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By: Megha AP

Odoo 16 GYM Management System

Functional Odoo 16 Odoo Apps

If you operate a fitness-related business and are just getting acquainted with the world of fitness software, this can serve as a great introduction. With so many options on the market, choosing the right software solution for your business can be difficult.

Gym management software helps fitness owners and operators manage their class and trainer scheduling, keep track of their members, communicate with clients, and process payments.

From gym owners and operators to trainers and front-desk staff, all employees of a fitness business interact with the software. However, depending on their role, how they utilize the software will be different.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the working of the gym management system in Odoo.

The main features of this application are listed here,

* Members can check their workout plans, track body measurements, access membership details

Trainers can create workout plans for members, develop their skills

* The operator can manage trainers and members, Also Access all the membership information

* Directly create new membership from the sale order

After installation of the gym management system, you will have a welcome window that shows all the members in the gym. We can see the menu items as in the picture.

In this picture, you can see the members' menu,


To get trainers' details you have a menu called Trainers,


To set workout plans and related details are able to set under the Workout menu


Definitely, we need some equipment for the gym and also different exercises and related trainers can be set under the Configuration tab


In the members tab, you can see that all the members in the gym are also able to create members from that screen itself. In this screen, you can check the number of measurements and memberships of members.


In a gym, you need to maintain the membership plan and, correspondingly, the amount of each plan. For that, first, you need to create a membership plan, including membership fees, taxes, duration of membership, income account, and descriptions.


After creating a membership plan, you can create a membership. Here, you can mention the member and the member plan as a membership scheme. Also, you can mention the paid amount in this membership.


You can also create a membership from the sale order too. You can see the reference sale order in the membership.


It is also possible to keep a record of measurements of members in measurement history. You can keep the height, weight, gender, age etc. like data in this record. According to height and weight, the BMI and BMR  are automatically generated. You can also keep the body measures of the member too.


You can view all the trainers by department wise under the trainers' tab. You can also create a trainer from that tab itself with the following details, as shown in the picture below. You can launch the plan by clicking the launch plan button.


Here, specialization is created in the trainer skills tab. You can also provide codes for skills.

In the workout menu, you can create a plan for the workout, including exercises, equipment needed for the exercise, and the number of sets and repetitions.


In this form, you can see an option for workout days. You can create the workout days in the workout menu. There is an option to assign the workout plan to members.


Here you can see the form view of work-out plans, you can provide duration of the plan and to whom the workout plan is assigned.


Here you can set the person who is assigned to the workout plan and the duration of the workout also. If you get an assigned workout plan, you can view it in my workout plan tab.

You are able to view and create gym equipment in the equipment tab under configuration.


Definitely, you can create an exercise, for that, you can go to configuration and choose the tab exercise, 


Here you can mention the benefits and steps of exercise. There is an option to provide images and videos of exercise too. Here you need to mention for which body part this exercise is for. You can provide  steps needed  under steps page 


Under the Images page you can provide a picturisation of the workout.odoo-16-gym-management-system-17

Also you can provide a video demonstration of the workout under the Video page.odoo-16-gym-management-system-18

You can create the exercise-for from the configuration itself.


After setting all the needed details, you can view the overall report in the report tab,


Using a gym management system, you can reduce admin errors, improve customer experience and simplify many areas of your business. Gym owners and operators can make quicker and more informed decisions according to the detailed data provided in the application.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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