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Odoo 14 ERP for Paper Manufacturing Industry

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

Can you imagine life without paper? Probably not. This indicates the importance of the paper manufacturing industry. Though the use of paper is being reduced across the globe to protect the environment, we cannot survive completely without paper. For education, office purpose, newspaper printing, and many other uses, we need paper. Paper industries engage in the production of different types of paper. From hand tissue to photo printing paper the paper quality varies. 
A fully equipped ERP can ensure the best operational assistance to the paper industry. The use of ERP will speed up all activities and improve the efficiency of the activities. 
Odoo, the best ERP tool for the manufacturing industry is sure to support the Paper manufacturing industry. 

In this blog, we can take a look at how Odoo 14 can be helpful for the paper industry.
10. Scrap 

Manage products

Odoo helps to organize different paper products being manufactured in the industry. Odoo can easily help a business to create new products using the create form. It will also help to add product specifications. Odoo manufacturing module also enables the user to edit the product details at any time and improve the service.  Odoo offers support to add the product picture and product component details.
Besides, a perfect overview of the product is possible with Odoo support.


Product variant management

Product variant management helps the user to document all varieties of the same product. The product variant means the same product with different attributes. If a paper manufacturing industry is producing tissue paper in different colors, the color is the attribute. That means that users can categorize the paper based on the color. 

This also helps the user to make changes in the price based on the color or size of the product. When taking into account the bundles of papers the number of papers inside a bundle will also decide the price.


Manufacturing order management

Odoo supports manufacturing order in an orderly way. It helps the user to get a glimpse of all manufacturing orders on a single screen and view the status. The creation of manufacturing orders also becomes easy by providing product details and component details.


Ensure product quality with BOM

The Bill of material generation with Odoo helps to easily ensure that the components are used in the correct quantity. The bill of material provides the document of the component quantity. It also supports to manage the product price as the component price will be entered in the BoM


Work order Management

Managing work order gets easy with the Odoo manufacturing module. Once the manufacturing order is created, the user can transform it into a work order and trace the process from a distant place. It helps to constantly monitor the status of the work order and the work stage. The Work order overview helps to view the status and also helps to pause or stop the order.


Work center coordination

The paper industry usually manages different work centers. The pulp making and other processes for generating components are performed in the industry. The work center management option of Odoo helps the user to enter the WorkCentre for carrying out different operations. Besides, it also supports the tracking of activities in each work center for speedy completion of the work. Users can also calculate the required work hours to complete the task with the help of Odoo.


Manage stock

Odoo offers special support for stock management. Odoo Manufacturing module can be interlinked with the inventory module for easing the operation. The user can take stock of different types of papers.  The user will not have to worry about the stock as the integrated e-platform helps to keep track of the stock.


Check availability

Odoo supports the Paper industry to ensure the availability of raw materials like wood, pulp, and chemicals. The availability can be checked while creating manufacturing orders. This helps the user to plan the operations and purchase of raw materials in an effective way.


Replenish inventory

Inventory replenishment with an availability check is an added feature of Odoo. If the stock is insufficient you can immediately replenish the stock. This can help the industry from running short of raw materials. Quick delivery of products can also be assured by this.



Odoo manufacturing module offers support to scrap a product midway. The manufacturing module of Odoo 14 gives the start and block buttons under work order. Once a work order is blocked then the user can scrap the product. The scrapped paper can be used for preparing pulp or for preparing by-products.


Manage retailers

Frequent interaction with retail buyers is important for the success of any manufacturing industry. The Paper industry has consumers across the globe and the demand varies depending on the quality of the product. Odoo helps the investors to maintain frequent communication with the retailers and provide them with all details about new products and prices. Auto-Generated mails can help you maintain communication with the customers.


Manage Marketing

Market management is an important part of the paper business. Marketing automation is possible with Odoo support. E generation of bills and invoices also supports the marketing wing of the industry.
Odoo open-source software can also be customized if required. This helps the user to make use of different modules of Odoo for improving his business. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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