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How to Improve Sales using Odoo CRM

Functional CRM

Whatever be your business, the prime task is to improve sales and grow the business. The sale rate depends on customer satisfaction and customer relationship management. So, good customer relationship management is something that can be very important, especially when we are talking about customers and sales. Satisfy a customer and build a long-lasting relationship and you will get word-of-mouth publicity which is sure to take your business to next level. This blog will help you to understand how Odoo CRM can help the business and improve sales.
How can we influence a customer?
Influencing a customer with the best service or product is sure to help the business grow. Apart from the best product, a customer will have certain expectations about the services offered by the seller. This could be related to the customer dealings before the purchase or repair service post-purchase. A customer may also want to know about a product in detail. This could help the customer to choose the right product. Customer management needs to focus on a set of important factors
    - Manage the contact of customers
    - Identify different categories of customers
    - Ensure frequent communication with the customer
    - Treat every customer as special
    - Ensure the best service at the best price
What is a CRM?
CRM is software that can be used to manage all customer-related activities. It can be used to maintain good contact with the customer and to ensure constant communication with the customer. An efficient CRM can also help your business to generate opportunities and improve business.
Odoo CRM
Odoo CRM is a software platform that can stand alone or which can work in association with the Enterprise Resource Planning Software. It can integrate different functionalities to ensure improved operation of the customer management wing. No business can survive without customer support and hence, CRM can be termed as the most important part of a business.
Odoo CRM offers a comprehensive customer management solution to customers. Cybrosys Technologies, Odoo Gold partner offers you a CRM software solution that can be of great help to the business. Cybrosys, with a skilled team, can integrate different Odoo Modules with CRM. We can also guarantee you smooth integration of Odoo ERP with Odoo CRM.
    1. Sales Pipeline Management
The sale pipeline is the visualized representation of all your sale activities. This helps the user to trace all sale-related activities. Tracing sale activities will help the business plan future sale operations efficiently. It can ensure your support for the growth of the business. The sale pipeline helps to manage and monitor the different stages of customer-related activities.
    2. Quotation management
All quotations sent by your company to a particular company can be found listed here. This helps to track the quotations and the status of the quotations.
    3. Support for managing sales teams
Sales teams and their effectiveness decide the success of a company. With Odoo CRM a business can track the success of different sales teams. We can find all the opportunities created here. The order to invoice status can also be viewed here.
    4. Ensures best customer management system and know your customer
This feature helps your team to manage the customers. This can help you get a list of the customers and choose the customer details. All sale deals, quotations, and even messages sent to and received from the customer can be tracked.
    5. Generates and manages leads
Lead is any interaction with the customer that could be converted into a business opportunity. It could be an email inquiry regarding the product or a live chat.
    6. Offers assistance to manage team assignment
Manage teams and assign customer management tasks.
    7. Helps to list lost reasons
Lost reasons help us to find out why a lead was lost. This will help to improve lead management.
    8. Prepare reports 
Odoo CRM helps to analyze leads. It also supports the preparation of the reports on activity, partnership, and pipeline.
How to improve sales using Odoo 14 CRM
Odoo CRP with a vast range of features helps the user to improve the sales considerably. This can be done in multiple ways. Let us find out the major benefits of Odoo CRP for improving sales
1. Know the customer 
You may have a large number of customers. But are they all engaging in constant transactions with you? If not we can improve this relationship using the Odoo CRM. 
How is it done?
Let us use the CRM data available to interact with the customer and know the customer well. 
Know your customers well and understand their demands apart from identifying new customers
2.Introduce rewards
Every business will have loyal customers. Managing loyalty points, special memberships, and rewards and discounts to loyal customers will improve business.
3. Manage Leads efficiently
Identify the leads and set priority so that the leads can be assigned to teams. This helps to convert the maximum number of leads to opportunities.
4. Ensure better customer support 
With Odoo CRM, you can engage in multi-level communication with customers. Odoo tools like live chat, help desk, and marketing tools can help you improve your CRM.
5. Track lost opportunities
Tracking lost opportunities will help you to resume the lead and convert the list lead to fresh opportunities.
6. Improve customer support on the eCommerce website
In the internet era customer turn out through websites are crucial for business. Live chat, email communication, and other customer support features introduced with Odoo are sure to come to your rescue.
7. Effective use of sales team
Sales teams can play an important role in improving the business. Track the performance of sales teams and assign them tasks to improve customer relationships.
Cybrosys offers you a smooth software solution that can be used by any of your employees. The CRM support provided by Cybrosys can change the way you handle the customers. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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