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By: Evin Davis

Agenda and Proposals for Marketing Event in Odoo

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Marketing the products and services of the company has always been the key task of any company to attain its achievable target and profit. The marketing function of the marketing team of any company should be able to create and perform various activities that should put forward their products and services to various customers and people. These activities may include marketing campaigns, events, festivals, billboards, online marketing content, advertisements, etc. The marketing events play a crucial role in all the marketing functions and campaigns which are being conducted.

As the times changed the need for the process of adapting to automated methodologies of marketing and running a company seemed to be essential to cope up with the ever-changing world. This led to the development of various Enterprise and resource planning software(ERPs) that could run and automate the various business aspects of the company. Many of these ERPs worked only on certain aspects of the company at the initial stages of operation. This software lacked the adaptability and customizability to any business needs.

Odoo is one of the best ERPs available in the market these days overweight various other ERPs on its standards, advantages, and methodologies of operating. The Odoo operates from a single platform allowing the users to control, monitor, and manage all the operations of the company from a single system. The main advantageous design of the Odoo platform is that of the customizability feature which allows the companies of any structure and methodology to be integrated with the Odoo platform. Additionally, the platform supports the use of various third-party software and systems to be integrated into the Odoo software which is already existing in the company while transitioning including Odoo CRM. The documents and data available in the various other sources can also be imported to the platform and integrated with the operation.

How to set up an event in Odoo?

The events and meetings can be set up in Odoo using the events module available on the platform. The users can create online events and offline ones that can be enrolled through the company website. The event descriptions can be provided based on the events and the attributes of the user on the company website or e-commerce website.

To create an agenda and description for the events in Odoo the user should initially enable the schedule and track option available in the settings menu of the event module. Upon enabling the option the user should save the settings menu.


Tracks and agenda of an event

On enabling the option the user can navigate to the events menu where the user can opt to create a new one or edit the ones which are available. In case the user wants to create a new event he/ she can select the create option available. The events menu provides the necessary details concerning. Enable The website menu, and track on the website to showcase the event on the company website and provide details of it. The tracks in Odoo explain about the sub-events or programs conducted under the registered main event. On enabling the track proposals on the website option the various customers can propose programs, events, talks, screenings, etc relative and required by them under the main event. Upon providing the descriptions and enabling the various settings options the user should save the event.

To provide subevents and the programs under the main event the user can select the tracks option available on the menu. The user can create a new one by selecting the create option available.


On selecting to create a new track under the respective event the user will be displayed with the window as depicted in the below image. Provide the title, select the date of the track, duration of the event, supers, and their description. The user can also assign a responsible employee for the event and assign it also to a different main event. Save the track upon providing the details of the descriptions.


The event stages can be changed from being proposed ones to publishing by selecting the respective option available in each tracks menu of the event.


The below image depicts how the rack description provided earlier is displayed on the website of the company. As the customer logged into the company website he/ she is depicted with the informative page on the respective events.


Back in the backend of the platform, the users can view the reporting functionality which provides reports on the various events available with respect to aspects and attributes chosen by the user. The Gantt view of the reporting functionality is much useful to the various companies as it's much more informative and descriptive rather than the other ones. In the Gantt view, the user can sort by filter and group the data based on various default attributes available and the customization features are available for the same which can be saved for future references by adding them to the favorites menu. On selecting each icon the Odoo platform will depict the description on the respective track of the event. The user is also provided with the provision to navigate to the respective track or event by selecting the icons available in the report.


In the frontend, the customer can view the agenda regarding the event by selecting the agenda menu available with respect to each event. The below image depicts the agenda description of an event. The description provides the descri[tion on timing and date, venue, and the number of talks and the speaker based on which the customers can enroll in. The agenda functionality in Odoo allows the user to showcase the various sub-events and tracks concerning the main event which is available.


Call for proposals

The Odoo platform allows the customers in the portal to forward proposal requests to the companies and organizations regarding talk or a track for a respective event through the website of the company. The proposals are usually the ones which customers find useful and in need of information on the topic with respect to the main event.

The user or the company should enable the track proposal option available under each event for the customers to create proposal requests towards the company. To create a proposal request the customer should select the respective unit under which the request should be filed to the company if the company website has multiple events available at the instance.

The application form should be filled out providing all the details regarding title, event allocated spare details etc.pn proposal. The Odoo platform requests the customers to fill out the contact information of the speaker in the proposal request which helps the company or the user to contact them in the further future if needed. On providing the details the customer should submit the proposal request.



In the back end when the user logged into the respective event available under the tracks section the respective proposal request will be displayed under the proposal menu. The user can open each and analyze the descriptions and move forward with it or delete the proposal request.


The agenda and proposal functionality under the events section of the Odoo platform helps the users to present an approachable setting to the event conduction. It additionally allows the customers to request for the talks and sessions they need allowing the users and type company to have an analysis and feedback or a request on the same.

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