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By: Manu menonn

Product Management with Odoo 15 POS

Functional Odoo 15 POS

Odoo 15 PoS module has many sophisticated features with advanced tools support for efficient product management. It is easy to manage and overview all of your products in the PoS module. Within a few simple clicks, you easily carry out all of the procedures related to Product management under the PoS module. 

This blog is an overview of the product management features in the Odoo 15 PoS module. 

Add and Manage products in the PoS module. 

Product management is straightforward with the PoS module. The product tab in the PoS dashboard allows the user to have direct access to all of the products in the business to ensure maximum fluidity and efficiency in business management. It is easy to manage all of the product-related activities from here effortlessly.   

For the first-time users of the module, if you can’t find your products in the PoS module, go to the Product tab from the dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.


Click on Product for the drop-down options shown in the screenshot given above of the PoS module to access all of your products. There are many other product features for you to choose from to view your products. To add a new product to the PoS module, click on the Products option as highlighted above. Odoo will take you to your products instantly and list them for you to view and configure easily, as shown in the screenshot given below.


All of your products will be listed here, which you filter efficiently to access the products you want quickly. You can create new products from here using the Create button. If you want to add it to the Point of Sales, click on any products to configure it. Odoo will take you to a product configuration tab, as shown below.


From the Product configuration page, you can perform basic product configurations efficiently at any time. From here, click on the Sales tab to add the product to your Point of Sales. Under the Point of Sales section, click on Available in PoS to make the product available, as shown in the screenshot below.


Enabling this option will automatically put your product on the PoS module. After this, you will be able to find the product in your PoS section, all of the configurations on the products, and the attributes available in the PoS module. Other than this, there are many Product management features in the PoS module listed below.   

Product categories 

The advanced product management feature arranges all of your products efficiently. You can manage and view products in any way you want. This helps you to carry out the PoS section easily with maximum product interaction. You can order the products by popularity and display them concerning different product categories. This also allows your customers to choose their desired effect with the attributes they want efficiently. 

Multiple Barcodes 

Odoo 15 PoS module allows you to apply multiple barcodes for the same products with barcode nomenclatures. With the  advanced usage  of this feature, you can scan different barcodes for the same product. Then, the product quantity will be automatically updated in the cart. You don’t have to select a product and do it one by one, which will consume a considerable amount of time and effort.                           

If you want to activate this feature, go to the Point of sales option under the Point of sale configuration tab in your PoS dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.


From the Point of Sales list, click on them that you have to configure. Odoo will take you to a configuration page for advanced Point of Sales configurations. Scroll down to find the Barcode section, as in the PoS interface shown below.


Configure the details to complete the process. After this Odoo can recognize the product and the barcode linked with it allowing it to manage multiple products more efficiently. This also allows you to search and manage products easily from a huge inventory efficiently. 

Along with this the PoS module has the ability to manage product variants easily. You can sell products based on different colours, Sizes, or configurations of the same products with Product variants or Product attributes. You can set the product variants form the inventory module and the PoS module can detect it and act on the product accordingly. This gives way to the most advanced product search feature in Odoo. Customers can easily arrive at the desired products without any product clutter. 

Units of measure 

Units of measure is an advanced feature in Odoo 15 PoS module that allows you to configure and create new units of measure with respect to the products or the country which the business or the company is based on. You can easily sell your products with custom set or preset units of measure and update the details on them accordingly. You can use this feature in the Sales or the inventory module. Go to the configuration settings and find units of measure to configure it. As Odoo is highly integrated every configuration you enter on the sales and the inventory module will be automatically available on the Pos module.   

Along with these features Odoo PoS module has the ability to manage and deal with a huge number of products at the same time effortlessly. You can efficiently manage and create a huge number of product deals at the same time. This allows you to have maximum workflow and won't give its users any hard time in product management.

The module allows the users to have advanced features and tools for efficiently managing and allowing the users and also the customers to connect with the products without any difficulty directly. Efficient product management is an important part in building a proper business management environment. The advanced product management features of the PoS module allow you and your customers to choose and view products for purchasing quickly. This allows you to increase your sales rapidly.

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