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By: Sumaiba

A Complete Overview of Odoo 14 Sales Management Module

Functional Odoo 14

The Sales Management module in the Odoo open ERP is identified as one of the prominent modules which are mainly taken care of the practical implementation of the sales techniques and help to manage all the sales-related activities. The module provides an insight to effectively control your sales department. With the help of this efficient application, you can easily generate sales orders from qualified opportunities. 

Odoo Sales management module can depict your whole sales department operations on a single screen. This management system allows you to sell products more efficiently and more professionally. Moreover, it will make your risky sales tasks and operations easier. So you can improve time efficiency. The employees will get more time to efficiently manage more tasks without much frustration. 

The Odoo Sales module can be easily integrated with other modules such as CRM, Inventory, and Accounting modules. 

This blog will give you an overview of the Odoo 14 Sales module.

Well equipped modern user interface

Each window of the module is designed in a way to easily access all the information on the sales activities both for salespersons and authority. All the advanced tools and user interfaces are made available with this module. It will be very helpful for the salespersons to complete their activities in an intuitive way.


The view dashboard window available in the module will give you a fast and better overview of the sales activities. 


Mobile Interface

Odoo ERP also allows the mobile interface and this feature will be a great advantage for the sales team to sell the products outside that will provide any time access to anyone. 

Design well-defined quotation

The comprehensive Odoo Sales module allows you to create and design unique sales quotations effortlessly. Implementing the Odoo Sales module to your organization will definitely reduce the burdens on the shoulders of salespersons. The Sales team can create high-quality quotes with few clicks. Moreover, the created quotes can be easily converted to the sale order, and later this can be invoiced from the same window.


Create, Save and use Predefined Product and Pricelist

The platform provides you the provision to create and save all the predefined Products, Pricelist, Templates, and all other aspects. This will be a very useful and time-saving feature. Odoo PLatform allows you to manage all these aspects in a separate window which can be accessed with a few clicks. This predefining feature will be a great solution for working salespersons efficiently without wasting a lot of time.


Easily integrated with CRM application

The operations and all the activities of the Sales module can be easily integrated with the CRM application. Using the CRM application along with the Sales module will be very helpful for managing your sales pipeline and tracking all the related activities. Integrating the CRM application with the Sales module will give you the insight to track all the sales activities and sales pipeline from the initial stage to the closing stage. 

Customize Quotation Template

Odoo Sales module enables you to create customizable quotation templates. Using this prominent feature you can create and design quotation templates of your own. All the advanced tools needed for creating a quotation template are updated in the Odoo 14 sales module. You have so many possibilities to design professional quotation templates in just a few minutes. You can save the created quotation template for further use.


Pro-forma Invoice

Odoo Sales module is a good platform that allows you to send Pro-forma invoices to the customers. What is a Pro-forma invoice? A Pro-forma invoice is an estimated initial invoice that includes a commitment on the side of the provider to the customer regarding the product or service before sending it. A Pro-forma invoice includes a brief description of the product or service, total cost, date of delivery, and other essential details about the transaction. In short, the Proforma invoice is used for informing customers about how much the product and service cost. So the customer will get a clear idea of the product or service before they purchase it. 

Deal Quotations online

In the Odoo platform, you have the provision for the online review and digital signature. The digital signature is the fast and easy way to send, sign and approve your business deals. This facility will make your business more smooth and advanced.


Upselling features are available

The Odoo Sales management module introduces you to many features for improving your business.  Upselling is one of the excellent tools for increasing your business revenue and profit. Upsell is an endeavor to convince customers to buy something additional other than what they ordered. If the attempt is successful, the profit also increases. 

Manage Sales order efficiently

The Odoo sale module helps you perfectly handle sales order management. The platform effectively controls all the sales activities and your sales department. Implementing the Odoo Sales module for your organization will be a better decision. You use this module to easily create and manage a sale order. In a business an order issued by a vendor to the customer at any stage is well managed by the platform. Using this platform you can easily convert quotations to sale orders. This can be done with a few clicks. Moreover, you can easily filter the order based upon your requirements.


Customer Portal

In the Odoo platform, the customers are able to access an online portal that can be used to view and track quotes, sale orders, the status of delivery orders, and many more aspects. The customer can either deny or accept the quotation. They can also simply manage the purchase order from this portal. The online transaction can also be conducted here. 



The Odoo platform allows you to track every stage of a contract such as invoicing, renewal, and upselling. 

Manage invoices in terms of ordered quantities or delivered quantities

It is very important to have a business with different options for invoicing. The module allows you to manage invoices both in terms of ordered quantities or delivered quantities. The different invoicing options will provide you more flexibility in your business

Product and Product variants

The Odoo sales module helps you to maintain product and product variants in a well-arranged manner. The module provides you a separate tab for maintaining the products and related features. You can create and configure products with various attributes such as size, color, shape, and many more aspects. 


Product Type

The platform allows you to manage all types of products such as Consumable products, Storable products, and Services. Storable products are the product types that can be used in stock management and their supply is more or less automated based upon the rules defined in the system. Consumable products can also be considered as the storable product with the exception that stock management is not taken into account by the system. The customers can receive this type of product directly from the provider. In the case of service products, it is considered a non-material product. All types of services that provide a company to its customers are included in this type. 

The sales module is one of the most relevant applications available in the Odoo ERP. This application can help your organization to manage all the sophisticated sales activities in a well efficient way with its advanced tools and features.  

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