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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Dignified Tools Will Help Your Company Stand Above The Curve In Productivity

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One of the vital aspects that companies all across the world are striving towards achieving is the productivity aspect. This is because of the well-known fact that the improvement in the company's productivity will directly affect the profitability aspects of the company. Therefore, the organization always tries to improve their operational strategies and parameters of functioning which provide them with a slight nudge on the business operations and productivity. Today numerous productivity improvement tools are available for us in the market which can be implemented into our business operations for productivity improvement.
Enterprise and resource planning software solutions are some of the prominent business management solutions which are available today. These software solutions have a dedicated infrastructure for operations with the capability of managing the entire business operations as well as improving the productivity aspects of the company. The presence of the dignified modules which are available in Odoo helps you to run the operations of each aspect of the business with efficiency as well as reliability. This is possible due to the modular structure of operations which provides the uses of Odoo with these dignified modules.
Furthermore, as the operations are controlled and managed from one central platform the users will have complete control and visibility of the operations from a single system. Centralized management of the inventory operations along with the central database is responsible for the effective information exchange of the operations. Additionally, Odoo is one of the management solutions which add up to your company's operational productivity by improving the productivity in the overall functioning along with the productivity improvement of each of the employees as well as their operations. The Odoo platform acts as your reliable business management tool along with the provision of complete controllability in business operations.
With this blog let's understand how the Odoo platform allows you to improve the productivity aspects of the company with the dignified tools and functions of operation.
The Odoo platform helps you with the productivity improvement aspect as it enhances the productivity of the day-to-day operations in the company. Moreover, with functional tools and the entire platform which can be customized to suit your business operations the Odoo acts as one of the intelligent business management tools. Furthermore, the standardized functional aspect, as well as the operational capability, remains standard and unchanged even if we undergo any level of customization. Let's now move on to understand the aspects of Odoo which will improve the productivity aspects in the company
Centralized inventory management system
As mentioned earlier the Odoo ERP has a dedicated and centralized inventory management system with the functional capability of one central management operation in the inventory of the company. This will allow you complete monitoring of the inventory operations and further allow you to function the retail, wholesale as well as eCommerce operations with unanimity. The operations on the various sectors of business of the company mentioned before do not affect one another based on the inventory operations.
Business intelligence
Odoo supports the operations of the business intelligence strategy in the functioning of your company. Moreover, you can define KPIs and dashboards based on the reports that you require to initially understand the operations at a glance. The Heat Map feature helps the users and the employees of your organization to understand the status of the products, projects, and activities at the instance.
Odoo supports connectivity with various API services, Google maps integration along with the Google Analytics integration still stands as one of the prominent ones. This integration will further enhance your operational capabilities and provide you with the tools of functioning to improve the productivity aspects.
One of the most underrated modules of the Odoo is the gamification module as most of the users are unknown about its features and capabilities. This gamification module serves as the primary tool to improve employee productivity. You can promote smart objectives, make the employees complete as individuals as well as teams furthermore, challenge the employee efficiency doing tasks as rewarding them accordingly using this tool.
Discuss module 
The Odoo discuss module will aid the effective communications between the employees via the discuss applications. This will be one of the beneficial tools of operations that will help you and the employees under you when functioning remotely. Moreover, you can define projects and tasks upon which the discussions can be conducted.
Filtered and group by options
The Odoo platform in all its menu pages and module dashboards has to filter a group by options. There are filtering and group-by options that are available by default as well as you can customize and create new ones as per your need.
To-do list
With the Odoo notes module, you will be able to define the to-do list and note down the notes that require. Additionally, these notes and to-do lists can be shared with the other employees as well as the manatees You also have the provision to chat and communicate based on the notes that have been defined.
These are the certain productivity improvement tools and options which are available in the Odoo ERP. You can read the following blog to have a further insight into the aspects of productivity improvement of the company with Odoo:
Furthermore, these options along with other advanced and functional options available can be configured as per your operational need. If you are looking for an Odoo service provider for your Odoo related needs you can contact us at info@cybrosys.com 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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