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By: Vinaya Suresh

Importance of CRM in Logistics


The customer relationship management inevitably vitality tries in any business operations. Today the importance of customer relationship management is more due to the business competition, as well as the customer, are looking upon better services to them. Therefore the customer relationship management tools are vital in the company operations and especially in the modern era of digitalization. The CRM tools not only help you to make a healthy relationship with the customer but also attain new opportunities for business with various advanced tools of operations.
The higher customer satisfaction in the case of a logistics business is vital since the customer or clients will directly have an impact on the business and the sales of the services. The logistic institution should be able to provide exceptional service to the customers considering the customer satisfaction index and profitability of the company. Therefore, your business should be empowered with dedicated CRM solutions. 
The Odoo ERP exhibits an effective CRM module that helps you to run the customer relationship operations of the company with ease. In addition, Odoo CRM is an integrated solution that is interconnected with the various modules of operations in Odoo. Furthermore, the user can send out sales quotations and create sales orders towards their customers from the Odoo CRM module making it one of the most useful tools in the CRM operations of a business.

This blog will provide an overview of why Customer relationships management matters in a logistic business?
Customer relationship management is a fast-growing industry and today numerous tools will help you to support the operations of the company. From a survey conducted it is estimated that by the year 2025 the customer relationship management industry will reach over 80 billion USD in revenue. The main reason for this will be the accessibility as of today the companies can reach their customers and attain real-time data on them with the advancements in telecommunication as well as the mobile and cloud solutions paving the way for it. Before jumping into the vitality of CRM in the logistics business let's look up the current scenario in the sector.
The current scenario on the logistics business
The world is currently facing high demand in logistic operations. Especially due to the strike of the Coronavirus pandemic the citizens of the world are relying on online shopping rather than going out. This has rooted for the current surge in the need for delivery chains, logistic companies, and many more. As the logistic business is booming there are certain aspects which the companies should focus on the following are the aspects:
Expectations the customer
As there are various options available the customer is expecting customized services and goods which come with no delivery charges or negligible ones. Moreover, they require their products to be delivered damage-free and in no time possible.
Use of advanced technology
As the world is a fast-changing environment the business establishments should use model technology in the operations as well as communications. In the case of the logistic operation therefore interconnected gadgets will simplify the operation of the logistic operations.
Adapt to new strategies
The best way to be functioning in a crisis is to adapt the operations to suit the environment and to generate more profits. Therefore, the logistic operations along with the CRM operations involved should be able to adapt to new terminologies.
A synergistic business is beneficial for all the participants. Therefore, you should be able to collaborate with other providers and establishments to provide the services to the customer. It will not only create you more profit but also with minimal investments.

Why do CRM solutions matter in the logistics business?

As we are clear on the current scenario of operations in the logistic business let now jump on to the topic of why CRM operations are important in a logistic business. Here is the vital reason for it:
Customer relationships are essential
The logistic operations should be able to follow up on the service orders from the goods provider and the end-user. The Odoo ERP CRM has efficient follow-up tools to obtain customer feedback as well as maintain relationships with them. Today numerous shipments are being taken place in the world and therefore various service providers. Effective management of order will disrupt your workflow therefore making your customer lose the belief in you and rooting them to acquire the services of your rivals.
Opportunity generation
The business opportunities available to a logistic business will drive the company, therefore the officials should be able to hunt for business opportunities throughout the functioning to improve the business. The Odoo CRM has effective tools for lead generation based on website visitor tracking and lead enrichment. Moreover, the Odoo CRM will be able to obtain the contest details of the customer for you to contact them on the need for logistic requirements.
Opportunity management
The opportunities attained should be managed effectively and followed upon for operations. The Odoo platform allows the users to manage the lead opportunities of the CRM operations by singing them to a respective sales term or salesperson in charge. In addition, the following activities of leads can be created and a responsible person can be assigned to run the operations.

The customer relationship management operations of companies are of vital importance and are a factor of operations that should be managed to be functioning with the utmost care and strategies. The Odoo CRM module is a user-friendly application that provides you with efficient management of customer relations operations of your company. The leads generated in Odoo for customer relations can be prioritized and categorized to be operational so that every lead will not be missed out by the sales team.
As Odoo is a fully customizable business management software and the CRM operations can be configured to suit your business operation you would require an efficient Odoo implementation partner to do the services. Cybrosys technologies, the best golden partner of Odoo will provide you with Odoo implementation, customization, and all aligned services.

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