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By: Anju A.P

Odoo Gantt View

Functional Odoo 12

“Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things”.

I do not know how many have come across this quote before. But I must say it’s a well-said statement. There are many technical tools around us that helped humans in bringing greater things in their lives. Especially the work tools at business workplaces have helped individuals in bringing their best in terms of work, time or capacity.

This blog takes you through an interesting application- Gantt View for Scheduling, which can be implemented at your business place for efficient and smart management of business projects.

How many of you have heard of Gantt's view? Well, there can be many who are familiar at the same time unfamiliar with the concept. Well for the unfamiliar crew, let me explain.

In the early scenario, the business sector faced many challenges with respect to its project management or task management. The people involved in the task- like Project Managers, Team Leaders, Operation Managers, Scheduling Managers, Work Managers or Marketing Managers used paper to plan their schedules with colored blocks, which was quite hectic in terms of viewing the project progression. Later came the innovation of Magnetic blocks and popular Gantt planning tool for automating and streamlining every stage of the project, offering great relief to the project associates.

The Gantt View for project scheduling thus helped the Project Managers and other project associates to save their time in viewing the project progress, clubbing together the similar tasks or automating the process like adding milestones or identifying the project’s critical path. The application helped in generating a shareable project plan for quick view and analysis. 


No matter how big or small the project is, the application helped in offering a flawless view of the project status like- Start date of the project, end date of the project, period of tasks, grouped tasks, link between similar tasks and more.

Cybrosys Technologies is an exponent in Odoo ERP and have crafted several application under major industries like- manufacturing, trading, e-commerce, the point of sales, accounting and finance, education and more. Cybrosys envision in taking every business to the next level by making the work easier and simplified. Cybrosys always strive to direct their clients towards a simple and seamless workflow.

With the same mission, the organization has built the application titled Gantt View for Scheduling. The application envisions in radically improving project management in a business organization.  The app gets you with a better visualization of the tasks and enables the end user to plan and schedule their project in the streamlined fashion.

Moreover, the Gantt view application helps in grouping together all the similar records of a project. Further, these similar records can be given with a link to the parent record. This enables with a better view of the project progress, as one can see the progression along with the parent record.
In addition, one can also easily change the timelines for a project by enabling the drag and drop option. One can easily drag and drop the records in order to bring in changes with respect to the project’s time and date. Any changes made with respect to the same shall be automatically reflected in the backend as well.

In case if you are dragging the child records, you may need to use the reload button at the top for affecting the changes to the parent record.

The app- Gantt View for Scheduling, provisions the end user with five different views:
1. Quarter Day
2. Half Day
3. Day
4. Week
5. Month 
Let’s have a deep look into the features again.

1) Drag and drop records.
From the Gantt view, the drag and drop option allows the end user to change the timeline for the tasks. The task’s timeline will be updated based on where he/she dragged that task. 

-> Before dragging


-> After Dragging


2) Project progress.
The project progress will be explaining the overall progress and this depends on each of the child tasks.


3) The link between similar tasks.
The similar tasks, i.e tasks under the same project will be having a link with its parent project.


4) Five Modes of view.
The five modes of views vary based on the time range they can handle. For projects with a big timeline, one can use the week or month mode. For the smallest time range, one can go for the quarter day mode. 

-> Quarter Day


-> Half Day


-> Day


-> Week


-> Month


Isn’t it useful? If you are interested in availing this application, all that you need to do is go to the Odoo apps portal and purchase the application. You can go to this link for purchasing the app: odoo gantt view

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



Hello! If I buy this module, would it cost me a lot of work to adapt it to version 9 of Odoo? Is there any possibility of migrating it to version 9 of Odoo? Thank you




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