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By: Anju A.P

Enhance Your Project Management Using Odoo

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The project managers are always loaded with tons of responsibilities such as allocating resources, budgets, managing team members, calling meetings, analyzing reports, scheduling tasks, fixing issues, monitoring the work progress and so on. If the projects running is large in number, it becomes overwhelming the responsibilities of the project manager in the organization. It becomes quite challenging for the project manager to personally look into each and every collaboration happening in the business.

It, therefore, demands the interplay of a good intuitive project management software in the workplace so as to ensure real-time tracking and organizing of the projects. The project management software can perform smart and intuitive in automating the time-consuming tasks, also the management of a large team of professionals working within. 

This is the reason that in the last decade there was a significant rise in the adoption of project management software among different organizations. Almost 90% percent of high-performing companies are seen switching over to the usage of project management applications to finish off their work in a professional manner. And the statistics reflect that the project management applications have helped these businesses to put their data straight and accomplish great results on time.  

However, the good choice of the project management system or the application ensures the anticipated outcomes. One need to wisely choose the application matching business workflow. There exists a large number of choices in PM tools. Many offer a plethora of options that promise high-end performances and management features. 

If you are looking for project management software for your business, make sure that your sought choice have the following features.

1. Project Planning and Scheduling

2. Team Collaboration

3. Time Tracking

4. Reporting

5. Project Budgeting

No matter, how many other features your system showcase. The above said is quite essential and inevitable when it comes to the management of a project. Yet, if you are looking for a powerful all-in-one project management tool, Odoo can be the best choice. 

With no further ado, here we go why.

With Odoo project management it becomes quite easy the management of project tasks. Often the project managers face challenges and hurdles in managing the different tasks under a project. However, with Odoo it is a lot simpler. 

From adding tasks and subtasks under a project, outlining the responsibilities of each team member under a particular task, Odoo takes care of everything. No confusions persist with Odoo, whom the tasks are assigned and what are the planned work hours. 

From the tasks dashboard itself, it becomes quite easy to track the stages of different tasks under the project. From there itself, one can assign new tasks to the team members and set priorities and deadlines. 


It is also very simple with Odoo to schedule activities under a task such as arranging meetings/calls with customers, fixing deadlines and tags for quick task identification and so on. Thus in total, it makes the work of the project manager a lot simpler. He need not dip into large paper files like before. 


Thus using Odoo’s planning tool with scheduled time slots, the project manager can quickly fix things and need not manually take the pains of scheduling or rescheduling the whole project plan.

Moving on further, different views of Odoo are entitled to perform different interesting functions. Each view for instance:

KANBAN VIEW: Gives off the overall picture of different tasks undergoing. It thereby becomes easy to notify the co-workers of the state of different tasks.

GANTT VIEW: Make it easier to schedule tasks to each employee or the team member. The view enables better planning and organizing of the workload as well as human resource.


From the Gantt chart, the project managers can quickly review which people are assigned for a particular job, also reschedule the current plan if needed. With Odoo it is not very complex to make alterations in the resource allocations, one can easily fix things in one or two button clicks. 

CALENDAR VIEW: This view of Odoo again helps with better scheduling and organizing of activities under a task. A must-have feature for the project management tool. To extend its functionality, one can synchronize it with Google Calendar or iCal, ensuring no important information is left behind in communicating in real-time.


Here’s how Odoo’s planning and scheduling feature enhances your project management:

1. A quick insight into unscheduled time slots, working hours of each employee/team member underneath a task.

2. Providing flexibility and agility to delegate tasks to different employees. Enabling quick decision making in the assignation of tasks.

3. A quick overview of the team member’s tasks to set realistic deadlines. 

4. Avoiding the overbooking of employees with multiple tasks. 

5. Making room for prioritized tasks prior to other scheduled ones.

6. Easy re-filling with tasks, if the employee finishes off his work before the set deadline. 

7. Assuring a productive project team to furnish everything on time.

If you want certain extra features to further brighten up and standardize your project management, you can download our extensions from the Odoo app store. Cybrosys have built many Odoo project management modules that cater to intrinsic business needs in managing their projects. Few among these are 

> Project Gantt view 

> Project Task Timer

> Project Report XLS & PDF

> Task Deadline Reminder

There are more on the list. You can have a look at it from our Odoo app store. 

Coming back to odoo project management, who do not like to work collaborated in a project. Yes! Odoo ensures it with high seriousness. Odoo project management ensures that the team is able to communicate in real-time and has access to each other’s valuable records and information files to perform the task.

What’s more with Odoo, it becomes easy to attach documents and send Emails or SMS to the correspondent. Be it hundreds or thousands working under project tasks, odoo enable with quick communication via different channels. Under the tasks, the team member can add log notes or insert files into the system. Meanwhile, his co-workers will have quick access to these documents whenever they seek. 

Likewise, Project Budgeting, for a business firm, it is equally important to assess the profitability of each project. It helps them to make necessary changes in their work practice. Using the Odoo project management system, it is easy to grab insight on project profitability in a click. 


One gets to see it from the project dashboard itself. 

Last but not least, strong reporting skills is what make Odoo favorite and prominent among other project management tools. Odoo encompasses with different reporting tools that help in generating customizable reports to look at various shortcomings and problems that need an immediate fix. 

With Odoo it is easy to acquire reports on project budget, project expenses, tasks complemented, team member’s performance and lot more. The project managers or any other user can seamlessly create reports and choose parameters like Filters, Group By, Time ranges to categorize information and quickly review it. 

Also one can get these reports in various forms such as Pie Chart view, Graph View, and lot more. Thus from trends outlined on the different graphs, the project managers can quickly peep into and take necessary actions for bettering it. 


In nutshell, Odoo project management can be a smart solution for your business as it helps you with attaining every minute and big picture of your project. From customer contract to project billing, monitoring to assignation of tasks, Odoo does every time-consuming tasks for you. There is no chance that the associated members are left behind or unattended. Odoo sends alerts to mark deadlines and stay up to date, also enables chatter to team members to work together. Moreover, Odoo automatically creates new tasks and issues from incoming emails, allowing greater collaboration with one’s customers.

Here is a short note of highlighting features of Odoo Project Management Module again:

a) Seamless creation and management of projects/tasks.

b) Planning by Project/Employee.

c) Time Tracking and Efficient Scheduling.

d) Service Contracts Management.

e) Better Forecasting and Easy Resource Allocation.

f) Project Budgeting- Invoice based on Timesheet, Ordered Quantity and Milestones.

g) Customizable reports and Project KPI’s.

h) Data Analytics.

If you are looking for Odoo implementation or any kind of Odoo support in your business, write to us to odoo@cybrosys.com. We offer Odoo services in all industry verticals. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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