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By: Evin Davis

Why Should You Integrate MES Systems With Odoo for Manufacturing?

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Manufacturing is the form of business operations that have been functioning in the world long before the lice ages where the hunting tools and equipment were manufactured by hand. As time progressed and industrialization was imparted into the world, new modes and methodologies of functioning which are suitable for any of the business operations were introduced. With the element of digitalization being implemented in the operations, newer manufacturing modules along with methodologies as well as machinery have been introduced. Today the manufacturing operations and the business function with an advanced and smarter form of manufacturing functionality that is capable of adapting to advanced and smarter models.
With the introduction of technical aspects such as IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence along with Machine learning, and advanced and smarter software solutions, the manufacturing and the production operations of the business all across the world have been changed to a modernized methodology. As the aspects of functioning and tools have improved the management aspects have also seen improvement. In the earlier days, the planning and operation of the production industries were managed with the help of a dedicated workflow and controlled manually by the superior manager and the process took a lot of manual hard work. With the introduction of software solutions that manage the process of production the functioning of the manufacturing units has been changed for the better.
Today there are numerous manufacturing plants and factories functioning on all levels of functioning from small and medium scale to larger-scale operations. All tests to the development of the manufacturing technology and the digitalization aspects as well as the wide availability of skilled labor that the manufacturing facilities can be set up easily with minimum investment. In addition, with new and advanced machinery along with tools which will cater for the needs of the production of any form of products and the customization which can be done to make the operations to be as the way the business needs it easier to set up the manufacturing and production units.
With the development of electronics technology, the implementation of electronic-based devices and equipment was seen of wide implementation in industries, homes, and businesses. Today the advanced electric system with imparted automation capabilities and functions have paved the way for effective functioning. The introduction of Programming Logic Controllers(PLCs) along with advanced Integrated Chips and Circuits Boards have helped with the aspects of easiness of control.
Furthermore, implementing advanced systems such as SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) has brought in complete control of the production operations along with monitoring based on the processing levels with the help of automation and advanced machine learning tools. All these technologies being implemented in the manufacturing facilities have paved the way for the effective processing of the production operations. Today many of the manufacturers and production facilities make use of the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) which have been providing them with complete control of the manufacturing operations for the business. Let's now move on to understand in detail what is an MES?
What is an MES?
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are controlling tools that will cater for the effective management of the operations of the production aspects of a facility. These capable solutions will pave the way for the ease in the management of the finished products, raw materials, scheduling, data management and collections, and many more which will all make the operations of the manufacturing to be functioning effectively. Moreover, a dedicated and well-crafted MES solution will help with real-time data and manufacturing order management, quality and quantity validation, KPI control, and monitoring.
In addition, these MES solutions will pave the way for the effective operation of the business with integrated and connected operational monitoring and control devices which will benefit the effective management of the entire production operations of the company. The integrated solutions with SCADA as well as PLCs and other advanced engineering solutions will be beneficial for the operations of the manufacturing facility.
What happens if we integrate these advanced production management systems with dedicated business management tools caterabale for the manufacturing facilities? Let's find out.
Why should you integrate MES Systems with Odoo?
The MES system is designed to cater to the production needs and the management of the allocated aspects which will directly affect your operation and that's all it can do and mend to do. However, there are other aspects in the functioning of a manufacturing facility that revolve around the existence and the functional aspects of the company in the market which cannot be taken care of without dedicated tools. In those cases are the solutions such as Odoo come into play to bring in complete and well-crafted business management as per the business requirements. And that is not enough while having the MES system and business management tools such as Odoo as two separate entries of the functioning of the production facility will not bring in any good rather they indulge with the ineffective functioning and business management.
The integration of the MES system with Odoo ERP software will provide you with the full autonomy of control for the operations of your manufacturing business. Moreover, with the dedicated aspects and modules along with distinctive tools of management you will be able to run the operations of the backend management of the manufacturing process to be run efficiently and with complete control. The centralized inventory along with the central database will ensure that all the operations are conducted under the same platoon and the storage of data is done effectively. With Odoo you will have remote access to the operational management due to the fact that Odoo is a cloud-based ERP solution thus ensuring that you are always in control of the functional aspects of the business with Odoo even remotely a much-needed tool during this era of the pandemic stations being prevailing in the world.

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