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Odoo Hosting - A complete guide


Odoo the business management software which has been of widely spread usage around the world is a business management solution for the era. Today, there are numerous uses for the platform and it has been used all over the world to support business operations. The need for business management software came to exist right after the implementation of digitalization into the world in the end years of last century.s the business was booming the manageability of the company operations among business establishments were going downhill and they did not possess a clear methodology of operations.
The business analysts understood the catastrophe installations will face if functioning and continuing in the same manner and demanded it to be changed. The development of business management software would solve the issue and the developers were tirelessly working to publish their product to the world. Enterprise and resource planning software topped the credibility in business operation. A methodology that was long before in the developing stages was given a boost with the help of digitalization as well as improvements in communication facilities. There were numerous ERPs developed in that ear and were providing its uses with productive results of operations.
The invention of the internet and its allocated facility changed the way the world functioned. The business operations were fast-paced, the implementation of e-commerce facilities was high and the entire business environment sister to change. Moreover, the invention of gadgets as well as advancements in telecommunication facilities are also rooted for the new era. This changed the way ERP solutions, as well as other business management software, functioned. Odoo a new generation business management software was released in the year 2005 and has been providing customers ever since with reliable business management solutions.

This blog will provide an insight into Odoo hosting and the methodologies involved with it.

Odoo hosting
Hosting of the ERP software will decide the operational capability of the software in a business. There are numerous hosting options available for ERPs. However, a hosting option is chosen based on the understanding of the company and its functioning, the needs of the operation, and the capability of the company in terms of financial aspects. Moreover, the hosting in Odoo is a vital aspect of Odoo operations and its implementations. The pricing of the platform also depends on the hosting choices that the user makes to implement the Odoo operations. Here are the hosting options that the Odoo platform currently holds in operations which the customers can choose from.

Cloud hosting
Odoo cloud base hosting is for the Odoo online service provided by Odoo itself for the operation in a cloud-based system. The operation of the Odoo in the enterprise edition will be based on SaaS (Software as a service) terminology. Moreover, there is a strict restriction on customization and the operation of the company should be functioning based on the provided software on demand. Therefore, the model is suitable for small scale installations. One of the main benefits of using this mode of hosting is that the user or the customer does not have to worry about the maintenance aspects of the software and migration which are discussed by Odoo itself.

On-premise hosting
The operations of Odoo in this mode of hosting operation will be on a server operating from the company premises or a service provider. The operation will be configured in a third-party service provider or on a local server that has been implemented. Functioning with the local server will provide the platform to be operational in a locality or a dignified area of ??operation. However, opting for a worldwide one will provide the user with access from all parts of the world. Moreover, in the case of both local or worldwide operations, the server maintenance and operational charges are to be dealt with by the user. Additionally, there is no limit on the customization of the platform and the implementation of the addons of operation.

The mode of operation in which the Odoo itself will act as the server provider to the users. Where the platform can either be run on a dedicated server or a shared one based on the user needs and the company operations. In the case of shared server operations, it's best suited for an organization with small-scale operations and a limited number of users less than 50. Furthermore, the pricing of the hosting operations on a shared server can be deduced from the Odoo. sh website ( Odoo Pricing ). Additionally, its pricing is decided on various parameters such as users, storage capacity, hosting type, and the staging environment of operation, and the add ons being used. On the other hand in case of a dedicated server requirement, the needs of the company operation and the detail of the software requirements are to be shared with Odoo.

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