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By: Anju A.P

Odoo Functional Consultant vs Odoo Technical Consultant


We have already come across many articles listing the importance of ERP, things to remember while implementing the ERP, mistakes that we often make while deploying the ERP software and so on. However, when it comes to the Odoo ERP implementation, there is comparatively less number of articles that describes every zone of the ERP implementation process

This article introduces you to one such segment i.e. the importance of an Odoo Functional Consultant and an Odoo Technical Consultant in the Odoo ERP implementation process. In this post, we will analyze what are the key duties, the key responsibilities, and way of working of Odoo Functional Consultant as well as Odoo Technical Consultant. Basic knowledge of functional and technical experts can greatly underplay when you hire Odoo experts for your business need. You will get an idea over the time frame, a technical expert and a functional expert may need in comprehending the best for your business. 

So let’s start from the beginning. If you are new to the concept, simply understand that Odoo ERP implementation demands the key role of both Odoo Functional resource as well as Odoo Technical resource i.e. the Odoo developers. The duo equally plays a role in effectively implementing software at your workplace. However, sometimes a techno-functional consultant (a single person) can get your work done as he may be good enough in comprehending the technical and functional aspects of the software. 

How Odoo Functional Consultant differs from Odoo Technical Consultant.

Before we start any work, it is very important that you lay a base or foundation for it. The very same way, before the ERP implementation process, it is very necessary that you have a thorough understanding of the business workflow, the current challenges, followed by suggestions and solutions for overcoming the current inadequacies. Yes, you guessed it right. The role of an Odoo functional consultant starts right here. 

Primarily, an Odoo Functional Consultant understands the client’s business processes and map the requirements to the Odoo ERP. They help in assessing the Odoo project, provide the as-is and to-be state of the business processes, change your business forms into dynamic and algorithmic plans of actions, also transform your business use cases into logical and technical perspectives. 

In addition, a Odoo Consultant also helps in ideally customizing the process in order to make Odoo ERP perfectly fit and responsive to the business workflow, draft the necessary documentation (workflows) and guidelines for every business department, configure global project settings, provide adequate training to the user, last but not least making sure the implemented Odoo ERP software is perfectly pitched to the choice of client keeping their business processes in supreme. 

To summarize, the role of Odoo Functional Consultant is vast and deep as they stay right from building the sketch to live deployment of the software. However, it is quite impossible to define the complete role of a functional consultant as it keeps differing from one industry to another. The way of work of an Odoo Functional Consultant for a manufacturing industry may not fit in or match for a trading or service industry. In general, it depends on the business size and duties to perform. However, the basic methodology or the work treatment of an Odoo Functional Consultant is same and is explained beneath. 

1) Understanding the Business Workflow

As said above, without a proper understanding of the business workflow, a functional consultant cannot perform his task. For that, the first step will be initiating a discussion or a meeting with the key user and executives of the client. This discussion will initiate charting the complete adequacies for the new software application. Based on the understanding of the business processes, the functional consultant will document a report for both the technical team and the end-user.

2) Configuring Business Needs

Another fundamental obligation of the Functional Advisor or an Odoo Functional Consultant is to ensure that the software application reacts and respond the way client desires. For that, the Odoo Functional Consultant will be working along with the Odoo Technical Consultant so as to map every desired requirement in the new framework.

3) Ensuring Usability

Post-development, Odoo Functional Consultants deliver documentation to the client ensuring ease of use of the Odoo software. Also provides sufficient training to the client/end-user, ensuring the smooth run of the same. An Odoo Functional Consultant also helps in comprehending other business requirements which can be implemented in later phases. 


While Odoo Functional Consultants characterize the business procedures, necessities and do the configuration side of Odoo framework, the Odoo Technical Consultants, on the other hand, take care of the programming part of the software. Precisely saying, the technical consultants i.e. the Odoo developers (in this case) are the ones who provide technical solutions for the need. They help in getting the Odoo customizations done in order to meet the specific business needs, also provide Odoo support and maintenance, to clients post-Odoo ERP implementation. The technical experts gather the specifications from functional experts/users and perform the coding accordingly so as to meet the functional need of the business software. Odoo Technical Consultants play a pivotal role in the Odoo implementation process as without them it is impossible for the functional consultant to deliver the project. 


To conclude, both Odoo Functional Consultant and Odoo Technical Consultant are equally significant for your business as one cannot perform without another. While the technical consultant lays the proper technical solutions, the functional consultant rightly comprehends the business need. The duo together makes it successful the ERP implementation and easy for the layman to use application. 

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