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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

Advantages of Planning module in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

The basic components of every business process is planning. Planning is the process of creating a direction, deciding the actions that have to be taken in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The effectiveness of planning reflects in the success of the company. So it is important to plan the shifts of the business. Maintaining the day to day activities of the company is a great way for efficient planning management. Manual method of planning is not error free, they lack coordination which is very essential for smooth functioning of the organization. Many companies now rely on the ERP system, Enterprise Resource Planning system, to plan and schedule their functions. With the system you can plan and organize your activities very easily. 

Odoo ERP has got a lot of advantages. They help you to save your time and money, and with a centralized database, data is passed through different departments and stored in a single source. Odoo helps you in generating an improved analytics and reporting which results in improved productivity.


Odoo 14 has dedicated a whole module for scheduling and organizing the work. Earlier planning tool was part of Project App. In Odoo 14 we get Planning as a new module. There are a lot of advantages to Odoo's Planning module.

In this blog let us check out the advantages that odoo 14 Planning module has to offer.


Management of schedules

The main advantage of the Planning module is that you can view the whole schedule of the employees from the dashboard. Scheduling is an integral part of planning. It helps you to run the process of achieving targets easily. As each schedule is categorized in a calendar view it helps you to view and understand the time and date of each schedule. You can view the schedule of each employee as well as the schedules of different designated roles and projects. With the help of this you can have an overview of each project and how much each role has contributed towards the project and tasks they have been assigned. Total number of shifts that happen each day is mentioned at the bottom of each date. 

Open Shift Management

When an employee can't finish the schedule he or she has created, then another employee can complete the task, this is called open shifts. The employee who created the task couldnt complete the task due to many reasons, it may be because of shortage of resources or due to any emergency, then open shift helps other employees to conclude the work assigned. In Odoo 14 Planning module employees can create an open shift and other employees can take up the shift and make the necessary changes in the schedule by clicking on it and completing the task. 

Creation of new shifts

It is very easy to create new schedules in the Planning module. By clicking on the ADD button you will get a form page and all you have to do is fill the form with entails such as Shift Template, name of the Employee who will be taking the shift, Role of the employee, name of the Project, Task assigned, name of the Company, Date including starting and ending date, Allocated Time in percentage and Allocated Hours. You can also select if you want the shift to be a repeating task and add details such as when and how many weeks the shift has to be repeated. You can also add additional messages about the shift too. After completing the form you can press save and publish the schedule. And if you want to take the schedule you created then you can pree I TAKE IT button and the shift will get assigned to you.

Organizing your planning

You can organize your own planning and make schedules in the Odoo 14 Planning module. By clicking the My Planning tab your schedule is displayed on the screen and you can get a calendar view of the shifts. Total number of shifts on each day is displayed at the end of each day. By placing the cursor on the shift you can get essential details such as Starting date and time, Stopping date and time of the shift, allocated hours, if you have been replaced by any other employee, and if changes were made to the schedule after publishing . All these make you updated about your shifts. 

Calendar View

The schedules are viewed in a calendar view and you can easily find the dates and time of the shift from here. You can also get a detailed view of each day. You can view the shifts of each day, week, month and year. This helps in planning your strategies and scheduling tasks ahead of time. You can even send the schedule to the employees with date and time. 


Eliminates Miscommunication and Contradictions

The main problem that arises when the planning is done normally is that there comes a chance of miscommunication. But with Odoo's Planning module you can eliminate the chance of miscommunication as the task and role of the employee is properly mentioned in the schedule. Another problem is that sometimes when doing planning manually the shifts may contradict and an employee will be given charge of more than one shift. In Odoo 14 the shifts clearly mark the allotted time and date and the problem of contradiction is therefore taken care of. Thus in short, the Planning module eliminates the problem of miscommunication and contradiction. 

Planning Analysis

You can get a detailed analysis of the planning you have done so far by clicking on the Reporting tab. With measures such as Allocated hours, Allocated Time in percentage, Effective Hours, Number of Working Days, Progress and Count you can easily analyze the work that has been done for achieving the goal. With the help of Filters you can view the analysis of selected areas also. The analyzed data can be easily inserted into the spreadsheet from the module by clicking on the INSERT IN SPREADSHEET option. 

Configuration of the settings

In the planning module you can configure the settings and allow the employees to unassign themselves from the shifts. Another advantage is that you can maintain and create Roles in the database. You can add employees to certain roles and grant them new roles in the organization. You can also create shift templates which will help you in filling the new shift form. With the help of shift templates you can easily add duration hours and starting time of the shift. While filling the form you can select the shift template you want and the allocated time slots will automatically be filled. You can edit the existing shift templates according to the needs of the company.

In short the Planning module helps you in assisting and makes the job of scheduling the work easier. From scheduling the tasks and sending them to the employees and assigning them roles, the Planning module helps you to organize the work schedules and also helps you to achieve your goals. 

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