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By: Gopakumar A

Odoo 12 CRM

Functional Odoo 12 Crm

The main agenda of any business is to be on the profit side while keeping the customers happy and satisfied. Once a customer is happy with a company, it will be very beneficial for the business organization for the nourishment of its growth. A good ERP can be used for perfect customer relationship management in any business. Odoo 12 is one of the best ERP which supports customer relationship management effectively.

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Customer Relationship Management is very crucial for any business:

a) It helps the business to become a customer-centric organization by providing all the proper support to customers.
b) CRM helps the business to attain many numbers of customers.
c) The sales, marketing and service activities of the organization are controlled by CRM.
So it is very essential to have a proper ERP for maintaining CRM of any business. This is where Odoo 12 becomes handy. In this blog, we will see the various features Odoo 12 has to offer.
d) Organizing the activities

Precise planning will always bring out success. It also helps to regularly keep an eye on the works we do. It will give a proper idea about the activities which should be done and strategies to put up to make better business. Odoo 12 CRM helps for proper planning and betterment of the business.

In Odoo CRM you can manage your activities according to your priorities. 

odoo 12crm

Users can manage their activities and do their planning from the chatters.

odoo 12crm

Below mentioned are various methods in Odoo 12 CRM:

a) Setting activity types: Various activities like calls, emails, meetings etc. can be set in Odoo 12 CRM. To set an activity type selected;
Settings -> General settings > Activity types

B) Scheduling meetings: Users also has the option to schedule various meetings using Odoo 12 CRM. 

c) Scheduling chain of activities: Odoo 12 CRM gives the user the privilege to set various activities under a proper schedule. For this select;
Configuration -> Activity type

Now set the various steps as recommended next activities.

odoo 12crm

Now after completing select done and schedule next. Suggestions will be automatically provided for next steps in Odoo 12 CRM.

odoo 12crm

2. Lost opportunity management
Opportunities may lose while we work, this has to be digged out for proper business, the reasons for losing that opportunity and also the alternate strategies with which we can solve this loss the next time. Odoo 12 CRM helps for that purpose also. 

a) Marking lost leads: now from your pipeline select an opportunity. There you will see a mark lost button.

odoo 12crm

b) Creating lost reasons and their management: select configuration -> lost reasons, from here you can check your lost reasons. Here you have the option to select them, remove them and also create a new one.

c) Lost opportunity retrieving: we can check the lost opportunities and plan actions like sending emails, make feedback call etc. in Odoo 12 CRM. For this select lost filter from the search bar.

odoo 12crm

Here you can see all your lost opportunities, you can also add filters for the lost reasons.

odoo 12crm

d) Lost opportunities are restored: With Odoo 12 CRM you have the option to restore the lost opportunities in your business. In the Kanban view which has got filters, any opportunity can be selected. Also by clicking archive, you can restore it.

odoo 12crm

To restore select restore records from column options. To archive, the same way can be used.

odoo 12crm

You can also select specific opportunities, for this change to list view.

odoo 12crm

From here you can select various opportunities and actions you need to take.

odoo 12crm

3. Multiple sale team management
Odoo 12 CRM helps in the management of multiple sales team. For this use the sales channel option.

a) Creating new sales channel: Select configuration -> sales channel for creating a new sales channel.
Here you can set an email and messages sent to this email will create a lead.

odoo 12crm

b) Members are added to the sales channel:  Odoo 12 CRM gives you the opportunity to add members to your sales channel. You can be a member of only one sales channel.

odoo 12crm

c) Dashboard: All operations and activities related to the sales channel can be viewed from the sales channel dashboard.

d) Lead management

1. Converting leads to opportunities
Odoo 12 CRM will create leads which can be converted to an opportunity. This can be activated from the CRM settings.

To activate select CRM -> configuration -> settings.
Then activate leads feature.

odoo 12crm

Now there will be a submenu ‘leads’ under the pipeline.

odoo 12crm

To convert a lead to opportunity;
Select the lead where there will be an option to convert it into an opportunity. Also, there will be options for assigning this opportunity to particular salespersons.

odoo 12crm

2. Lead/opportunity generation from emails
Lead/opportunity generation when automated increase the efficiency. An email sent to a sales address creates opportunity in the pipeline of the sales channel.

For configuring the email;
Select configuration -> sales channel

odoo 12crm

3. Lead/opportunity management from a website

Leads/opportunity can also be generated from the website contact page.
For this go to your website app;

odoo 12crm

With Odoo 12 CRM, you can use the contact form on your website. This will automatically generate leads/opportunities.

odoo 12crm

If you want to change a sales channel;
Select website -> configuration -> settings

Now in the ‘communication’ area you can view contact form info and change the sales channel or salesperson.

odoo 12crm

Odoo 12 CRM also gives the opportunity for creating a custom contact form which is available for the enterprise version.

4.Sending quotations
When a lead is converted to an opportunity, a quotation has to be sent on behalf. This is made possible in Odoo 12 CRM.

odoo 12crm

To create a new quotation;
Select opportunity or lead and click on new quotation button and there manage your quote.

odoo 12crm

Under the quotation menu, you can find the quotes of the specific opportunity.

odoo 12crm
You can mark the opportunity as won or loss;
If marked as won then they will move to the won column of the Kanban view and if marked loss they will move to the archive.

a) Tracking performance
Odoo 12 CRM also allows you to analyze your performance and thus enabling you to notice how well you are performing.

1. Win/loss ratio checking
To see your performance you can use the win/loss ratio feature in Odoo 12 CRM.

To get the win/loss ratio report, select the reporting tab and then under it select the pipeline view.

After this filter the opportunities you want to see and then click filter, then check won/lost.

odoo 12crm

Measure to total revenue’ can also be changed.

odoo 12crm

The view also can be switched to a pie chart model;

odoo 12crm

2. Accurate turnovers
When you are doing business in the right manner there will be progress in your sales cycle when you move on. Having a correct idea about an opportunity will give you an upper hand in handling that opportunity. This is what we need to figure out the expected turnover from various reports.

You can make this possible with the help of Odoo 12 CRM.

Now let’s see how this is made possible in Odoo 12 CRM.

a) Configuring Kanban stages: there are four stages in Odoo Kanban by default, they are won, qualified, new and proposition. Addition, as well as editing stages, are possible. The turnover can be made more accurate by refining the default probability of success.

odoo 12crm

b) Setting the opportunity: opportunity can be set for expected revenue and closing date which will give your total expected revenue and thus an accurate turnover.

odoo 12crm

- Seeing overdue: overdue or closing soon opportunities can be filtered in your pipeline which will allow you for prioritizing your activities.

odoo 12crm

This tool helps to improve the sales process also.
c)Total expected revenue and probable turnover can be viewed: in the Kanban view, the expected revenue for each stage can be viewed.

This will be depended on each opportunity that we set.

odoo 12crm

Select CRM -> reporting -> pipeline analysis
Probable turnover’ is default setting.

The revenue you set on each opportunity and the probability they will close will be there on the report. This provides a better idea about the expected revenue. We can make plans according to this and then set targets.

odoo 12crm

With all these features Odoo 12 CRM is the best option if you are looking for an ERP for the purpose of customer relationship management.

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