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By: Anju A.P

Odoo CRM - The Open Source CRM

Functional Odoo 11 Crm

The degree of courtesy extended towards the business customers or clients defines the ultimate success of any business, no matter how big or small they are. Customer Relationship Management, in other words, Lead Management plays a very crucial role in our business as it tracks every sale and leads pipelines for making the business successful and productive. An efficient CRM streamlines every action within the business right from managing the client interactions, sales prospects, management of leads in an effective format.  

CRM software provides 360-degree customer analysis. It efficiently tracks the customer's buying habits, order history, and general needs. A fully integrated CRM software enables employee access to real-time information like inventory levels, shipments, customer financials, order history, returns, payments, etc. With CRM software, a sales team would be promised with enhanced visibility regarding the order status updates for their customers and easy access to making any further changes. Hence, in short, we can say that Customer Relationship Management software plays a very crucial role in managing the business at its best level. 

Odoo is an integrated open source ERP, with multiple business dimensions. It caters to every business management functions like Human Resource, Customer Relations, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing and much more.
Comparing to other CRM applications like SalesForce, Zoho, and Sugar CRM, Odoo comes with many unique features. Odoo comes with features like Price list, Quotation Templates, eSignature, Online Payment, Invoicing, Customer Portal, Shipper Integration, Leads Tracking, Social Network Integration, etc.

Let us see the top benefits of Odoo CRM 

* Priorities activities
Priorities the follow-up activities in a pipeline and meet your targets efficiently 

* Track your sales activities.
Track the sales stages more easily via a sales pipeline Kanban view.
* Schedule Meetings
Schedule meetings directly from the opportunity of customer

* Dashboards
Get all the necessary details of ongoing and done business activities in your Dashboard

* Get in touch with customers
Maintain communication with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media from within your Odoo CRM.

* Leads Promotion
Start a campaign by sending auto-generated emails to customers in Leads. Assign a salesperson to follow the lead and promote it.

* Opportunities Analysis
Analyze your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill-down, etc.

* Lead Scoring
Score your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria and decide which lead satisfies the benchmark to become an opportunity.

* Customized Alerts
Set custom alerts for opportunities based on some activities

* Analyze Opportunity lost 
Analyze the reasons behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales efficiency.

* GeoIP
Detect countries, states, and cities lead automatically from your visitor IP address.

* Automate routines and Focus on sales 
Automate routine business activities, don’t waste time to maintain data.

Now let us see the above features in detail. 

1) Lead Management
          For any company, Lead generation is very crucial as it collects the relevant data are about their potential customers. One of the prime features of Odoo Open ERP CRM is its lead management. One can centralize and efficiently track cum manage all the leads generated from various users within the organization. An Odoo Open ERP CRM further converts these leads into opportunity and as an Account. In short, Odoo CRM automates every lead generation process, timely share the pertinent information across the teams and crucially analyze the sales processes.

Creating lead is simple with few steps in Odoo. Firstly enable the leads option from the settings.
  Sales -> Configuration -> Settings


Later in correspondence, a new menu opens for creating the leads. 

Sales -> Leads -> Create


Here one can either select a customer or add a new customer and link to the lead. All data’s pertaining to your customers like email, contact name, job position, mobile, phone, fax, etc. can be specified in the respective fields here, providing the users a complete overview of the potential customers. 

Odoo CRM is embedded with multiple lead generation options. One can generate leads from Incoming Mails in Odoo CRM. In Odoo, each one of your sales teams is linked to its own email address. One can easily configure this E-mail for generating the leads automatically. Also any kind of inquiries like a website visitor who fills in a form, it is also automatically generated a lead/opportunity in Odoo CRM.


In short, Odoo CRM efficiently manages the leads with marketing automation nurturing every prospect. 

2) Opportunities management

          While lead represents the prospect, opportunity represents the potential contact. Therefore an opportunity urges timely follow-ups from a salesperson, for converting every opportunity to future quotations or the cancellation an opportunity. With Odoo CRM, one can easily track the opportunities happening within various stages and correspondingly schedule meetings and phone calls with respect to opportunities. Odoo CRM helps you to organize the sequence of activities per opportunity. It logs every activity happening within the opportunity's chatter with predefined actions. Odoo CRM also gives an opportunity pipeline overview, getting accurate forecasts and insights for making smarter decisions.

Let us see how Odoo CRM efficiently manages the opportunities coming within.  


Once a lead is converted to an opportunity, it is pipelined. After creating the opportunities, it will be displayed in the Sales Pipeline section, which enables the end-users to see every

opportunities grouped within their corresponding stages.


One of the main features of Odoo is the ‘Drag and drop’ facility in this view. It enables us to change the status or stage of an opportunity by simply dragging from one stage to another. Compared to other CRM software Odoo CRM works faster with drag & drop interfaces, setting up specific stages for each sales team. 

Also, Odoo CRM opens to the possibility of creating sub-stages for better organizing the business processes. It also archives automatically, the lost opportunities. 


One can easily customize via editing/updating the pipeline contents in Odoo CRM.

3) Meeting Management

         With Odoo CRM one can efficiently manage and schedule every client meeting with the clients in a single click.  Odoo CRM schedules meetings from the opportunity of the customer and later Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar. 

With Odoo CRM, one can seamlessly conduct meetings, invite people to join and have an overview of the agenda. Every information is made visible in a single view in Odoo ERP helping the end-user to plan meetings in the most suitable time. Odoo CRM’s synchronization with Google calendar initiates freedom and flexibility in carrying out the communication processes. It helps in achieving an overview of both business and personal meetings. 

        Odoo CRM also sends invitations and track attendees. It makes the whole process of scheduling and planning meetings easier and seamless via allowing you to invite people to meetings, conference calls or similar events and later track their responses. All Invited users are sent an email, which they can either accept or decline in one simple click. Odoo CRM enables to see all the client responses directly in the meeting details. It further helps in tracking the customers who have accepted (green), who has declined (red) and who hasn't answered yet (grey).


With Odoo CRM, one can also plan the next actions and thereby schedule the daily work of end-user based on opportunities and tasks.


The next action or next activities can be Email, Call or Task. One should set a date and summary to specify the activity purpose. When scheduling one, the calendar will simply open to let you select a time slot. One can also track all the recorded next activities in Odoo CRM.


The phone call management module is an important segment in Odoo CRM. It seamlessly manages every incoming and outgoing call. With Odoo CRM, one can even plan and schedule the calls to various clients.


4) Efficient Reporting

          Odoo reports help with a better understanding of the company's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It showcases the trends and forecasts for key metrics such as the number of opportunities and their expected revenue over time, the close rate by the team or the length of the sales cycle for a given product or service. Beyond these obvious tracking sales funnel metrics, there are some other KPIs that can be very valuable to your company when it comes to judging sales funnel success.

Odoo sales report enables you to access the funnel performance from the Sales module. The report groups all your opportunities by stage and expected revenues for the current month. This report is perfect for the Sales Manager to periodically review the sales pipeline with the relevant sales teams. Simply by accessing this basic report, you can get a quick overview of your actual sales performance.


Odoo CRM also allows transforming the reports in 3 graphical representations depending on the data to be highlighted. : Pie ChartBar Chart, and Line Chart




One can easily customize your analysis reports depending on the KPIs. This function allows you to highlight only selected data on your report. The filters option is very useful in order to display some categories of opportunities, while the Group by option improves the readability of your reports according to your needs, making it powerful and flexible.


In short Odoo CRM, acts as the most powerful and efficient customer relationship management with a modern user interface exclusively designed for sales. The dashboard gets you with the finest overview of sales activities and advanced reporting engine. As leads are automatically created from Emails, VoIP calls, it reduces the data entry task of employees enabling a smart and faster workplace. Efficient pipeline management makes the work faster and better organizing. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Odoo CRM Open Source. Odoo CRM Open Source

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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