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Odoo 14 Members Module for Fitness centers

Health and fitness centers are mushrooming across the globe with an increase in lifestyle diseases. The passion of many, including women and men to appear like physically fit movie stars also help the fitness industry to flourish. Many youngsters go for fitness programs to improve their fitness. The well-groomed bodies and muscles of many movie actors are inspiring the youngsters to work out in the gyms and fitness centers to improve their fitness levels.

A simple search on the internet would help a person to identify the popularity of the fitness business. Many small and large fitness centers start operations in every city and even in small towns with the increased demand for well-designed fitness training programs.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

A major task for a fitness business center is to manage the members. Fitness centers offer different types of services for different types of members. Unlike the traditional fitness centers, which had been offering a single scheme for all customers, the modern gym and fitness business focuses more on offering customers or need specific services.

As elderly people are also concentrating more on fitness activities to get rid of their health issues, the fitness centers have started offering special training to them. The most important task for a fitness business is to effectively introduce various fitness programs for different types of clients and the efficient management of different types of members. 

Odoo 14, with the latest features, helps the fitness business to manage members and memberships with a few clicks. This also helps the management of more than one fitness center. In this blog, let us discuss how Odoo 14 Members module can boost the operations of fitness centers.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Manage different fitness programmes

Though Odoo 14 module is titled Members, it not only helps us in managing the members. It also helps investors in the management of membership products. In short, Odoo helps the users to manage different products or services offered by the user for the customers. 

With Odoo a user can easily create membership products. It helps the user to create a membership product giving all the details of the product. As every product gets a good market or attracts customers with an attractive title, Odoo helps the user to give an apt title for the product. The name of the company that is offering the product and the membership duration can also be managed with Odoo. This software solution also supports the management of fee for service.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

For example, if a user offers, cardiovascular fitness training especially for people trying to improve heart health this service can be created as a product. The user can also manage other training types like fartlek, interval training, weight training, flexibility training, and many other types of training using the Odoo solution.

Easily categorize fitness program for age groups

Odoo 14 not only helps a fitness business to create and manage fitness services or products. But also helps the user to manage different service variants. For example, a fitness center may be offering flexibility training. The center may be offering flexibility training five days a week. Suppose the center is planning to introduce the same service for three days a week. Here, the user may not be able to charge the same fee for both programs. In such cases, the user can depend on the Odoo v14 Members module to manage product variants. This enables the user to attribute different variants like the days, the duration, or the time. This helps to easily attract the customers and win their trust with innovative pricing.

In the same way, a user can make changes in the price for the service offered with a special focus. If a customer wants an individual trainer, this can be added to the price and product details.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Easy creation of membership

Once a user creates various membership products, then it becomes a simple task to create members. A user can just enter the name details and other specifications of the member to create a membership. The duration of the membership and other details can also be entered with ease. Odoo helps the fitness business to create a membership for individuals as well as for companies. This helps the user to get the best support for running all types of the fitness business.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Efficient storage of editable members' database

Membership details need to be stored securely. An organization that fails to manage customer documents safely will lose the trust of the customers. Odoo helps the user to store all customer documents in an efficient manner. A well-organized database helps the industry to get the best support for running a business. The phone number, address and email IDs can be managed effectively to communicate with the customer about new offers and timing changes. 

Membership period management 

With Odoo a user can easily manage the membership period for a product. Odoo also helps the user to manage the membership by sending alerts to the customers. The membership management becomes a simple task with Odoo's support.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Quick renewal of membership

As Odoo modules can be integrated easily with other modules, it helps the user to get the best result. Odoo can offer best service to manage the best product. As membership period can be set in Odoo, it also helps in the renewal of membership. Here, if the membership period of a customer ends, the user can send an alert to the customer. This will help the customer to renew the membership by making payment.

Offer Free membership

If a fitness center is offering free membership to customers as part of a promotion initiative, they can do the process without difficulty. Odoo helps the user to complete the free membership process just by ticking the free membership column. This can be used as a promotion method in fitness centers.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Paid membership

A customer can buy a membership. This can be arranged or this option can be selected in the membership form of Odoo. This helps the user to view the membership status of the customer and help to send invoices to the customer. The payment schemes and membership products can also be managed easily.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Manage Promotions

As the Odoo Members module can be easily integrated with other modules, promotion management becomes simple. Making use of the contact details of the customers, a user can send SMS alerts and email alerts to the customers about the membership offers, service offers, etc. For example, a fitness center is planning a fitness program for the kids of existing members. Here, this project can be promoted with the help of the available contact list. 

Invoice Management

Odoo membership module is integrated with sales and invoice modules. This helps to generate invoices in a quick way. What makes Odoo special is that the user can easily manage the price list, payment terms, and other details. The payment reminder can also be generated with Odoo. IT helps to set reminders before the payment due date.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Integrate Accounts

Odoo helps the user to save the account details of the customer in the membership form itself. Account number and other account details including account receivable and account payable can be added in the form. This helps the smooth payment of membership charges.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Generate report

Odoo report management is a key feature that helps every business to improve further. With Odoo, a user can track the membership pattern. This also helps to track the customer support for different membership products. Odoo helps the fitness centers to prepare reports based on various measures including invoicing data, paid fees, earned amount, pending amount, the quantity of membership, and other measures.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Website management

Odoo helps the user to integrate membership details and product details in the website. This helps the customer to get a view of all products. The payment can also be made with the help of the website.

Integrate with other software

Odoo is a software solution that can be easily integrated with different software solutions. With Odoo support, a user can integrate the fitness center membership and products with the accounts department, sales wing, marketing apps, and other applications. It will also support effective customer relationships by improved communication. This helps a business to get the best technical support.

odoo-14-members-module- for-fitness-centers

Odoo is a comprehensive solution for all business-related needs. The Fitness business is no different. With a total solution for managing membership for the fitness business, Odoo can help the business gain popularity and improve scope.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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