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Odoo 14 Marketing Automation

Functional Odoo 14 Marketing

What is marketing automation? To explain it in short, marketing automation is an application that helps to organize different types of marketing campaigns. In the modern era, marketing automation is important for any type of business as business ventures now make use of different methods of a campaign to ensure success and growth. Odoo 14 Marketing automation helps the business to ensure uninterrupted campaign activity of all business ventures. It also supports the monitoring of campaigns and assesses the impact of the campaigns. You can also create attractive campaign templates with Odoo 14. Here, I am going to install the Marketing Automation Module from Odoo Apps.


What next? Just enter the module by clicking on the App icon.


I have entered the module and got the above-given dashboard

Create Campaigns

I am going to create campaigns on the dashboard now. The dashboard is also the platform where we can get the list of campaigns and the status of the campaigns. It gives us access to the number and name of campaigns and the number of participants for each campaign. Active campaigns completed campaigns can also be checked here.

I have clicked the Create button


I got this form to create a campaign.

Now I will fill in the name of the campaign and set the target model. An example of a target model is contact.

Let us see how to add a new activity here. Just click the option to create multiple activities planned for the campaign.


Now I have to fill in the fields here to complete the process. The first priority is to set the name of the activity. Then the Activity type can be set as email or SMS

We can also select the Mail Template.

Configuring Mail Template

I will now click on the link button give on the email template selection field to complete mail for creating a new template.


As I clicked on the Create option a new window appeared. We can now select a template from the given options.


Odoo 14 also offers the support of building blocks to create new templates in an attractive way.


When we create a marketing template we can find two tabs- mail body and options. Options tab enables the user to add more features


The mailing option under this tab gives a chance to attach files. This also supports the user to reply to people and archive files. Once we save and close the process gets completed.

When we return to Campaigns after completing the process we get more fields there.


Filter Option:

Filter field helps the users to filter records. The filtering is based on rules. Trigger option on the other hand enables to set duration or interval like an hour, week, month

Expiry duration is a key option to filter based on the end time and date for the campaign

We can also find the Domain option here.

With the Activity filter, we can select the record.

Applied Filter on the other hand helps to match a record with the filtered document

Fill in all these values ??and Save. Now we got a start button and on clicking the option the campaign goes live.


If we want to stop marketing campaigns use the Stop button.

Managing the participants list can be done by clicking the option.


Now we can check the activities we have planned for a participant. This can be done by clicking on the participant's name.


The play button in the above image can be used to run an activity.

Generate reports

Odoo 14 as other versions of Odoo gives importance to Report generation. IT helps to manage reports on the impact of the campaigns. It can be managed on the basis of Line Tracker and Traces. The report on the basis of participants can also be created with a click.


You can refer to our previously published blog on Odoo Marketing Management

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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