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By: Hasna VP

Advantages of Event Management System in Odoo

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The business world around us is growing rapidly by embracing new technological advancements. Corresponding to this, the competition in the market also increased to secure each company's space in business. For marketing their strategies and increasing popularity among the audience, companies often conduct several events in the form of conferences, annual day functions, live programs, charity events, and business meetings. These are mainly conducted to advertise an organization's products and services. This will gain them huge attention from customers and other business parties. 

Proper implementation of an event includes coordination of various stages throughout the event. From planning an event, organizing organizers, and announcing the event to successfully execute the events, a huge effort is needed to assemble all these steps. Here, you need the assistance of an efficient event management system to simplify the execution of events within your company. The Odoo ERP system is the all-in-one solution for all business activities on one platform. You can completely rely on the Odoo ERP system to manage and organize all your events in your company.

The Events module in Odoo helps you in achieving success in managing and conducting events in one place. This module has the capacity to carry out any type of event successfully. It simplifies all the actions included in the proper conduction of an event. Be it small or large-scale events, Odoo will help you through all procedures. It coordinates activities like creating new events, organizing tickets, publishing events, and automating ticketing processes. 

This blog will give insight into the advantages offered by the event management system in Odoo.

The events module makes sure the availability of the right tools to enhance the efficiency in the actions of each sequence. 

Easy Creation of New Events

You can create any type of event using this module. The Events module is a simple and efficient platform to create new events. You don't need much technical knowledge to create a new event in this module. You can easily create and categorize events in different stages. You can determine the type and nature of events and create accordingly. You can maintain the list of all events created through this module on the main dashboard of the Events module.

Reduce Manual Efforts

Conducting an event is not an easy task. It requires a large amount of effort to successfully execute a program. For an event to be successful, various factors must be coordinated accurately. All these procedures need to be carried out under the supervision of an efficient management system. The Events module in Odoo automates most of its activities and helps the event management team of an organization reduce human efforts. It records all details concerning the newly announced, ongoing, and ended events separately. It also records information about attendees who registered and participated in each program. This can be further used for the generation of leads in sales.

Well Ordered Organizations of Events

The Events module helps you to organize all the events recorded in the module. There are separate stages available for categorizing the events under different categories based on the action taken on each event. You are also allowed to create new event stages in the module using the configuration option available in the menu. The filters and group-by options are helpful to organize events as per your requirements. The default and custom options are available to locate a designated event in the Events module. You can search for an event quickly using these options by the date, tags, location, organizers, and many other filters and groups. 

Effortless Booking System

Booking for an event is easier than earlier in the Odoo ERP system. All the events created in the Events module are published on the Odoo website. So this will help a customer to get a view of all published events on the Website. Odoo allows you to choose any of the published events according to your taste and enables easy booking to the event you have selected. The website view of the event will depict a detailed description of that particular event and it will be useful for you to get an idea about the date, location, available seats, and instructions for the event. You can book your seats according to your convenience.

Online Ticket Selling and Automated Registration

Selling tickets for an event is an important part of the execution of an event. While creating new events, Odoo allows you to decide the type and rate of the ticket. You can fix an amount for each type of ticket and set a limit to the availability of seats to the event. It is also possible to publish free events without charging any registration fee. There are options to apply special conditions to each ticket which will help people to register their tickets early and reserve VIP seats. 

You don't need to take much effort in selling tickets because Odoo automates all the activities regarding the sales of tickets and records the registration of attendees to a particular event instantly. The data of all attendees who register through the Odoo website will be automatically integrated with the Events module. You can select a suitable payment method in registration. Odoo also allows fields to add special discounts such as promo codes. You will get confirmation mails after completing the payment that will confirm your registration to the event. 

Event Reports

After conducting an event, making reports and analysis is very important for making decisions and improving future projects. Odoo Events facilitates reporting features in the module which helps a company to analyze the data easily. You can make reports on Events and Attendees separately. This will give you an all-around picture of all events, ticket sales, number of participants, and booking details. 

Integration with Other Modules

  The events module integrates with many other modules to facilitate the easy functioning of events. To make the ticketing process smoother and reach the event into a large audience, Odoo will let you publish your event on the Odoo Website. In this module, there is an option to generate leads in the configuration menu. This can be integrated with the CRM module and Email Marketing to build new customer relationships.

These advantages make the Events module in Odoo more attractive and user-friendly. For marketing and promoting products and services, conducting events with the help of the Events module will reduce the hassles in the way of success.

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