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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

Features of Maintenance Management in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

It is very important to maintain the resources and assets of the company. This will guarantee that the company's productivity increases and the effectiveness of resources. To have efficient maintenance management you will have to make proper use of time and costs. Having control over every aspect such as resources, time and cost will result in orderly maintenance management. Only a great maintenance team can help you to run your business with effectiveness and efficiency. 

With the development of technology, optimizing and tracking the maintenance of your company also got developed from recording everything handwritten to computerized maintenance. What you need is software that manages all your maintenance work. 

Odoo 14 comes with a Maintenance module that will help you to optimize your resources and organize your maintenance management. Preventive and corrective maintenance operations can be easily executed with the help of this management software. 

In this blog let us look at the features of Odoo 14 Maintenance management. 

Maintenance Module

To manage all your maintenance-related works you can install the Maintenance module from Applications. All the details related to the maintenance activities can be seen in this module. The main feature of this module is Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance. 


Preventive Maintenance

Some equipment needs regular maintenance to maintain its working condition. There are mainly two kinds of preventive maintenance, time-based preventive maintenance, and usage-based preventive maintenance. The former deals with the maintenance of the equipment during regular intervals. Usage-based preventive maintenance is done after a selected usage, for example, a vehicle must undergo maintenance every 100kms.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is such maintenance that is performed on equipment when it gets with any problem. This can be either planned or unplanned. Compared to Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance requires less initial cost. 

By opening the Maintenance module you can see the list of maintenance works. By looking at the dashboard you will be able to see how many scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance are there under different maintenance teams. By clicking on the maintenance TO DO you will be redirected to the list of maintenance scheduled under the selected title. Here you can view all the maintenance activities grouped into categories such as New Request, In Progress, Repaired, and Scrap. 

You can easily create a new maintenance record by clicking on the CREATE button. Here you can insert all the asked details in the form. With the Maintenance Type, you can select either Corrective or Preventive, according to your need. You can also put the created maintenance into NEW REQUEST, IN PROGRESS, REPAIRED, OR SCRAP. By selecting the priority maintenance worker can understand the urgency of each maintenance request. 

Maintenance Calendar 

You can see the calendar view of the maintenance works required by clicking on the Maintenance tab and selecting the Maintenance Calendar. All the maintenance including the name of the technician is displayed. You can also view them in Kanban, List, Pivot, or in Graph. By clicking on the maintenance marked on the calendar a small description of maintenance including date and time of the occurrence of maintenance, name of the technician, priority, and maintenance type is displayed. You can edit the maintenance or delete it from the list here.



Another important feature of the Maintenance module is that you can view all the equipment in one glance. By clicking on the Equipments tab you will be redirected to a page full of equipment owned by the company. You can schedule an activity related to the equipment from this page. Name of the equipment, Serial number of the equipment, to whom the maintenance is assigned, Request if any, and Expiration Date of the equipment is displayed. To get a detailed description of the equipment you can click on the name of the equipment. You can add new equipment to the list by clicking on the CREATE button. All you have to do is fill the form with the details asked for.



You can get an analysis of the maintenance works by selecting the Reporting tab. You can view them either in Bar Chart, Line Chart, or Pie Chart form. How much maintenance work is completed or repaired, how much is in progress, the count of new requests, and how much equipment has turned to scrap can be seen from here. 


Maintenance Team

Only a proper maintenance team can run all the processes of maintenance properly. Different kinds of maintenance need different technicians. A motor mechanic can't maintain the internal maintenance of the company so it is like an internal maintenance worker can't handle heavy equipment. Each section needs a different maintenance team. The Odoo Maintenance module helps you to create and check upon the maintenance team. The name of the Team, Team Members, and Company name is displayed. You can create a new Team by clicking on the CREATE button. To edit the details of the team, you can click on the team you wish to edit and then press the EDIT button.


Equipment Categories

Another feature of the Odoo 14 Maintenance module is you can manage equipment based on their categories. By clicking on the Configuration tab and selecting Equipment Categories you can view the details of the equipment categories. Name of the Category, employee Responsible for the category, and name of the Company are displayed. You can select an Action after checking the checkbox next to the Category name. To create a new category click on the Create button, type the name of the Category, employee Responsible, and Company name, and then press SAVE. Your new category will appear in the list. You can view the Equipment and Maintenance details of the equipment enlisted under the selected Category.


With Odoo 14’s Maintenance management module you can easily maintain the equipment of your company. With Corrective maintenance and Preventive maintenance, you can save your equipment from failures. This increases productivity and also maintenance related to your equipment is done in an orderly manner. You can create a request for maintenance in a very quick time with Odoo’s Maintenance tool.

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