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By: Evin Davis

Odoo in Renewable Energy Industry

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Carbon footprint deposited by each and every person and use of fossil fuels have polluted the earth drastically and have rooted for various catastrophic climatic conditions and disasters. The changes can be seen in all aspects of our life in and around the world from the decrease in the quality of air, water, and soil. Moreover, with deforestation and soil degradation which the users of pesticides, chemicals, and weedicides have caused the depletion in the quality of cultivable land.

Considering all these aspects our focus should be on renewable energy which can be generated abundantly without damaging the natural habitat and resources. Energy generation from wind, hydro tidal and solar are the main aspects which are being used in the various parts of the world nowadays. With abundant power generation capabilities, these can be the future of many industries, households, shops, and even vehicles that may function in the entire world.

The effective management of these enterprises and functional management is an issue of concern among various companies. Managers are worried about how these can be distributed among the customers, charge them, maintain the equipment, subcontract the generation fields, and many more aspects of the operation. Like any other management sector, the Enterprise and resource planning software(ERPs) can do the task with ease. ERPs being one of the best management tools available for the management of any sort of business operations and the company can be reliable, efficient, and provide the users with effective management solutions.

This blog will describe why Odoo is an apt solution for any business? And 
How can Odoo be helpful on various aspects of renewable energy company operations such as:

Why is Odoo an apt solution for any business?

Odoo is the best ERP which is an affordable, reliable, and effective management tool for any type of business organization. Odoo holds its head high with its advanced management features which outweigh its competitors in the market. Odoo software operates from a single platform therefore it has only one central database which provides the users with provision for effective and easy communication and information exchange among various departments of the organization. In addition, the customizability feature of the Odoo platform allows its users to implement and adapt the platform to any form of business operation. Moreover, the Odoo software provides the users with provision to integrate any external third-party devices and applications which could help the users to run the business effectively. Therefore helping the companies to operate on the existing terminologies and devices available thus reducing the investment in new equipment.


Subcontracting in every business is an operational tool that is mutually beneficial for the company as well as the vendors and other third parties being involved. The subcontracting tool in the Odoo platform helps the users to lend out the production process to a third party. In this case the various owners of land or commercial spaces where solar panels, windmills, or even hydropower generation tunnels can be set up in their land. The power generated can be transferred to the electricity board or the authority where they can store it and distribute it to the potential needed areas.


The invoicing in the aspect of a power industry should be based on the consumption rates of each household, shop, or industry respectively. The Odoo allows the users to invoice the customers based on various parameters available on the platform. The companies can establish a measuring meter for recording the usage for a distinctive period of time and invoice the customer upon the verification. The point of sales functionality in Odoo allows the users to generate invoices remotely from the company office and charge them on various payment methodologies being described. Below is the invoicing window of the field services, where the user can allocate the time spent as a product and the spared used in the product window. Likewise the invoicing can be done while the sales are being conducted on services or equipment in the platform.


Field services

Another aspect of management is that of the field services operations as these equipment and power generation devices may fail and run into some damages upon operation. The Odoo platform's effective field service management tool can drive the operation of the field operatives. The feature allows users to manage the operation, duties, and time shift of the employees on the field. The invoices on the services can be generated based on the time spent, products or spares being used, or servicing charges which can be effectively done in the Odoo platform. Below is the image of the Odoo field service module overview here, the various tasks for the field technicians and service staff can be added and allocated.


Employee management

Employee management is an integrated part of the operation in any industry or business which should be handled with utmost precision and care. The Odoo platform is equipped with an efficient HR management module which allows the users the provision to manage the operations of the companies employees from the aspects of their recruitment till their paycheck payment. In addition, the staff management allows the users in Ooo to identify the skills and qualifications which each employee possesses and can be analyzed while allocating duties and job roles to each one.

Sales and purchase

The sales and purchase are the heart and soul of any business organization in the main world. Your entire business operations of the company depend upon the aspects of how these two operations are being conducted in the company. The Odoo platform's sales and the purchase applications help in the continuous operations of the company. The modules allow users to send out quotations and orders to the customers and vendors. In the case of an energy management company, these would be much beneficial in a deal with the customers and the vendors who supply the equipment and in addition to the subcontracting aspects of the company.

Considering all the above aspects mentioned on how Odoo software can be an efficient management tool to manage the operations of a renewable energy company it is the apt choice to do so.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your renewable energy service provider company contact us at info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business to attain better profits and effective  management with Odoo support.

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