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By: Antony Francis

Odoo 13 Event Management

Functional Odoo 13

Event management is a module to plan and conduct activities such as seminars, conferences, organized parties, concerts, or conventions under project management. All industries are either undertaking various types of events to promote their products, do brand marketing, or diminish their business strategies. The entire event management system is very repetitive as it moves around multiple segments, such as arranging dates, organizing meetings, issuing tickets/passes, etc. It comes out to be chaotic unless treated appropriately and efficiently. As an ERP program, Odoo provides a simple event management system that properly and efficiently schedule, organize, and execute events.

First of all, we should install the Events module.


After the installation, we may now create the  ‘Event Category.

For that go to, Events > Configuration > Events Category


This is the form to create the Events category.

We can mention the name of the event.

Then we can mention whether it's an online event or not.

Choose the timezone.

Then configure the emails that inform the participants about the events.

Set up hashtags for the promotion of events.

The number of seats shall be mentioned.

We can also mention the questions that are asked to the participants during registration.

So, after having created the event category, we can create the events based on it.

Events module > events > Create


This is the form to create events.

Here we can mention the event name.

Name of the company.

Then start date and end date must be mentioned.

Also, we have to mention the Time zone.

Then the person responsible.

Then we shall mention the Maximum number of participants and/or whether it is limited or unlimited.

Also, we have to add the event tickets by clicking on the 'Add a line' under the Tickets tab.

Having filled the form we can click on the “Save” button.

Based on the project plan, the issue of tickets/passes for the events may be made free or payable. 'Pay' is activated by enabling 'Online Ticket Sale'.

If either the entry is free or open, all those who plan to attend can enroll and buy the ticket using the Attendees button in the form of an event.


Here clicking on the website button we can go to the website and publish the event.

Clicking on the Attendees button we can see the attendees of the event.

By clicking on the ‘Preview badge’ we can see the badges of the attendees of the events.

Clicking on the ‘Finish event’ button we can end the event.


Any person who is interested can attend the event by registering for it here on the website.

Click on the ‘Register’ button, then a pop-up wizard will appear.


Here the attendee can enter his or her name and other details and click on the ‘Continue’ button.


Here the person will get the bill and by confirming it he or she can pay the bill.

After having registered the person will get the ticket by mail.

Clicking on the Attendees button we can see the number of expected attendees of the events.


These are the event’s expected attendees.

Clicking on the ‘green tick button’ we can mark them as attended.


Or click any attendees and go to its page and click on the ‘Attend’ button.


We can also contact the attendees and can also cancel the event from the page of the events.

So this is all about ‘Event Management in Odoo 13’.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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