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By: Cirin C Baby

Transform your SME with Odoo CRM

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Any person running a business organization or a person functioning in it would understand that the customer of your business is vital and the organization should be able to maintain good customer services to batting business. It is common sense and almost all business organizations will try to excel in it. Hover, the customer services and its allocated relationship should not be on the sacrifice of the company principles and parameters. For example, if you own a store and one of your products are sold in a certain dimension, and the customer demand for a specific one if you are ready with the tools and time to make the customization you could easily do it or else you could analyze the business proposal and if it's vital for you it could be proceeded or can be rejected politely.

The customer relationship management operations of the company are delicate and should have tools of effective management to deal with them. Today with the help of technology there are numerous applications and software which will assign you to the customer relationship management operation of your company. The ideology is to focus on choosing the right tools suitable for you which accept your terminologies of business. Moreover, considering small and medium scale industries the need for customer relationships is vital as they operate on smaller clientele and have to maintain it as well as attaining new ones for company growth.

In a general way, the CRM operation of the company is a customer database for the business operations and would contain information on customers, opportunities, and leads. The Odoo CRM which is an advanced customer relationship management tool coming with the Odoo ERP will provide you with a reliable tool. Odoo a one-stop business solution has a modular structure and design providing you with designated application-specific modules. CRM is one among them and lets you in dealing with customer relationship operations.

In addition, the CRM of Odoo is integrated with other modules of operation in the platform. Mainly the sales module making you capable of generating sales quotations directly from the CRM module. Moreover, there are advanced tools of operation in Odoo CRM that will help you to acquire more leads, follow up on them, and batting business opportunities with the customer. Furthermore, it can be interfaced with the company website operating in Odoo to track visitors and follow them up.

This blog will provide you with an overview of how the Odoo CRM will benefit small and medium scale enterprises.

Before diving into the aspects of the capabilities of OdooCRM in a small and medium scale enterprise let me describe to you certain background information. The information on a customer his/her contact details allocated important dates such as anniversary, birthday and many more are of vital importance as this aspect will allow the companies to procure a good relationship by contacting them at the respective instances such as birthday, anniversary and many more which entirely depend upon the company.

In the general instance of a company establishment especially in small or medium-scale ones, the customer details will be stored in excel sheets. Yeah! I get it, it's the initial stage of your company functioning and you may have started the company from scratch. This methodology may seem useful and effective for you at the instance. However, in the long run, this may be problematic for you. As the chances of losing an excel file are high, moreover, it won't alert you on certain deadlines or dates.

If you want to know more about how Odoo CRM is more beneficial then excel read the following blog:

Here are the aspects that make the Odoo CRM operations more beneficial for your small or medium scale enterprise:

Attain more opportunity

The primary aim of any business organization is to attain more business opportunities for thor company. Odoo CRM has user-friendly tools that help you to attain more business opportunities for the company. Here is a list of them that will make your lead attaining functions hassle-free with Odoo CRM:

> Lead generation

> Lead scoring

> Lead enrichment

Website visitor tracking integration with CRM

The lead attaining activities involved with the Odoo CRM will be ample to help you attain more business opportunities. As we are clear on the tools available with Odoo for business opportunity generation let's now move onto the manageability of the procure ones.

Managing the leads/opportunities

There are no benefits to your company if you are not able to manage the opportunities available with the resources you have at your disposal. Yes, the resources are your sales team. However considering a small or medium scale establishment there would be much of a sales team, it may be a group of two or three of your employees or will be managed by the ones functioning in other departments of your company. Anyhow you should be able to manage the leads acquired, for this, the Odoo platform exhibits certain options that will allow you to effectively manage them here are a few of them:

> Assign the leads to the respective sales team or person

> Create follow up activities on leads such as emails, meetings, or calls to describe the clients on the products and services of the company.

> The follow-up activities can also be assigned to a sales term or person of your company

> Prioritize your leads and categorize them.

> Generate sales orders directly from the CRM module.

All these tools will help you to manage the leads with the help of the resources your company has making it suitable to be operational in all levels of company functioning.


Considering the growth of a company the feedback of the customer is vital for the improvements to the product and services. The Odoo ERP considers the requirements of feedback from the customer vital for your company. The survey module of Odoo will help you to create and generate feedback on the product and customers to be sent to them via email or other online mediums. 

In conclusion, the Odoo CRM will be more beneficial for you in the business operations of your small or medium scale enterprises providing you with advanced tools and terminologies of operations.

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