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By: Sree

Membership Management in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

Odoo ERP is popular for its user-friendly platform and versatility. Odoo ERP can be personalized to any degree. This unique feature makes Odoo the best-suited tool for all your business needs. Like Odoo 13, Odoo 14 also has a Membership Management module. It is a key feature that will benefit many companies, business operations, and other enterprises. This feature could be used for operating clubs, fitness centers, libraries, and many other organizations. Odoo Members module is best suited for end-users as it includes all required features to manage the membership. 

Odoo enables personalization of the membership in an effortless manner. Odoo will help you to manage membership in any organization inconsiderate of the size of the organization. A unique feature of Odoo is that it allows the user to issue free membership, paid membership, and associate membership. 

What’s more? Sales and accounting modules can be integrated with Odoo membership management systems. Integration with these modules helps in automated invoice generation and request submission for renewal of membership. 

* Create membership items and configure them effortlessly
* Create members 
* Free membership is possible
* Paid membership invoicing and Membership Fee.
* The user can add attachments in products for memberships

For using the Membership Module, First Install the Members Module


Membership products configuration

To create a membership product, Members -> Configuration -> Create


It is very simple to create a new membership product with the help of Odoo. Just click the Create button here to get Create Form.
In this window, we can mention the Name of the membership product.


The user can also mention the membership duration.

If the membership is paid, then the user can mention the membership fee
Use enable the option to keep it active
The user can also mention the product category in the form


Member Configuration

To create members go to, Members -> Create.


The configuration of members can be done a few steps. First Go to Members and then click Create. The user will then get a new form. Fill this form and provide all details. Then save the changes and a member is created. 

Configuring Free Membership

A user can create free membership when we create members. The form gives options for a free membership and to buy the membership. Odoo also gives an option to mention membership status. 


Membership tab helps the user to select the type of membership. The user can choose the option of “Free Members” from here. If the option is enabled by ticking the box, then the member will get a free membership. The current membership status of the member will then turn to ‘Free member’.

Buy Membership

If the user does not want to offer free membership he can uncheck the free membership option. Once the box is unchecked, then the user will be enabled to choose ‘to buy a membership’. In such cases, the current membership status will be ‘Non-member’. The persons will become a member-only on buying the membership.

If we select the option Associate Member, then the new member’s membership period will be based on the membership period of the associate member. 


Invoice Membership

A user can purchase a membership if interested. For this, click on the ‘Buy membership’. On clicking this you will get a new wizard. The user will be able to mention the membership type and charges and its cost will be updated automatically. Thereafter the membership can be invoiced by clicking on the “Invoice membership”.


Make payment

After posting the user can register for payment. For this click Create Payment. Then status changes to In Payment


Invoiced lines

A user can find the invoice lines under the profile of the member


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