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By: Sumaiba

An Introduction to Odoo 14 E-Learning Module

Functional Odoo 14

Learning is the first step to success and online learning has been at its peak in the arrival of the digital era. And now it has reached its utmost level because of the devastating impact of the pandemic coronavirus all around the world.

Now we have come to understand the point that the eLearning platforms are more convenient and practical than the traditional face-to-face offline courses. Through the eLearning platform, knowledge can be grasped or imparted for everyone, at any time and at any age. The e-Learning concept opened a wide space for knowledge acquisition. 

The eLearning platforms are the best choice for a business organization for conducting their employee training programs and employee upbuilding activities or even for introducing their products to customers. With this digital world, you are accessible and familiar with so many eLearning platforms. The all-in-one-suit business ERP application, Odoo also provides you a good platform to acquire or provide virtual knowledge through its prominent eLearning module. The Odoo eLearning module will support all the aspects related to virtual learning such as defining courses, creating and managing forums and certification programs, and many more aspects. It is the best medium for both learners and learning providers.

In this blog, let us discuss some of the important aspects of the Odoo eLearning module. 

Attractive and engaging contents

The Odoo eLearning platform gives you an exclusive medium for creating and learning attractive and engaging content. The different types of learning content can be included in the Odoo eLearning platform. This content can be a document, videos, presentations, web pages, infographics, quizzes, and many more aspects. You can also create personalized and learner-oriented content without much effort. The scalability of content can be measured. The list of content that an organization or you can include in your Odoo platform is almost uncountable. It completely depends on the type of course providing and its requirements.


Easily accessible

The Odoo eLearning is an easily accessible learning and teaching platform and it can be taken from anywhere in the world to anyone who has access. It can be taken at any time with the consent of students and tutors. It also ensures quick access to the lessons. The kinds of delays and interruptions to the lessons can be reduced to a minimum and day-to-day updates are also possible with this platform.


Self-paced learning

The Odoo eLearning platform enables you to run self-paced learning. It will enhance the learning experience of the students or your employees to a higher level. The most important benefit of self-paced learning is its convenience. The learners can learn their lessons from anywhere at any time. Self-paced learning will reduce the scheduling issues and will provide a more comfortable zone for the learners. They can learn their lessons with their own schedules. 

The providers can group their lessons into sections and they can set a deadline to complete the course. Now the learners can learn their lessons with their own comforts sticking to the deadline. Self-paced learning makes it practical for the learners to practice their different learning styles and rules. The fast learning participants can learn their lessons fast and they need not wait for others and also the slow learners can take their own time to complete the lessons.

The Odoo eLearning platform supports you to make group lessons into sections and get to know the progress of your participants with follow-ups. The Odoo platform also enables the participant’s multiple attempts at a task.

Follow up activities

The Odoo eLearning platform ensures the course follow-up activities such as Quizzes, reviews, and many more aspects. These activities will be beneficial for checking how well the learners are learning their content and what they reflect on the content. The platform also tracks the performance of its participants throughout the course duration. 

Low investment

Compared with the traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms, the eLearning platforms like Odoo will cost low infrastructural investment. The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities such as buildings, transport facilities, classrooms, classroom equipment, and many more aspects which are commonly needed for the operation of a regular course are reduced to an internet facility, laptop or computer, and some related equipment. 

Audio-visual impact

The Odoo eLearning platform provides Audio-visual communication for the learning process and it is the most relevant and productive form of learning and it definitely creates a great impact on learners. So the learners remember the concepts forever. 

Update contents with ease

The contents of the learning courses can be easily updated. This will not only save the time of the learners but also the providers. In addition, you can include multimedia tools like video, photographs in your lessons. you can easily insert video content. This will be a great advantage to make learning more interesting and entertaining. With the assistance of these tools, you can make the learning process more lively.


You can simply embed video content created on your own and the external videos also can be included in your platform.


Regular assessments and certifications

The regular time period of assessment is the key factor in an education program. The Odoo eLearning module enables you to test and evaluate the learner’s knowledge in a regular period of intervals and in the different stages of their learnings. Moreover, the platform makes use of the techniques including quizzes, discussions, and other programs in between the modules or tasks to make sure that the learners are obtaining the correct meanings of your course. The online tests are also conducted at the end of every module and it will give importance to the main portions so the learner will not miss the important portions.


The Forum module also can be easily integrated with the Odoo eLearning platform and it will be a great advantage for you to create a forum in your learning platform.


Report Analysis

The Odoo eLearning module has an exclusive report analysis feature that will allow you to generate reports in various measures. You can generate reports on various Courses, Contents, Revenues, Reviews, Quizzes, Forum, and Certifications. The reports can be represented in Graphical, Pivot, and List format.


Now we discussed some of the important aspects of the Odoo eLearning module and you can learn more about the module from Cybrosys blogs. Also, you can read the Odoo books for more information.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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