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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 14 Project Management Module

Functional Odoo 14

In every company's operations, there will be separate projects which will be defined to specify an operation. The projects may be classified and open in terms of operations which can be defined as per the needs of the company. The project operations in a company will deal with planning, analyzing, organizing, and managing the operations to attend the final results. In certain instances, the project operations will be running throughout the company functioning or can be scheduled for a certain time of operations.

The ultimate aim of the project operation is to attain the specified and defined goals which are specified at the initial stages of defining the project. Odoo has a project management module that helps the user to manage, verify, and analyze the results of all the project operations of the company.

This blog will provide insight into the Odoo Project Management module and its operations which helps the user to use it in a company's operations.

Create projects and manage tasks

In the project management module, the users can create and manage the projects to be operating in the company. The user can create the project managers, employees, and the associated members of the project. Additionally, the tasks of the project can be defined and the user can assign them to the employee to be operating in different time shifts. The time shift for the respective project can also be defined. Moreover, subtasks can be defined for the main task operations which can also be configured with the responsible person. Additionally, the stages of each task will be depicted in the project's descriptions and the user can change the stages based on the operation. 

In addition, the tasks defined can be prioritized for the operation making the employees finish the ones which are the requirement of the hour. Moreover, the user can view the operations of each employee based on the timesheets defined under each task. The timesheet can also be used under the invoicing as well as the project description of the various aspects of the company operation.

Planning a project

The project planning can easily be done in Odoo where the employees can view the scheduled task, time duration, role, and duration of operations. In addition, the users can track the resource allocated and the status of each under the planning window. Additionally, the calendar and Gantt view available allow site users to schedule and plan the task and subtasks accordingly for the employees and assign deadlines on each one.

Service contract management

The flexible model of the project management module of the Odoo platform helps the user to manage the different types of contracts being defined in the platform. The module can manage the projects which can be invoiced based on the ordered, billable or timesheet operations. These service contacts for the project can be defined based on the timesheet or the service being carried out.

Overview of project management module in Odoo 14

The Odoo 14 project management module is packed with advanced features which will help the user to run them efficiently in Odoo. Below are the key aspects of the Odoo 14 project management module.

Modern interface

The user-friendly and flexible management tool will allow the users to plan, organize, schedule, and analyze the entire project, task, and the sub-task operations of the project.

Planning: The planning of the projects can be done based on the forecasting operations which can be defined in the reporting of the various product operations.

Schedule: The operational task, as well as the subtasks, can be organized for the respective employees being involved,

Schedule: The tasks and the subtasks along with the entire project operations can be scheduled.

AnalyzeThe quantitative, as well as functional reposts, can be generated for the project operations of the company.

Forecasting needs and resources 

The forecasting facility will allow the users to plan the future of the project and assign tasks and employees. The task allocation on the employees can also be changed accordingly. In addition, the profitability and productivity in the real-time environment of the projects can be calculated using task completion and timesheet operations.


The stages of the project can be customized which allows the users to analyze the defined payments. In addition, the stages of operations will allow all the users to allocate the tasks for the complete success of the project. In addition, the flexible project management system will allow the user to streamline the process and manage the staff available.

Discussion and document sharing

The documents and the note regarding the task and the project operations can be provided giving all the company's access. The communications aspects of the Odoo along with the log notes allows the employees to have efficient communication in real-time operations.


The overview of the project operations can be viewed by the reporting function which can be defined to be generated using various default as well as customizable parameters of operations available.

Odoo apps integration

The project module of the Odoo platform is integrated with sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, human resources, and all the required modules of Odoo helping the users to run the operations in a real-time environment of the company operation.

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