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What is Pro-forma Invoice in Odoo 14


Odoo, with its easy use and different accessibility features, made Odoo the top most ERP Applications. As we know Odoo is an open-source program, it has many benefits and dominances in different areas, such as a hassle-free interface for group users. Additionally, supports a wide variety of customization to meet clients' specific needs. Furthermore, it also contains all of the main modules, such as distribution, procurement, inventory, accounting, development, and many more.

Here we are dealing with the invoice pro-forma and its administration.

What is Pro-Forma Invoice?

A Pro-forma invoice is a forecasted document before the final bill is issued. Pro-forma is prepared based on the cost mentioned in a sales order. This defines the promise of a vendor to deliver the goods or services at a given price as advised to the buyer. Pro forma invoices are widely used mainly for sale and purchasing, particularly where there is no background history of business between sellers and buyers. It's not considered a true invoice for any reason.

The company invoices are indicated with the costs and sums on whether the goods or service is actually being sold, whereas a Pro-forma invoice is used when a consumer wants to submit an order on goods or services that are yet to be delivered by your hand. Both records look exactly the same, except the Pro-forma version is a situation that is not exactly true, even though it is the seller's best approximation of what the final contractual invoice would contain.

The difference from Quotation.

What distinguishes a Pro-forma invoice from a conventional invoice is that a Pro-forma invoice is really focused on the anticipation of a negotiation (a deal to be made) and a quote is more about submitting a bid that may not be considered as a 'done deal 'even though the terms of sale are subjected to be altered.

Purposes of Pro-Forma Invoices

These invoices are also used for customs purposes with respect to imports.

- To offer a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from a market.

The price, the quantity of the item, and other information are and conditions of the product order are displayed for the customer.

- The Pro-Forma invoice will be used by the client to determine whether to comply with the transaction or not.

The vendor often sends the pro-forma invoice to give a general idea of ??the order as it is always difficult to estimate and analyze the price in such a case.

- A pro forma invoice can also be used by a corporation where the terms of the purchase contract specify that full payment is not needed until the consumer receives those goods.

- This is an incentive to identify the variables that constitute the meaning of the final invoice, such as the unpredictable concerns that may occur during order fulfillment.

Let's discuss it's working

We find this option of Pro-Forma invoice only if the option is enabled in the settings.

Sales -> Configuration -> Settings -> Quotation & Orders -> Pro-Forma invoices


Now, by clicking on the Pro-Forma button, we can give the "Pro-Forma invoice" to the client before making a quotation and before approving it.


Clicking on it we will get a new popup window. There we can enter the details of customers and their email addresses.


Tap on the 'Send' button here to send the 'Pro-Forma' invoice to the recipient. We can continue with the order only after submitting the Pro-forma and its approval of the order by the customer. This is how Pro Forma Invoice works in Odoo 14.

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