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By: Sree

Benefits of Odoo 13 Notes Module

Functional Odoo 13

Odoo notes is a small module which can be integrated with other modules easily. It goes along with the point of sale, human resource management, purchase, and sales modules. The note feature can also be integrated with the maintenance and repair modules also. 


Notes feature can be upgraded and integrated in a way to suit the demand of the user. For example, if the client is running a company where a large number of employees are working, the note feature can be used to create meetings, to-do, and other features.

In this blog let us take a look at the key features and benefits of Odoo 13 Notes.


Features and Benefits of Odoo 13 Notes

Create Notes

The Note module of the Odoo helps you create notes easily using the create button. On clicking the create button a plain window will get opened and the user can enter the note. The preferences of the user can be highlighted by changing the font size, color. Changing alignment and adding pictures to specify the notes are also enabled in Odoo Note.

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Odoo notes can be used to take down the note. This can avoid the use of paper notes and paper sticky notes. The use of books and other writing apps for taking down notes and noting down important works and points can be avoided by using Odoo notes. 


Odoo notes is a separate ERP module aiming to help the users organize the notes. This prevents the misplacing of paper notes. 

Odoo notes make it easy to manage all the notes in order. Searching for the note based on the content and the date of note is also made easy with Odoo Note.


Notes categories

Notes of the meetings, to-do activities, meeting minutes, and just notes can be saved using the notes module of Odoo. The categorization of notes can be made based on the interest of the user. 

The categories of notes can be customized using editing it. The user can also configure more categories. 


Schedule Activity

Odoo Notes module helps a user to schedule an activity. The scheduling can be done by entering the activity type including to-do, meeting, call, and email. The due date for the activity and the person who is assigned to do the activity can also be enlisted with the help of Odoo notes.

A manager can add the works to note and assign work to an employee. The employee lists can be updated and edited. The due date of the activity can be detected easily as the color of the bar changes with the expiry of the activity. The action taken on the note can be updated by changing the color of the tick mark.


Besides, the user can also add tables and pictures along with the notes. Odoo module also enables tagging. The log note feature also helps the user to give additional notes. 

Multiple stages of notes

A person can create the activities, the status, and ensure that the works are completed. New activities can be listed as works to do and the user can create completed work with the use of completed bars. This enables the user to easily categorize the stages of work and review the status of the activity.

Besides, the filter feature helps to sort the notes based on your filter choice. The filter can be used to get a glance of active notes, and archived notes. The user can also customize the filter categories. Listing of favorite notes is also possible with Odoo. What’s more Odoo Notes module enables the user to drag one note from one category or stage to the other stage to mark the completion of the work. The drag and drop feature can be used for the purpose. 


How does Note work in Point of Sale

Let us take a glance at how a retailer or other business person can make use of the Odoo Notes. 

Odoo Notes is of great benefit in point of sale modules. It can be used to give order notes or kitchen notes for restaurant management and for retail shops also. The notes can be integrated into the point of sale to improve the functioning of the point of sale. Order line notes can also be added for purchase preference, sale remarks, and for improving service to the customers at the restaurants. This enables a customer to specific needs with the help of order line notes.


Notes feature, which goes along with many other modules of Odoo ERP, is of great benefit to the users. It helps to avoid mismanagement due to forgetfulness or misplacing of to-do notes written on paper sheets. 

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