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By: Manu menonn

A Complete Overview on Odoo CRM

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

CRM is an advanced application or tool that stands for Customer Relationship Management.
CRM is designed for managing complex customer relations and lead generations. The module in Odoo 14 is integrated with most of the other applications in Odoo, for maintaining proper workflow. The application has the ability to deal with huge amounts of customer data and lead management. Like the rest of the Odoo, the application is highly customizable and can be changed according to your own way of working with the application. CRM is one of the most sophisticated tools of Odoo with many features to make it easy for you to manage your business. 
This blog will give you a complete insight into CRM applications In Odoo.
CRM is equipped and filled with tools to boost business. The application helps you to mine and generate leads and will also help you to manage them efficiently. Lead management is a complex task and requires a huge amount of time and energy investment that, but with CRM you can easily go through the pipeline and make the necessary changes and arrangements and check at the status of each lead that your sales team is working on on to convert into active customers. You can use the advanced features of the CRM like the Live Chat to have a direct conversation with potential customers and the chat space allows quick and immediate responses between you and the customer. You can easily have regular contact with the customer and in this space, you can clarify all the queries and confusions regarding the product or services that your company offers that the Lead is interested in. Explaining the features of the product directly with the lead will help them arrive at a result and in this space, you can persuade the lead to stick on to your product by explaining the unique features that your product has and how different it is from the rest of the similar product in the market. 
With the user-friendly nature of Odoo, it is extremely easy to use the CRM application. The pipeline management and the lead management can be done quickly. If you want to change the stage of the opportunities all you have to do is drag the opportunities to the next stage. The application is also equipped with the Filter option so that you can filter your leads based on certain criteria that you can customize in the application itself.  And you can create new pipelines or columns with a custom name and can drag it into the place of any stage that has been created before, the application is highly customizable and you can customize the pipelines or the leads in any way you want. These features are extremely useful for developing or upcoming businesses because a developing firm needs a more efficient customer relationships management tool or they will lose all of their important customers and leads. CRM can organize and establish a clutter-free environment in customer management. The application can reduce time wastage and energy wastage in managing complex customer data. The application allows you to preserve a strong business-client relationship with the leads so that they can be converted to future customers.  A live chat option is a dedicated tool for customer or lead communication. 
With the highly integrated nature of the application, the sales team has direct access to the CRM application since they work hand in hand for customer satisfaction. Generating leads was always a huge task for the sales team. With the help of the CRM module, they can directly access the application for lead generation. The CRM application is designed for generating maximum leads and all of the functions in the application are developed for generating more leads. For example, the CRM application will consider any contact to the company from the public to a given number or email id of the company will be considered as Leads and will be immediately available on the application and you can assign the sales team to follow up on the lead to convert them into customers. This feature is a huge help for companies that are struggling to maintain a proper lead management system. This feature helps the company to gain a maximum number of leads to follow up on. The public often contact companies as a result of being exposed to advertisements and arousal for need and so there is a chance for the Lead to become an actual customer and in between if you could keep the Lead interested in the product by keeping them in a loop of information about the product or the service constantly with the direct email marketing of CRM will increase the possibility of gaining a new customer.
But for newborn businesses getting customers can be a nightmarish task. The chance that they won't even get a single customer is high because they might not be able to generate enough leads with marketing. CRM is developed for tackling scenarios like this and it can help newborn businesses to a huge extent. The Odoo CRM module has the ability to mine Leads from your databases and apply them directly to the application dashboard and the sales team has access to the leads to follow up on the Leads thereby having a chance of turning the leads into customers. This feature of the CRM application has saved many startups and helped them achieve their goals. As the application is highly professional in nature the entire process of customer relations will be based purely on the efficiency of the application. With advanced filtering and grouping options, the entire customer service procedure will be easy and quick for your sales team. The application allows your sales team to have quick follow up on leads and allows them to have easy conversations with them on the business. 
CRM application is one of the most highly sophisticated applications in Odoo. It can help you and your company in efficiently managing customer relations. With advanced tools and features like Lead mining CRM has a lot to contribute to your business. The application has the ability to boost your company's growth within a short period of time. 

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