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By: Divya M A

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module

Functional Odoo 16

The amount of storage space needed by paper is greatly reduced by a document management system, allowing for more effective document retrieval and regulatory compliance. Organizations can save storage expenses and enhance document distribution by scanning papers and integrating them into a system. Users no longer require paper-based solutions since flexible retrieval and indexing allow them to access content from numerous sources at once. Additionally, faster and more versatile search features are provided by document management systems, enabling users to find files by any term or phrase found inside the document.

Controlled document distribution makes it simple to share documents electronically, lowering the costs associated with paper-based distribution and eliminating the usual delay associated with hard-copy information. The ability to regulate access to documents for various groups and people at the folder and/or document level is another advantage of document management software. A failsafe archive system and a successful document backup plan also provide disaster recovery. Electronic documents are kept in non-proprietary formats like Microsoft Word or Excel, while paper documents are shielded from excessive handling thanks to digital archiving.

Another advantage of document management software is improved regulatory compliance since it combines security control, audit trails, archiving, and disaster recovery to authenticate stored information and show compliance with rules and specifications. Organizations may increase their overall organizational efficiency by integrating these technologies, streamlining their document management procedures while lowering the risk of non-compliance.

The Odoo document module is an effective solution for controlling access to and managing important corporate documents while maintaining security. It makes it possible for certain people or groups to access crucial papers, which lowers the number of lost or misplaced documents and boosts productivity and efficiency. Best security practices are used by the module, including encryption, two-factor authentication, tracking, and logging, to prevent data loss. Integrating with other modules makes organization easier and speeds up retrieval. Users' ability to work together on documents improves internal and external cooperation. Users can examine shared links, emails, and sharing information depending on the papers they work on using the module as well. All things considered, the Odoo document module is a potent tool for streamlining corporate procedures and handling private papers.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

Opening the “Documents” module will send you to its homepage, which contains a documents section for every available document, as shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

The Odoo 16 Documents Module,as seen in the above picture, is a very easy-to-use and condensed platform, but it is packed with useful features to handle every aspect of document processing in an organization. So let's discuss the components available in the platform.

Documents menu

You can see the different categories of documents from the left-side sorting section. From there, we can sort the documents based on different options provided in the categories, including “WORKSPACE,” “TAGS,” and “ATTACHED TO.”

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

You can exclusively filter the documents based on the various filtering options offered in the “Filters” and also add the most frequently used documents into the “Favorites” category using the respective options given on the page.

Options like "CREATE SPREADSHEET," "REQUEST," "ADD A LINK," and "SHARE" may be found on the upper left side of the page. You can create new spreadsheet data, Request a new document, Add links to any documents, and share any documents respectively using the above options. Also, you can upload new documents using the “UPLOAD” button given.

Each of the document templates is arranged in Kanban View. From the Kanban display, you can see the Name of the Document, the Name of the Signature Template, tags, the Date created On,  etc. Clicking on any of the document templates will open its preview and a toolbox, as shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

You can do various functions on the documents, such as Download, Share, Replace, Lock, Split, print, etc., from the right side of the page, as illustrated in the above screenshot. 

Configuration Menu

The "Configuration menu" is the final menu in the Odoo 16 Documents Module. These menu items include "Settings," "Workspaces," "Tags," "Actions," "Shares & Emails," and "Spreadsheet Templates," as seen in the screenshot below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys


The “Settings” option of the module will help you to enable the most important configuration options in the “Files Centralization” tab, as shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

You can configure the “Human Resources” option to activate or Centralize the employees' documents that include Contracts, Payslips, etc. activating this option will open new fields like “Workspace,” “ Payroll Workspace,”  “Default tags,” and “Payslip Contracts.”

Spreadsheets and files associated with products may be centralized using the "Product" option. Spreadsheet centralization is made possible by the module by specifying a workspace in the options box. Choose from the drop-down menu of preconfigured workspaces, or click the external link menu symbol to start a new workspace.

Using the "Recruitment" option, it is possible to integrate the recruitment files that are related to job applications and job postings by turning on the Recruitment option. Additionally, turning on the "Accounting" feature will assist you in centralizing accounting records and paperwork. You can avail of the configured features after saving them.


You can establish and customize workspaces using the “Workspaces” option found on the “Configuration” menu of the Odoo Document module. The Workspaces window, which is seen in the figure below, will appear when you select the “Workspaces” menu item. 

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

You can check out the dashboard of previously established workspaces in this window, which is organized by the name of the workspace, Tag Categories, Company, Write Groups, and Read Groups. To add new Workspace data, click the "New" button. 

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys


Using the “Tags” window, we can create various tags related to documents, workspaces, etc. after opening the “Tags” menu option, you will be directed to a page containing a list of tags arranged based on their “Workspaces,” “Category,” and “Tags” as shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

The lengthy list of previously established Tags is visible. Additionally, you may add tags in the "Favourites" area and sort or filter them using the "Filter" and "Group By" options. It is also possible to add new tags using the "New" button, if needed, within the configuration form shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys


By developing and personalizing automatic activities for each workspace, workflow actions simplify document management and company processes. These functions enable the one-click creation of documents, processing of invoices, signing, file organization, tag addition, and file movement.

The "Action" section of the "Odoo 16 Documents" "Configuration" menu allows you to configure a number of different actions. A dashboard of several different "Workflow Actions" will be displayed in this window, as illustrated in the picture below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

The Workflow Actions are organized in the "Activity" section according to their "Related Workspace," "Action Button Name," and "Created On" date. By using the "Export All" icon, it is possible to download the contents of an Excel file. The configuration form will pop up when you choose the "New" button to allow you to add a new, personalized Workflow activity.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

As seen above, you will be sent to a new Workflow Actions configuration form where you can update the relevant data.

Shares & Emails

You can obtain the “Share Links” window, which is seen in the image below, by using the “Shares & Emails” option found under the “Configuration” tab of the Odoo Document module. 

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

All of the shared document URLs and emails are available here in this window. The dashboard preview will display the "Workspace," "Name," "Share Type," "Allows to," "Created by," "Created on," and "Status" information. To view the information's specifics, simply click the pertinent data field. If required, you will be able to download the details of the links by clicking the “Export All” icon provided in the upper left corner of the page.

Spreadsheet Templates

Odoo 16 provides various default spreadsheet Templates in the “Spreadsheet Templates” section of the “Configuration” menu, as shown below.

An Overview of the Odoo 16 Documents Module-cybrosys

You can see the “Spreadsheet Templates” window with each template’s Name, Created By, Created On, and Data as a list view. You can download the spreadsheet details using the “Export All” icon provided in the top left corner of the window. 

By using the download icon included in the "Data" section of the chosen column, we can quickly download the data from that particular spreadsheet. By selecting the "+New spreadsheet" option, you may add a fresh spreadsheet to a certain Spreadsheet Template. An existing report can be easily modified by using the "Edit" option. The "Make a copy" link located in the columns can also be utilized to make an additional copy of the spreadsheet.       

An overview of the Documents Module for Odoo 16 is presented in this blog article. Without the hassle of keeping data and reports in paper bundles, this platform offers highly elegant and fluid document management. The document module for Odoo 16 is a potent tool for managing confidential records and streamlining corporate procedures.

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