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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 14 IoT (Internet of Things)

Functional Odoo 14

Internet of things modern technology came into existence with the development of communication, wireless networking, and digitalization in the world. There is no argument for the fact that IoT is the future of operations in various aspects of the world. With application software and integrated devices which could simplify our lives along with provisioning support in the various industries in operation.
IoT device interactions are common in the operation of business organizations. From simplifying the manufacturing aspects to involving in various household chores the technology of IoT has improved from its development stages of operation on certain events to fully functional tools.
Odoo is one of the updated management software that recognizes this need for IoT integration into the business there for developing an IoT integration module to deal with the operations. The new version of Odoo 14 has an updated feature of the IoT integration module. In addition, the Odoo platform offers an IOT integration box that allows users to connect various IoT devices to the platform. Almost all integration protocols for the IoT integrations are supported by these.
Internet of things
The word that has been well known in the past decades is mostly heard in the automation aspects of the operation. The terminology works based on connectivity and communications which could automate a task or an objective in a set of operations. The usage of this technology could be seen effectively in a vast variety of products from simple gadgets to automobiles and huge operational machinery. In addition, they have paved the way for ultimate company automation both in managerial aspects and operations. These automated interventions have rooted for a reduction in time wastage and simplifying the tasks.
As the Internet of Things is considered the future of operations in any industry the managerial software and automation solution should have the provision to embed these technologies into their operation.
IoT in Odoo 14
IoT integration came to Odoo way before the various other management software thought of the ideology. In Fact, IoT was introduced to Odoo in version 12 which came two years ago. In the new Odoo version 14, the IoT integration module along with the IoT kit has provided various advanced features of automation for an easier approach to various tasks of the company.
Some of the new features of the Odoo 14 IoT are:
Log files- access the log file of the IoT box from the form view
Printing options- The shipping labels can be printed through an IoT box-connected printer in Odoo
Raspberry Pi 4- An added feature of Raspberry pi 4 integration with IoT box
Packages- Connection to a weight scale using an IoT box will trigger automatic weighing.
IoT box And Odoo ERP
IoT box is an integration device that allows users to connect various IoT-operated devices to the Odoo platform. In addition, the Odoo allows the information sharing aspects and interrelated working with the various other operational modules present in the platform. In addition, the connectivity factor on various advanced devices is working based on internet technology, but the Odoo IoT box would provide connectivity to these offline and online devices to the platform. Additionally, the platform in the detection of an IoT connection would easily integrate with it based on the configurational operating protocols.
The Odoo IoT box supports various terminologies of connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, and USB. This would provide the Odoo platform to have ample connectivity features on any system. In the operation of integration, the information is received from the IoT devices, transferred or read by the IoT box, and then sent to the Odoo platform via a cloud and the vice versa operation also works.
Odoo IoT module
As the operational principle of an Odoo platform is based on the applicational module aspects of the software and an interrelated operation along with the entire company operations. The Odoo IoT module also does the same as it has been designed and developed to operate along with other management operations of the company. The module helps with multiple device integration and implements user-to-user connectivity and information transfer in an efficient manner. Once the IoT devices are integrated the use of the platform could enable the effective usage of these divides to go hand in hand with the various aspects of company operations such as manufacturing, work centers, inventory operations, employee management, and many more. In addition, the major advantage of Odoo is the customizability of the platform which drives it to operate within any limits of the company could also be done in the IoT integration devices and would add up to the operational advantage of the company operations.
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Hi, Thanks for sharing the amazing IoT related article. I need to ask something, we can only integrated IoT of there is a SDK available?




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