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By: Anju A.P

Customized ERP Solutions for Business


Customized ERP solutions have become the prominent choice of any business organization as each business utilizes the best work processes and system to make each of their business divisions fruitful and highly beneficial. Each industry possesses different customized work processes and business procedures regardless of whether they are of the same parent category. For instance, a manufacturing industry A producing apparels will have a little change in their work processes and business forms compared to manufacturing industry B producing the apparels. One can’t claim all the manufacturing industries producing apparels to have the very same business workflow.   


You might be wondering why. This is to simply keep ahead of themselves in the competitive edge of the market. The business industries ranging from small, medium to large enterprises, regardless of their size and complexity they opt for customized ERP solutions so as to guarantee each of their business procedures and work processes are streamlined with much achievement, making themselves ahead of their competitors. 

Today, therefore, the need for a greater amount of customized arrangement or customized  ERP solutions is constantly emerging among the business communities. They are into looking at those ERP framework arrangements that can fulfill all their customization needs for various areas of business. 

Here, comes the interplay of Odoo ERP. Odoo right from its inception has been the significant choice of any business community, be it SMEs or large enterprises or startups. It is known for its custom solutions, integration with third-party software and devices, and moreover, it’s fitness to any industry types. Odoo customization and Odoo integration are strong two pillars of Odoo, which was welcomed by two hands by the business genres. Being an integrated software platform featuring differing set of functionalities like Accounting, Trading, Customer Relations, Sales, Purchase and so forth, Odoo comes as a viable choice for businesses to effectively manage every department using the same software. The unified platform makes sure that every department is cordial with each other and process everything in real-time. Odoo ERP simply evades the necessity of best-of-breed software in the business places as each of their management modules are robust and intuitive to perform determined actions. Moreover, there is a large community of Odoo developers who constantly work on the Odoo framework to keep themselves adaptable and scalar to any business situation. 

Apart from these, Odoo has all those attributes that give them the status of best open source ERP software in the market. Have a look:

1. Easily adaptable software for any industry type. 

2. Cost-effective compared to proprietary ERP models.

3. Freedom from licensing costs.

4. No fear of Vendor Lock-in.

5. Large customization and integration possibilities.

6. Upgrades and improvisations with each version release.

7. Unlimited functional support if deployed at the enterprise level.

8. Timeline software.

To brief, Odoo ERP constitutes with 30 main applications which are consistently updated. The  Odoo modules are made accessible online, which can be downloaded and assessed with your business requirements. Likewise, the simplicity of choosing the best module according to your business prerequisite, further customizations to each module is also easy and flexible with Odoo. 

There is an interplay of more than 1500 dynamic members of both technical and functional team working on Odoo platform, contributing newer apps in order to cater towards the wide assortment of business needs. Till date, there are about 16000+ apps featuring different functionalities. These applications stand ahead of time and fulfill every business requirement. Today Odoo ERP has more than 3.7 million users ranging from SMEs, start-ups and larger enterprises.

The open-source without limiting themselves cater to every business and their departmental needs,  be it the extensive customization needs or the integration possibilities. Therefore, it is the duty of the client organization or the key users to jot down the exact amount of customizations or changes they need in their new software. Prior to Odoo implementation, with the help of good Odoo functional consultant, the businesses can chart the customization requirements and possibilities.

One can reap unlimited benefits from Odoo customizations if they take the aid of good Odoo programmers and Odoo consultants. A good Odoo functional consultant will help you to better define the scope of your requirement, transfer the very same to the technical experts i.e. Odoo developers to give away the technical solutions for the same and last making sure that the newly coined software meets the exact needs of the business.  The customized ERP solution is perfectly pitched to the choice of clients meeting every requirement they demanded. 

Cybrosys Technologies always give supremacy to the qualitative services in Odoo. An exponent in Odoo ERP services, the company cater to business requirements with :

1. Odoo Implementation

2. Odoo Customization

3. Odoo Integration

4. Odoo Support and Maintenance and so on.

A decade of experience has made the Odoo service provider strong and knowledge-rich, catering any industry type requirements. You can check on our credentials in Odoo app store. Our skilled Odoo developers have designed more than 300+ apps in Odoo meeting various industry specifics. Right from fulfilling the varied needs of your accountants in finance management to the streamlining of business pipelines of your sales executives, Cybrosys provides wide choices of add-ons to extend the basic functionality of the management module. We make sure that our clients get 100% satisfaction in our substance.

Our Customized ERP solutions features: 

Expansion of fields: Addition of fields or dropdown menus or catches is extremely basic with Odoo customizations. According to your business structure format including of fields is made exceptionally simple.


Designs: Furthermore, we help you in changing the formats according to your prerequisites with Odoo customizations.


Work processes and business forms: Another region of Odoo customization is that you are open to redo or customize your work processes and business process according to the necessities. With business expansions and competitive pressure, it is quite demanding that the business implement changes in their traditional practices with respect to work processes and procedures. And we as industry-oriented know the importance of staying abreast in the community. Therefore we help you to tailor the software, precisely looking after your requirement.  


New module: In the event that something is restricting you from acquiring the 100% and the solution isn't accessible on the web, we Odoo developers help you with building new modules specifying your requirements. We guarantee you have tweaked or customized module, perfectly matching your business prerequisite. 


Reports customization – Reports in Excel/word or pdf arrangement can be altered to address the issues.

If you are looking for a customizable solution for your business, write to us to odoo@cybrosys.com. Cybrosys can offer you with wide choices and possibilities to transform the software the way you want.  

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



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