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By: Swapna

Use of Barcode Scanning in Odoo 16 Inventory Module

Functional Odoo 16

We can eliminate manually entering the quantity of stock picking form by using barcode scanners. Currently, each product's quantity must be entered separately. It only takes a few keystrokes to enter the item number you desire into your barcode printing software or field service software because barcodes are just a straightforward way to communicate information. So, the barcode version of that number will appear. Put the labels wherever you keep your inventory after you have them.

So let's look at the custom Odoo 16 Inventory module below.
https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/16.0/inventory barcode scanning/
You will gain an additional field in the stock-picking form to scan barcodes. It automatically updates the product quantity if you install this module. Another feature is to add a new product to the inventory by barcode scanning. Let's talk about the use of barcode scanners for inventory control. 
This blog provides an overview of the barcode scanning in the Odoo 16 Inventory module. 
Use of Barcode Scanners for Inventory Control 
Go to the Odoo 16 inventory app, select Operations, and choose Transfers. Later, you must turn on edit mode, then click and scan the barcode field. You can now notice that the related product's quantity is updated automatically. A warning box will appear if no items in the list correspond to the barcode.
Lowering user effort in time-consuming activities could significantly boost a company's productivity. One of these is manually entering the product quantity in Odoo during choosing validation, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. Mainly when there are more products, there is a higher chance of human error. Utilize Odoo 16 Inventory Barcode Scanning module to quickly and easily add or amend product quantities while receiving or shipping products by scanning their barcodes.
The Odoo 16 Inventory Barcode Scanning Module makes it simple for users to supply goods with barcodes in both incoming and outgoing deliveries. It enables searching for existing products using their barcodes and internal references. Every item is added to the inventory order using a barcode.

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