and Discard Duplicate Documents
With Odoo 14 you can merge duplicate documents. This will protect the document from losing important information. If the user wants, the duplicated document can also be canceled. 

7.  Easy Integration with other applications.
Odoo, an open-source software solution is designed for easy integration with all other applications. Odoo Data Cleaning Application can be integrated with contact, documents, email, and other applications. This helps the user to avoid data duplication in different types of Odoo applications. With a Data Cleaning app, you can avoid clutter in HRMS, Accounts, CRM, and all other modules of the Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software solutions.

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