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By: Evin Davis

How to function with Odoo amidst the pandemic?

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My heartfelt gratitude goes towards them. Without their hard work and caring, we would have been in much more devastating situations. 

Anyway, as the pandemic situations are still prevailing how do you function amidst this. It is difficult and will involve adapting to new terminologies of operation. Various business establishments and companies have started to operate and they are not capable of doing functioning in a full-fledged manner in a partial way. The companies and business establishments across the world need to be functional to maintain the profit and the establishments to function even after the pandemic.

Odoo has revolutionized the business management operations and the functioning of the company where it has been used before the pandemic. An open-source ERP used by 5 million establishments and users across the world can transform your business to be run in any form of operations. Odoo is one of the enterprise and resource planning software that has been functioning in the world since the turn of the century.

Below are the certain aspects of Odoo which makes it suitable to be functioning with your company amidst this pandemic situation.

Remote working
The Odoo platform exhibits various remote working tools for company employees. In addition, the management and the executive have various advanced applications to monitor the timesheet operations of each employee in a respective project and task. Moreover, the user can ensure that there is real-time communication with the employees and the information exchange end the data transfer are effectively done with the centralized database storage. Furthermore, the sign module of the platform allows the user to approve the request electronically using electronic signatures which add up to the remote working capabilities.

Marketing is an important aspect that is inevitable in the functioning of a company. Odoo exhibits various digital marketing tools such as email marketing., SMS marketing, social media marketing and many more. With these tools, the user can send out promotional and advertisement content to the public about the company's products and services.

The Odoo platform has an efficient website management tool where the user can create a new website using the website builder to manage the operations and function effectively. In addition, the user can easily define the e-commerce website and make their physical store or company operations now run based on an online shopping platform.

Go paperless.
Information exchange nowadays is more difficult in hard copy and the effect of Covid has us scattered in different locations. The Odoo platform has an efficiently working documents module which helps the user to define the various documents of operations. In addition, the employees will be provided with the modifications ability to add to the documents available. Furthermore, the invoice and the vendor bill can be sent out using emails

It is always better to adapt to the ongoing environment in case of a business so as the pandemic situations are prevailing the companies can run their operations efficiently with Odoo.

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