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By: Anju A.P

Why Companies Should Choose Odoo Partner?


The prominence and favoritism for open source ERP are getting higher among the business communities. Day by day the popularity of Odoo is getting higher and there is a wide adoption rate witnessed among the business. The reason behind the wide adoption is none other than the accessibility of various modules at one place and its applications perfectly pitching the necessities of the explicit industry.

When it comes to the subject of Odoo Implementation, often business juggles between the choice of Odoo Partner or a freelancer. Many opt for freelancers to perform their implementation of Odoo/Open ERP mainly to reduce the expense associated with it. However, opting for freelancers has its own negatives. To say a few, freelancers may not be that proficient in all industry domains. He/ She may be specialized only in one or two. Let’s assume that the freelancer is proficient and specialized in all industry dimensions. But still there remain constraints in the service of a freelance worker. Because, the freelance worker does not have access to Odoo Enterprise source code, therefore cannot fully offer all services in Odoo. This limits the service offerings from the side of the freelance workers.

And moreover, freelancers will be occupied with different projects at a time, therefore it is not mandatory that they give a sufficient rate of time and commitment in carrying each project. In that case, there can be a clash in meeting the deadline, quality end results, and much more. Being a single person, even resolving the critical issues will not be that feasible. He/she may take a long span of time to resolve an issue or may fail in doing so. Therefore, there is no 100% guarantee that you achieve everything you desired for. Also, the quality of work, methodologies keep differing from one freelancer to another. It is not mandatory that every freelancer perform high coding standards.

And often the freelancers cut off their ties with clients post completing the task. Therefore, tracking the same person for further help or cross-check his integrity isn’t practical. The short relation always possesses a challenge to the business communities to collate further.

In short, Odoo freelancer may sound cheap comparing to an authorized service provider. But in the long run, the very same freelance odoo developer may cost you very high in the form of bringing changes in the ERP application.

However, choosing an Odoo Partner for implementing Odoo, leaves behind all the worries discussed above. Odoo Partners come well-trained in Odoo and have wide experience and knowledge in the service you request for. Be it the Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo consultancy, Odoo support, or Odoo training. In each of these services, Odoo Partners guarantee a high degree of professionalism and work standards. Moreover, the Odoo Partners implement a well-structured approach in the project, meeting deadlines on time.

The companies that offer qualitative services in Odoo are accredited with the label of Odoo Partners. Their credentials are verified and monitored constantly. Therefore, there hardly resides any stress with Odoo Partners.

Unlike freelance workers, Odoo Partners will have a team of techno-functional consultants with domain-rich knowledge. Being a team, partners will be more successful in identifying the complex issues, locating the right business processes and procedures. Odoo Partners always maintain high business standard in their undertakings.

Do you know Odoo partners are better? ERP consultants because they are well-trained via following the Odoo training sessions. Also, occupy with certified and dedicated resources for conducting Odoo projects, no matter the size and scale of the project. With a freelancer, you may not get the benefit of both technical and functional elements. However, with Partner, you get a team of techno-functional consultants for delivering both technical and functional help. And scalability is one thing the client can benefit largely from Odoo Partner. Being a team, they will always remain flexible in offering any number of resources depending on the size and scale of your project. However, with freelancers, being a single person, this kind of flexibility and speedy accomplishment is hard to achieve. And most advantageous part is Odoo Partner has access to Enterprise Edition source code, therefore can offer boundless Odoo services, without limiting in any way.

Cybrosys Technologies is an official Odoo Partner and has been in the Odoo sector for more than 11 years.  The company occupies a team of talented, professional Odoo experts with wide industry and techno-functional knowledge. The presence of certified and senior developers assures building great products to solve your business woes.

Being expertise in all industry fragments such as CRM, Sales Purchase, Accounting, and others, the company is feasible for any Odoo module and any industry type. So far, Cybrosys has built more than 350+ odoo apps/plugins catering to different industry needs. We are also the leading contributor to industrial apps in Odoo.

Cybrosts Technologies is providing Odoo Implementation and other Odoo allied services to our clients across the Middle East, African, and other continents.


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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