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How products can be restricted in POS?
In the setting of the POS shop, enable ‘Restrict Available Product Categories’ and add the available product category there. So when you open and start to use the POS, the products are available only from those selected product categories.

Also in the POS shop setting you can set a starting category by enabling ‘Set Start Category’ and mention the category. So while opening the POS it will show the products of this starting category.
How can cashier switching be managed by Odoo 13 POS app?
In the POS shop settings, enable ‘Login with Employees’. This will use employee credentials to log in to the POS session and helps to switch cashiers. You can add allowed employees. Make sure that the employee pin is added in the HR settings tab of the employee form in the Odoo 13 Employee module. This pin is used as login credentials for the employees in POS.

So when opening the session it will ask to choose the cashier. Also the cashier has to enter their pin to log in to make orders. Once it is decided to switch cashiers in the same session, they can use the lock symbol at the top right corner of the POS interface. On clicking the lock symbol it again asks to choose the cashier and to enter a login. In this way Odoo 13 POS app manages the cashier switching.

Can we sell combo products in POS? By default Odoo will not support selling combo products, instead, you can use the custom module ‘POS Combo product’ by Cybrosys Technologies.
Is it possible to apply different charges for AC & Non-AC floor?
Yes. By adding different pricelist the floor charge can be managed. Firstly enable pricelist advanced price rules (discounts and formulas) from POS configuration settings and save.
Now create two pricelists, Point of sale -> Products -> Pricelists -> Create.
Create a price list for the Non-AC floor and create another for the AC floor. While creating the pricelist for AC, you can add a price rule based on another pricelist (No-AC) and formula can be pricelist plus some surcharge.
Then go to POS restaurant -> settings -> enable Advanced Pricelists and choose the created pricelists there and save. Now make an order in the POS. Then the POS has the option to choose the price list. When you change the price list, sales prices also vary. In this way, separate charges for floors can be managed.
How multiple customers can be handled at a time in Odoo 13 POS app?
When the POS interface is opened you can find + and - buttons. By clicking + multiple customers can be handled at the same time without losing the order details. Similarly if one wants to cancel the order he can use - button. So it will notify that the current order data will be lost and ask for confirmation.
How can we split bills among multiple customers? Bill splitting can be enabled in configuration settings of POS Restaurant/Bar, this will provide a split button in POS to split the bill. Now make an order and click on ‘Split’, choose some product and pay the bill. Later remaining products can be billed. In this bill splitting can be managed in Odoo 13 POS app.
Once a reward is collected, how does the remaining point get changed in Odoo 13 POS? Choose a customer and products from POS, so it will show the points you earned. When you click on rewards, it will add the reward product corresponding to the point you earned. Once the reward is accepted the reward point decreases by the reward cost of the gift or discount.
How discounts and rewards are applied in Odoo 13 POS?
Discounts can be applied in two ways either on each sale order or globally. When each product is chosen you can add a discount percentage for the product using the Disc option in the POS. Now go to the settings of the POS shop and enable ‘Global Discounts’, this will allow you to provide discounts for the whole purchase. On enabling you can see the button ‘Discounts’. This will give a discount on the total amount.

Another feature is Loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can be created from Point Of Sale -> Products -> Loyalty Programs -> Create. One can add rules and reward for the loyalty program that can be applied in the POS. Now go to the settings of POS shop and enable loyalty programs. Add the created Loyalty program there and save.
Go to the POS shop and choose a customer and add products. So the reward points will be displayed on the screen. When you click on Rewards the corresponding reward will be added to the sale order. It may be any gift or discounts etc.
How products can be made available Odoo 13 POS?
If we created a product from the POS app, that product will be automatically made available in the POS. If the product is created from other apps like sales, purchase, or inventory, etc we have to enable the option ‘available in POS’. To show the products in POS, we have to check-in the option ‘Available in POS’ in the point of sale tab of product form.
How warehouse locations can be set in Odoo 13 POS?
The warehouse location of your POS can be set from the operation type. In the settings of the POS shop under inventory, you can see Operation Type. Use the external link to open the operation type. You can see the location of operation type, the required warehouse location can be added at ‘Default Source Location’. One can also set this source location through the inventory app of Odoo 13 also. Inventory -> Configuration -> Operation Types.
Is it Possible to install Odoo in a POS machine where an internet connection is not available? POS works both offline and online mode but it requires internet connectivity during the opening and closing time.
How can we set an opening balance in odoo 13 POS?
To set an opening balance firstly enable the ‘Cash Control’ from corresponding POS settings. You can add opening balance at default openings field by adding coins and values and then Save. 

How can set manual discounts in pos? In odoo point of sale, discount can be set on product in 2 ways

> one way is go to point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale -> shop/restaurant -> global discount enabling this will provide a global discount on all products available in pos.

> can provide a discount to the selected product by clicking on the disc option set default in the pos session.

What is loyalty program in pos.what is its needs? [today most of the retailers make use of loyalty programs in order to enhance their business. loyalty program include giving off discounts and rewards to their trustworthy customer. (modified answer)]

loyalty programs are one of the most attractive method used by the retailers today. it includes giving off certain rewards and other attractive discount offers to their loyal customers. it is provided to enhance the business.
How can we shift cashier without any security? To shift cashier without any security make sure that the PIN code and badge id under the employee is null for that  Go to Employee -> HR Setting tab and keep the field PIN code and Badge id null. Then,Go to Point of Sale-> Configuration -> Login with Employee under Point of sale and choose the employee for which you have made changes for the session. On new session, simply change the cashier by just clicking on the name.
How to manage tips in POS? In point of sale application customer tipping is an add-on amount or by making  return balance amount  to a tip. To set tip Go To
Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale ->Bar/Restaurant ->Tip.
Is it possible to shift the order from one table to another in POS? T Transferring of orders from one table to another works in restaurant/bar mode in point of sale application.One can choose a table, for example table T1 and start ordering for some reason if the customers want to move to table T4 then click on Transfer and select the table to which you want to transfer the order. The you can see your order has been transferred to the table T4.
How does large scrollbar and virtual keyboard help in touchscreen? While making an order of enormous products the size of the scrollbar gets smaller but when you enable this option you can navigate easily as the size is constant. Virtual keyboard would help the salesperson to add details from the screen and could select the product which filtered out while typing. this is a time-efficient practice.
What is the need of using a prefill payment option in POS? When you enable prefill payment, At the time of billing the amount due field will be auto-filled so that a single click will lead to invoice printing.
What is the purpose of adding the header and footer in our bill? To add a custom message to your bill you can enable header and footer option in PoS application.
What is the advantage of using automatic receipt printing in POS? Automatic receipt printing in POS prints receipts automatically once the payment is registered.
Is it possible to use POS online and offline? Odoo's Point of Sale stays reliable even if your connection is not. Even if you lose the internet connection in between your session there is less danger of losing data as the system will be synchronized once it’s back online.
How can one split the order in pos on the basis of a unit of measure category? In order to split order on the basis of a unit of measure first go to inventory -> configuration -> unit of measure category and tick the desire unit categories (group product in pos). then come under pos and enable the bill splitting option.
In what way we can meet the customer need mentioned for a specific product? For this you can add note to your order. To activate it Go To -> Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale -> Bar/Restaurant(session) -> Orderline note.
Is it possible to use the credit card for payment in odoo pos? In order to activate credit card payment go to point of sale -> configuration -> settings, select any one payment terminals method and then go to point of sale -> configuration -> payment methods and configure a new method for credit card payments.
How is it possible to view a particular set of categories when you open your POS interface? In order to set a particular set of the category, we can enable an option called Restrict the Product category.
Is it possible to hide the cost price of the product in the product view in pos? Yes, it's possible to hide the cost price of the product in the product view in pos by enabling the price control option in POS interface.
What is Rescue Session in POS? When the session is closed accidentally while it’s working online at that time rescue action will come in action by saving all your orders which were made during the closing of the session.
What are the different ways to provide rewards to your customers? In pos rewards to the customer are provided on the basis of the loyalty program. odoo provides three reward types: gift, discount (in%) and discount (in value).
What is price control in POS? Price control is the process that allows the manager to restrict the access to the cost price of the product.
What do you mean by cash control in pos? Cash control allows you to check the amount of the cashbox at the opening and closing of the session. to set cash control go to point of sales -> configuration -> point of sale and select your pos interface.
How to set multiple floors for your Restaurant in POS? To set multiple floors for your restaurant Go To Point Of Sale -> Configuration -> point of sale -> Bar/Restaurant(session) -> Floor Management if you enable this option you can create multiple floors according to the user need.
How to return a product after closing session in pos? The way to return the product after the closing of the session is go to -> point of sale ->orders ->orders.From orders, you get the details of the sale order made and can view a return option at the right side of the window.
How to handle tables of restaurants in pos? To handle tables in pos go to point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale ->table management.. When you open a new session you can see a pencil icon and then we will get edit mode. here you can create tables, move them and modify them, etc.
How to handle discounts in pricelist in pos? To apply discount in price list go to point of sale -> configuration -> setting->pricing -> advanced price list. When you enable it and set price computation as percentage (discount) then you would be able to provide discount using pricelist. <
how can we handle the loyalty program in pos? To activate the loyalty program for a product go to point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale select the interface and enable the option loyalty program. Loyalty program in odoo consists of three sections. For more refer to the blog loyalty program in odoo 12 pos.
What is the importance of pricelist in pos? Pricelists are used to set a specific price for a set of customers for some particular products also helps to provide seasonal discounts on the product. To activate the pricelist feature, go to point of sales  -> configuration -> point of sale -> session -> pricing.
What you mean by Bill Splitting in Odoo POS? Bill splitting refers to even division of bill among the members To activate the Bill splitting feature, go to Point of Sales  -> Configuration -> Point of sale and enable the options Tip.
How to handle Sales Return in POS? In order to make sales return, select the product your customer wants to return and use the +/- button and enter the quantity they need to return.
If we want to set an order for a specific department. how can one handle it? If we want to set order to a specific department then go to point of sale -> configuration-> point of sale -> bar/restaurant session -> connected device and when you enable this option the order instructions are sent to specific bar and kitchen printers, instructions can also be sent to different printers automatically based on the product category.
How to handle multiple orders parallel in POS? In the POS session, one can put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time. We can Simply add New bill using the +  button in pos.
Different ways of switching cashiers in pos? Odoo’s point of sale application allows managing multiple cashiers in different ways

1. switch cashier without any security

2. switch cashier with pin code
3. switch cashier with cashier barcode badge

What is the purpose of providing id for an employee in pos? The employees are provided with id in order to provide security to the shop or restaurant underuse, which is entered at the time of in or out. each and every employee could also monitor how many hours they have completed in the week by logging into their profile.
What is the difference between shop and bar/restaurant in pos? In pos bar/restaurant is used for better management of kitchen and bar printing, helps in handling multiple customers allow products sorting and splitting bills also provide table and floor management which exactly tell where your customers are seated, where are the free tables, who are still waiting for food. In pos shop it helps to create the order in front of the customer so that customers can purchase the goods from his/her physical store as well as from his/her online e-commerce store.
To whom the sales of PoS is reported to? In Odoo 13, there a provision for reporting the sales to the sales team which are related to the corresponding sales of the Point of Sale. For that, select the corresponding point of the sale goes to its settings, you will find a provision of sales reporting on the last of the settings page. There you can add the name of the corresponding sales team and save. Then the sales that are happening in that point of sale will be reported to the corresponding sales team.
How to generate the provision of tax in PoS? To create tax, you need to go to the configuration and click the option of tax. You will get a new window of taxes. There you can create or edit the existing tax. When you click on the edit button a new page of creating tax will come. Fill all the required fields, tax name, tax scope(sales, purchase, adjustments). Then on the below tab tax computation and amount, and on the advanced option tax group. Then save it.
Is it possible to get the report of sales done in pos? In pos module to get the sale report go to point of sale -> reporting -> sale details, where you can customize the sales report from which date to which date and of shop or restaurant, or of both, and click the print button. you will get the printed report of the sales.
How to create a payment method in POS? To create a payment method in the POS module, go to Point of Sale ->Configuration -> Payment methods and add all the necessary files you want.
How to give an invoice to the needed customer? Go to point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale, select your interface -> bill and receipts when you enable this an option for invoice also will come on the billing page of the session.
How to configure automatic receipt printing in POS? To set automatic receipt printing, go to the pos module click on the configuration tab. click on the option point of sale and select your point of sale. hit on the edit button. now under the bills and receipts select and tick the option of automatic receipt printing. now when you create a bill automatically it will be printed.
How to configure header and footer for a bill? To configure the header and footer, go to point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale -> select your interface -> bills and receipt tick the option of header and footer. now when you print the bill you can see the header and footer in the bill.
How to configure the prefill cash payment in POS? To configure auto-fill of the tendered amount, go to Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale -> select the interface -> Payment tick the option of prefill cash payment. Now when you do sale and bill the things the tendered amount will be auto-filled.    
How do we set special prices for certain customers and products? For that, we use the feature of Pricelist. Pricelists are a super cool feature for setting a special price for certain customers and even for particular products. We also use pricelist for giving discounts and so on. For better understanding read the blog: Odoo POS Price List
What is the need for cash control in pos and how do we set opening and closing amounts? Cash control enables us to know or set the opening and closing amounts. it helps us to keep our day to day accounts errorless. for configuring the cash control, go to -> point of sale -> configuration -> point of sale -> select your pos interface -> payments -> cash control.  when you open the new session you can set the opening balance similarly while closing you can set the closing balance. for more details read the blog: setup cash control in pos
How to manage credit card payment in odoo pos? In odoo, in order to accept credit card payments, we have a different payment terminal
2. adyen
3. six
4. ingenico (benelux)customers registered with the above payment portals can pay the bill using a credit card. whenever the payment line is set up, a card can be swiped through the card reader device. For quickly handling orders: just swiping a credit card when on the payment screen (without having pressed anything else) will charge the full amount of the order to the card.
What is the effect of the loyalty program in sale? Loyalty programs are conducted in shops for their customers so that the customers will be encouraged and you can have more profit. We have to activate the loyalty program under the settings of pos, underpricing features you can create and edit your loyalty program. You can decide your loyalty program like how much points, gift vouchers and so on. For further details check the blog: pos loyalty program
How the discount tags are used with a barcode scanner? The discount rate will appear on the bill while scanning discount tags using a barcode scanner. mostly, the sale of a product which is nearing its expiration date, we can give discount tags for it so that it is sold fast.
Is it possible to apply discounts in odoo PoS manually? In odoo, pos we have a super cool option for giving discounts. forgiving discounts for individual products, we need to just click on the disc button in the interface and if you want to give a discount for the whole order together. we need to activate the global discounts underpricing category of pos settings. now a new button of global discount will appear in the interface. just one click is enough we can give a discount to the whole order.
Is it possible to reprint a receipt? It is possible for us to reprint the receipts. For that just go to PoS settings and activate the reprint receipt under bills and receipts. Now in the interface, you will have a new button of reprint receipt. Then you can reprint the last receipt.
What is the advantage of using the barcode scanner in odoo pos? Using a barcode for sale and purchase increases efficiency and saves time for both salesmen and customers. For activating it one should enable the option for barcode under IoT box in your PoS settings and connect it with a barcode scanner. Similarly, you can do it for changing the cashier at POS section.
How to activate and use the six payment terminal in pos? When we connect a payment terminal to pos, it becomes easy to make payments and the risk of cashier lessens. This six or worldline payment method is only available of ue customers. it is connected and activated just like other payment terminals.
How to activate and use the Vantiv payment terminal in PoS? When we connect a payment terminal to PoS it becomes easy to make payments and the risk of cashier lessen. Mercury pay is only activated with US and Canadian Banks. Here we have to activate the Vantive payment terminal in the settings now when you pay to select the Vantiv payment method.
How shall we connect an ingenico payment terminal to pos? when we connect a payment terminal to pos, it becomes easy to make payments and the risk of cashier lessens. This ingenico payment terminal is only available for the customers in the benelux. If we want to connect this terminal to pos we need iot box too. When we connect the iot box, we need to activate that iot box option in the settings and link it with pos by giving a password.
How to manage tips in odoo POS? For activating the tips option lets go to the setting of your pos and under bills and receipts activate the tips option. now in the interface, you will have a new button of tips during the payment process. now add the tip your customer wants to give and register the payment.
How the order from the customer is communicated to the kitchen in odoo pos interfaces? In Odoo there is a possibility to print orders in the kitchen so as to ease the process of order and delivery. To make this action activated, enable the Order Printer option in your restaurant interface in your PoS session. You also need an IoT box to connect the printer. Now when you order on your session that order is printed in the kitchen,
How do we do the bill printing? If we want to print the bill before the payment goes to the PoS settings, under bills and receipts option you can tick the print the bill option. Now in the interface, you have print the bill button. You can use it as you wish.
In some cases, customers may ask for separate bills after purchase or after having food from the restaurant. How do we deal with it in Odoo PoS? Here we use the option of a split bill. For activating the split billing you have to go to your point of sale setting and activate the split billing under bills and receipts. Now in the interface, you will have to option of splitting bills. Now for each guest, you can split the bill and register payment.
How shall we configure the pos restaurant table? Go to Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale -> Bar/Restaurant interface and enable the option Table Management afterwards you can manage table in your respective session.
How to setup a restaurant and bars in PoS? To set your PoS as a bar or restaurant, you have to go to the setting of your PoS and tick the option is a bar or restaurant. for better understanding read the blog: odoo 12 pos features
How is it possible for us to set opening and closing amounts in pos? Cash control enables us to know or set the opening and closing amounts. When you enable the option of cash control in your interface and start a new session the opening balance will be automatically filled but you can edit it as you wish and when you close the session you can set the closing balance.
In some cases, the customer may return the purchased products and they have to be refunded, How will we do it in Odoo PoS? With Odoo PoS, it becomes quite easy to return and refund. Just you need to select the product the customer want to return and click the +/- button and enter the quantity of return. If they have multiple products to return just continue the same process. Now we can see the negative total. To do a refund just do the payment on the refunded products.
In a special case a customer asks for an invoice for the purchase, how do we print the invoice from the pos interface? Its a super cool feature of odoo pos that we can easily print the invoice. for that,  For that, we have to go to -> Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale -> select an interface and activate the invoice under bills and receipts. Now after order and at the time of registering the payment, you will see a new button for the invoice. If you click on that you can print the invoice for your customers.
How do we add the customer to the PoS when a new customer arrives? Registering a  new customer is an easy process in PoS. In the interface click on the customer button, there you can select the existing customer or you can create a new customer by clicking on the create button. Fill all the mandatory fields and save it. Then it's done.

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