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By: Evin Davis

Prerequisites On Monthly Payroll Management With Odoo

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Employee payroll management and operations of the generation of the payroll operations happen monthly and these are some of the key aspects of a company that the HR department should pay keen attention to. This is because the employees are the backbone of any company and rewarding them for the work that they have done at the prescribed times is essential to keep their employee satisfaction index at higher levels along with the fact that they don't lose trust in the employees. Today most of the institutions employ dedicated payroll management systems or there is HR management software with the capabilities to manage the payroll operations.
ERP software solutions have been providing its users with complete HR management operations which include the payroll management aspect. As of today, various ERP software solutions provide you with a dedicated payroll management operation. Odoo is one of the ERP solutions for complete business management with the full-fledged operation capability in managing the business operations. With the dedicated modules available in Odoo due to the modular structure of the business management operations, the Odoo platforms will have dedicated tools for your company management. You will have a distinctive payroll module in which you will be able to describe the payroll operations as per your needs.
Considering Odoo you can define custom-made operations as fully customizable software as per your needs, which will ensure that you will need to define the operations of the software at the time of the development. A dedicated Odoo implementation partner will be able to develop the platform as per your requirements. However, there are certain aspects that you need to configure before the operation. These aspects can be mentioned as the prerequisite to the Odoo payroll before it starts its operations in the company.
This blog will provide an insight on the aspect of pre-requisites on the payroll in Odoo and define how the Odoo payroll management is operational.
Prerequisites on Odoo payroll
Considering the payroll management module of the Odoo platform you will need to configure certain prerequisite aspects that will help you to run the operations smoothly. There are functional prerequisites that can be configured by the HR manager or the executives in the HR department. They can be coined as a certain checklist under the payroll management module that can be configured for the smooth operation of the data. Let's have a look at the various aspects which fall under the prerequisites that you can configure under the payroll management module.
Employee onboarding
Once a new employee is recruited to the company and after the completion of the recruitment process which can be well managed by the Odoo Recruitment module. There are certain aspects that you should consider concerning employee onboarding into the company in the payroll module of Odoo. Here is a list of certain of them:
> Employee rank 
> Job position
> Reporting manager
> Department of operation
> Employee ID(Unique Identification with barcode)
> Contact number and email address
> Specify the type of employment whether its a contract, permanent or temporary
> Bank account info for remuneration payment
These are the certain aspects that you need to configure in the Odoo payroll management module before an employee starts to function in your company. Now let's move on to understanding the configuration options under attendance management in Odoo
Regarding the attendance management operation, the Odoo platform has a designated attendance management module that helps you to make the employee attendance. Moreover, the payroll management module is in direct integration with the attendance module and the payroll is generated based on employee attendance. Here is the certain aspect which you need to configure before running the payroll management operations in Odoo:
> Describe the type of leaves casual leaves, earned leave, unpaid leave, paid leave, vocational leave, and many more as per your company operations
> Assign each employee the leaves which they are eligible for 
> Attendance monitoring aspects in case of remote working
> Configuring the timesheets for the employees to run the tasks on the module which can be timed.
Salary advance and allowances
In certain aspects you will need to provide the employee with salary advances with Odoo the employee can request for it and the managers can approve it. Furthermore, the allowances for the employees should also be inculcated with the salary that has been provided at the end of the month. The Odoo platform has a dedicated Expenses management module where all the expenses can be configured. Here is the certain aspect that you can describe before the functioning with payroll management operations with the Odoo payroll:
> Configure the salary advances
> Define the various types of expenses in the Odoo expense module
> You can also configure the aspect of employee loans in Odoo
These are the certain aspects that should be configured in the Odoo platform before the operation of the payroll management operation in Odoo. Let's now move on to understand the operations of the Odoo payroll management module
Odoo payroll management
The Odoo payroll operations are entirely defined based on the configurations that you have provided before you start working with it. Therefore you should always configure the above-mentioned aspects which will help you with the operations of the platform. Moreover, the monthly payslips are generated for the payroll in Odoo based on the attendees which have been entered. You will also have the provision to modify the payslips described as per your needs and will be assigned to the HR management. Furthermore, the payslips can be defined based on the Timesheet operations which have been defined under the employee, and also based on the work ancestry types being defined. You can read the following blog which will explain to you in details the aspects of how to set up efficient payroll operations in Odoo:

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