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By: Gana KG

Salon and Spa Management Software


Salon and spa management is a fast-growing business. The modern day world is very much beauty conscious and they always want themselves to be presentable and beautiful all the time. So the number of customers reaching this field is increasing day by day and the business field is now trying new innovations to reduce the stress and increase their service quality along with attaining good profit. It is in this context an ERP software becomes important for the spa/salon management field. Odoo/Open ERP software for salon/spa management is a complete package with a varied variety of features on board which can make the business-friendly and profitable.

The major feature provided by the ERP software for beauty spa management are online booking facility, accounting facility, customer relationship facility traceability feature, and various other features. Every work except the physical work thus can be automated and done using the ERP software for salon management. Now let’s look at the various features offered by Odoo/Open ERP software for salon management;

Online booking and schedule appointment
In the present day world offline is an outdated word. Every process is evolving into the online platform, same is the case of booking also. The customers now prefer online booking and this is possible using the ERP software for spa management. The rush at the workplace, queues at the counters, rush at the workstations etc. can be avoided by an online booking facility.

Online booking also paves the way to schedule appointments. The ERP software for spa management has got a lot of added advantages like 24/7 booking facility, booking staffs according to our likes and dislikes, selection of resources, equipment’s, services etc.


Customer relationship management
A very crucial term when it comes into the case of a business such as a beauty spa. The customers are directly in connection with the firm and so the ERP software for beauty spa should provide flawless customer relationship management. Major areas of the business are covered under the customer relationship management facility offered by the ERP software for beauty spa.

The various features offered by the ERP software CRM facility are:

1) Connectivity with customer
In Odoo/open ERP software for spa management maintaining connectivity with customers is done effectively. Here there are many features which help the organization to maintain good connectivity with its customers. There are options to create groups in Odoo/Open ERP software so that a number of customers can be handled at the same time. Also in any document, writing log notes are possible. The ERP also allows to schedule calls and meetings with customers. An archive facility is also provided in the CRM using ERP software. Organizing calendars based on customer activities is also possible in Odoo ERP software.

Also, we can define the working time using Odoo/Open ERP, by this method customers will have an idea of when to expect service.
Proper engagement is made possible via Odoo/Open ERP CRM software. 

2) Maintaining proper sales
There will be a lot of services to be offered on a business like a spa management. Through proper CRM good sales can also be generated. With the effective CRM in Odoo/Open ERP software for spa management maintaining, proper sales is not a very hard task.

The business firm has got the option to analyze their performance using ERP software and know about the sales of their various services. Through this, they can know which service has got more customers and vice versa.

3) Proper marketing
Proper marketing of beauty products is also done using Odoo CRM ERP software for spa management. Some important activities which can be performed using Odoo CRM are;
a) Arranging campaigns regarding services and thus creating awareness and attraction from the customer side.
b) Providing discounts, loyalty cards etc. to regular customers

Inventory features
a) Stock transfers: products are moved from one location to another using an interface.
b) Packing and receipts: products are packed and barcodes are assigned for easy tracking. With receipts we can know about the things we ordered from the supplier, the incoming products in the inventory can thus be controlled.
c) Multiple locations: here using the open ERP software for spa management an inventory is arranged into different parts (zones, shelves etc.) based on various products and are handled accordingly.
d) Scrap products: the expired products are moved from the inventory and put into the scrap location.


Human resource management
In a business like beauty spa, human resource management is very much important. Each employee will be skilled on a particular work and so they shall be assigned to that work only. This can be done by setting the employee category in the ERP software for spa management. By using the ERP software the beautician for a particular work can be assigned to the right customer. Also, the skill set of employees can be stored (trainee, intermediate, expert) using the ERP software so that they can be selected according to their skills for particular works. Also, all other normal HR works can be carried out by the ERP software.

Point of sales
The point of sales also can be included in spa management since the ERP software is capable of handling the POS section also. When it comes to spa/salon management the main use of using point of sales are;

a) There will be a set of customers who are regular buyers of the products. They can be allotted with discounts, loyalty, membership cards etc. using the ERP software POS.
b) With POS in ERP software for spa management mixed payment methods can be accepted (liquid cash transactions and online transactions).
c) The payments and dues of regular customers can be noted using POS in ERP software for spa management.
d) The POS is capable of maintaining sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, taxes and retail product management.

Report making and business planning
The spa/salon business is a field of very high competition. If we want to up our business and stand tall among the competition we have to strategically plan our business. For this reports can be of very much helpful. The areas for betterment, the performance of the firm etc. can be made using the report making a feature in ERP software for spa/salon management. Based on the report details, business planning can be done accordingly.

In short, an ERP software for salon/spa management gives back up to every area of the business without any flaws or room of confusions. It helps in the advancement of spa business through its advanced features.

Cybrosys technologies is an Odoo gold partner and have contributed applications to effectively manage spa and salon business. For more info, check Odoo Service Management

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