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By: Cirin C Baby

Advantages of Odoo ERP

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Odoo ERP is one of the rapidly growing ERPs in the world today. Based in Brussels, Odoo caters to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that require a highly flexible ERP system to manage the database of their business. An ERP is the backbone of a business, especially in the technological era, where data is the biggest asset of any company. An ERP system facilitates the automation of back-office services, making business processes simple and efficient. 
Choosing the right ERP at the right time could be the beginning of a good future for many enterprises. It automates and integrates the back-end process of the various business aspects like sales, manufacturing, accounting, HR, and customer service. You can actively plan and organize the resources of the company not limited to the products, but also its customers and employees.
Advantages of ERP
As an organization, it is important to consider an ERP for managing the business functions as it would
Save money: even with flexible packages, the initial investment for an ERP system would take away a large part of the budget. So most companies at the stage of growth would have second and third thoughts in investing in an ERP system. But to think in the longer term the ROI provided by an ERP would be a considerable gain for the company. 
Improved collaboration: the integral part of an ERP is the centralized database. The data errors and consequent losses are reduced by utilizing this unified database. Depending on the ERP you choose, the features and functions may vary, but yet all ERP streamlines the data across the departments into a single source. Being on the same page through the database source allows all employees to work together in a more organized manner. 
Improved analytics and reporting: a better organized and streamlined data analytics and reporting of the company is sure to be more insightful. As sure as it is, more data means better insight. Given this, being able to organize data across the departments would also provide us with a greater understanding of when and where our business performance stands. Most ERP makes report generation much easier by cutting down on the days of research and compilation in the case of manual report generation. 
Improved productivity: running a business sure comes with a lot of tedious tasks and sure this takes up both the time and morale of the employees. An ERP automates these tedious tasks and hence allows employees to utilize their time more effectively. Automation of business processes would eliminate wastage of time on administrative works, thus allowing more billable hours. The efficiency of an ERP system to handle data and manage the various tasks otherwise taking time off employee hours would now allow a more productive work environment. 
Customer satisfaction: Most ERPs are equipped or integrated with CRM tools that would help your sales team to communicate better with your customers. The CRM tools will provide better customer visibility and this would help strategize our customer service by understanding their needs and wants. Clients or customers are for sure the best resources and without a client-centric service, we sure cannot succeed in business. ERP systems have a quick and organized database of your customers that helps you understand your customers holistically. 
Odoo ERP
Odoo ERP is an integrated suite of business modules. Offering both free and paid versions we can always make our choice based on our requirements. The modular system allows you to add more as you go. We can also customize the module to meet the advanced requirements of our company. With over 30 main modules, including integrators and connectors, Odoo is a highly functional ERP system. So who can benefit from Odoo ERP? 
Small and medium enterprises
Most SMEs depend on ERP systems to manage their growing resources. With SMEs the growth is rapid and the requirements are dynamic. Therefore it is highly recommended that the ERP used is customizable and versatile, all the while staying within the budget of the enterprise.  
The modular structure of the Odoo ERP is what makes it most ideal for any SMEs. Odoo is designed to be tailored for the needs of a dynamic business. As your business grows and needs increase we can keep adding to the subset tools to make the ERP suitable for your business. 
For enterprises with dynamic needs, it gets difficult to manage data between various unconnected software after a certain stage. This is when you must consider an ERP system like Odoo. 
Odoo pricing is dependent on the user numbers, modules, integrations, implementation, and hosting type. You pay for use and for SMEs this can be very beneficial. And with the growing needs of the business, we can buy more from Odoo. 
Available with different hosting options, for SMEs the possibility of cloud hosting can save a lot of the infrastructural demands that come with ERP implementation. With cloud-hosting, the server resources are highly scalable. The scalability is accommodative to any kind of expansion in the business. 
Very minimal and highly functional, Odoo ERP is an extremely beneficial budget-friendly ERP system that can transform your small and medium-sized business to efficient growth. By providing the basic toolset that is required for any startup, the Odoo ERP is one trust along the growth curve to deliver and streamline the business needs. 
Large enterprises 
For large enterprises, the needs are highly complex and Odoo, though not the best option, can be good enough for the complex requirements too. Built with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, the large enterprises might have a better delivery opting for more experienced and more flexible ERP systems available in the market. For large enterprises looking for more budget-friendly customizations of the modules, we can surely say that Odoo is a good option. Odoo is relatively new to the field of ERP and focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, it sure does have some shortcomings for the complex requirements of the large enterprises. Yet with good implementation and support working out the ERP system for large enterprises is also possible. 

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