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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Affordable Consultation and Automated Marketing with Odoo


Odoo is a business management software that has been providing the user with reliable operational control of their organizations from the time of its development in the last decade. Developed as a small ERP solution that had an open-source architecture the Odoo platform grew in popularity all around the world due to the capabilities and controllability of business operations it brings in. Today Odoo is being used by over 5 million users all across the world, stretching from a vast range of industries, sectors of operation, continents, and levels of business.
Odoo is coined as the complete business management solution and the one-stop solution for all the business needs of operation in your company. Operating in an open-source architecture makes it flexible to business operations and has community support for the operation. The Odoo community consisting of the developer, partners, and consultants will provide the user of the platform with regular updates, support, and other Odoo related services all day round. Moreover, the Odoo app store provides the user with applications that can be downloaded of which certain of them for free of charge and certain others have a purchase rate for it.
The customizability of the Odoo is the most important feature of Odoo making it capable of running, adapting, and flexing to do any sort of company operation and functioning. In addition, Odoo can be suited to run any mode of company operation, business strategy, and include various parameters of functioning. Another important aspect of the Odoo community is the localization aspect which allows the users compatible to define localized taxes, accounting operations, functioning methodologies, and other aspects to run in a specific region of the world. This would allow the user of the platform to be compatible in operation in any country or nation in the globe.

This blog will provide an insight into the affordable consultation for Odoo implementation and automated marketing in Odoo for SMEs.

Affordable Odoo consultation- Cybrosys Technologies.
Before the implementation of the software, the consultation of its operational capability and functioning will provide the companies with a clear-cut ideology of the software's operations. Moreover, considering an ERP implementation, the consultation on the software is important as it would be a large investment for the company. Likewise, before the Odoo implementation, you should undergo a consultation with a reputed resource person or company to understand its operational capabilities. 
Cybrosys Technologies, the leading golden partner of Odoo is capable of providing the user with all Odoo related services. A company started from scratch during the year 2008, it has grown to be one of the leading partners of Odoo with the capability of provisioning hassle-free implementation, customization, migration, consultation, and many more related to Odoo. With 12+ years of experience in the field of Odoo services, Cybrosys Technologies has been providing its customers with affordable services on Odoo. If you are looking for Odoo implementation services you can contact us at info@cybrosys.com 

Automated marketing in Odoo for SMEs
Odoo is a platform capable of running all levels of company operations with ease due to its customization and adaptability of the design however, the platforms are specially designed to run the operation of small and medium scale industries. Moreover, the platform is affordable and cost-efficient than various other ERPs available making it suitable for small and medium-scale installations. Marketing is an inevitable criteria of an operating company to any scale of industry and is of utmost importance especially in SMEs because of the competition they are facing in the market.
The Odoo platform understands the need for marketing in the industry and provides the user with various tools of operations. Moreover, the Odoo platform has upgraded the marketing operations by providing the user with various automation tools of operation to run it with a hassle-free approach. Here are some of the tools in Odoo which helps the user with the digital marketing aspects of the company:
- Email marketing
- Mass mailing
- Live chat
- Social media marketing
- Help desk
- Pop up messages
- Push notification
- Website optimization
These are some of the options and tools available in Odoo but are not limited to the functioning of a company. If you want a detailed overview of the functional option of Odoo marketing automation read the following blog: Odoo 14 Marketing Automation

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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