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By: Sree

Benefits of Implementing Odoo ERP in Trading Business

Odoo 13 Warehouse Sales

Any exchange of goods or commodities in return to money belongs to trade. All business entrepreneurship in which the trader collects goods from another person and sells it to a different person falls under the category trading. In the broader sense trading can be done by exchange of goods and works also. The procurement and selling of different goods including manufactured products, materials, electronic appliances, and all other substances fall under trading. 


Our Trading ERP is the best tool for small and medium businesses. It will help you coordinate all activities included in the trading process.

Systematization of trading activities including arranging of goods, assembling, displaying, management of the database, stock management, POS management, and other activities makes trading a more effective activity. 


Apart from offering the best support and service for managing different steps of trading, our ODOO ERP for Trading also gives the best support for easing sales, purchase supply, and accounting. 


With high coding standards, Cybrosys Technologies offers the best support for your ODOO Trading ERP. Our ERP ensures the efficient operation of customer relationship management, report preparation, sales management, inventory control, purchase preparation, and other activities.


Here, in the blog, we can take a look at which all functions of your firm can get benefitted from the ODOO Trading ERP. 



Purchasing is a time-consuming task for anyone engaging in trading activity. A series of activities are included in the purchase process. Selection of goods required for a trading firm, identification of enterprises which should be included in the list of purchasing firms, proper maintenance of purchase records, generating quotations, completing purchasing processes are all part of the purchasing phase.

The quality of the product purchases, the service offered by the firm, and refund and return policy are important factors. Our Odoo Trading ERP will help you identify the best purchase sources and list them out in the ERP. Blacklisting and prioritizing of purchase sources also become easy with Odoo Trading ERP.


Generation of professional quotation

A quotation helps you identify the strength of a firm. It is important to generate a quotation in a professional way to get the best deal. Preparing quotations with history of the purchase process, identification of the future trend for quotations, and including the best price can be made easy with access to auto-generated incident history.

The purchase module of our Odoo Trading ERP also enables you to raise requests for quotations from the vendors. 


PO (Purchase order)

Purchase order generation, if done manually, will take a longer time. But with our efficient Odoo Trading ERP, purchase order generation becomes a simple process. Reviewing the quotation and sending the purchase order the e-way saves time and improves the efficiency of the operation. 

Approval of purchase order also gets speed with the Odoo Trading ERP application. The trader and the vendor can approve the PO online and complete the process. This enables the proper packing of the commodities and speedy start of the business process. The sale order generation, which is also an important part of the purchase process too gains momentum with Odoo Trading ERP.



Are you planning business with an e-store alone? The dropshipping facility of the ODOO Trading ERP is sure to benefit you. With the Drop Shipping facility, a trader, who does not maintain a warehouse of his own, will be able to direct all purchases to the vendor, who in turn will deliver the product anywhere in the world. Dropshipping is convenient for those engaging only in the e-trading business. The commission driven trading will entrust the responsibility of the delivery and return of the goods to the vendor.

Locking of the purchase order

Our trading platform offers you the facility to lock purchase orders for a certain period. This also helps generate purchase invoices with all minute details. 

Invoicing and sales list management also become easy with the ODOO Trading ERP Application. With a customization facility, ODOO developer with Cybrosys will offer you the best support for addressing all your needs.


Vendor list

Managing the list of enterprises involved in business with your trading organization is important for every business group. This helps to categorize the enterprises, rate their performances, prioritize enterprises operating the same field, and generate quotations and purchase orders efficiently.



Sales, the most important function of a trading firm can be regulated with our Odoo Trading ERP. The coordination of different aspects of the sales side is done without much difficulty with our Odoo support system. 


Generate a sales quotation and the sales order

The Odoo Trading ERP is the best for generating sales quotes and sales orders a professional way. The generation  of quotes is done by analyzing the incident history and reviewing the previous quotations. 

Sale order generation gets automated with the Odoo Trading ERP application. The sale order is generated the moment the customer enters interest to buy the product through the online platform. The units for sale, the price, and other aspects are calculated automatically to issue the sale order. The communication of sales orders through e-mail and SMS also makes the system more efficient.

Order to upsell

Large scale purchase of single items can also be promoted by a trader with the support of e-platform. Bulk orders for upselling can also be collected with special offers or discounts with the help of the feature.


Price list

IT is not just the price that matters in a Trading ERP. But the efficacy of a Trading ERP comes to fore with the way the price list is displayed. The price list should be clearly understandable to the buyer and there should not by any confusion. Prominent display of price list with all minute information is assured with Odoo Trading ERP.


Discounts, offers, discount approval 

Offers, small or big, are sure to attract customers. Prominent display of discounts, special offers and discount approvals improve the selling capacity of an e-platform. With Odoo Trading ERP, any trader can display the product price, discount, offer and other important features of a product along with the image of the product. The discount and offer factors are displayed prominently to catch the attention of the customer.


Coupons and promotions.

Apart from offers, coupons and promotions also get dedicated space in the display format of a Trading ERP assisted with Odoo. The customer finds it easy to use the coupon code to avail discounts and other benefits. Offers on using debit and credit cards and on e-payment also get proper display.

Inclusion and exclusion of tax on pricing

Before every purchase, the customer wants to make sure about the taxes included. Additional charges apart from the displayed price list generate confusion. A clear invoice can avoid these issues. The sale order should also include all taxes included and excluded from the price. 

Locking of confirmed orders

Odoo Trading ERP helps you take stock of all the products available with you or the vendors in case of drop shipping. The number of units available helps to lock the products on confirmed orders. This avoids unnecessary confusion. The moment the last unit of a product is sold out that automatically gets updated in the site preventing a new customer from engaging in the purchase.

The availability of the goods will be updated the moment the trader or the vendor gets a new unit of the product.

Multiple customer addresses

Unlike in person-to-person sales, the Trading ERP enables the management of multiple customers at a time. The management of the address and other details of a large number of customers becomes simple with the Odoo ERP.

shipping cost

The inclusion and exclusion of shipping costs could bring a huge difference in the sum of the product. The inclusion or exclusion of shipping charges can be clearly reflected under each product, during the sale process, preparation of sale order, and in the final invoice.

Customer relationship management

Only a good customer relationship management team can ensure the support of customers. All possible measures to manage good customer relations are included in the CRM module of the Odoo Trading ERP.  

Different features including, mass mailing, sale analysis, sales team management, reviews, and feedback come under customer management. Updating the customer about special offers including festival offers, SMS alert on the arrival of new products and offers and discounts, distribution of coupons with the help of banking firms, and other firms are all part of the customer relationship management. 


Odoo ERP incorporates CRM as the best way for trading applications to help you manage a good customer relationship. ERP is sure to ensure a customer base across the globe. In the era of global marketing and purchase, customer relationship management can do wonders.


Inventory control

Inventory management is a tough task for all business enterprises. With the use of multiple warehouses at different locations for storing perishable and non-perishable goods many trading companies are forced to appoint a number of employees for coordinating the operation of warehouses. But with the inventory control mechanism of the Odoo Trading ERP, the management of multiple warehouses became quick.

With a single click, a trader can manage all operations of his inventory. Management of multiple warehouses and management of warehouses at different locations becomes smooth with Odoo Trading ERP.


Package management

In an inventory packaging of goods is the most important work. Categorizing goods based on the physical features and the preparation of packaging sections accordingly is an important part of inventory management. With ODOO Trading ERP, all these activities can be controlled with a click.

Barcode support helps the trader to get a clear picture of the progress of the packaging and the activities at the inventory. Batch picking of the product also becomes simple.


Expiry date management

Arrangement of goods based on the expiry date, packaging following the expiry date, return of products after expiry date are all done quickly with the support of ODOO ERP. Inventory adjustment, scrapping, advanced scheduling, and setting pre-ordering rules can be done automatically with the support of ODOO Trading ERP.


Tracking a product, identifying the shelf space, identifying multiple units can be done with a click using ODOO Trading ERP. ODOO becomes the best choice, as it manages the details of shipping units, tracking of products till the completion of the delivery, and enables updates from the customer. The tracking facility helps both the trader and the customer to track the transportation and movement with tracking numbers.

Stock forecasting 

Forecasting the stock will help you easily manage the stock. The number of units of a product available in the inventory and the demand structure helps to evaluate the time to purchase new products. Stock management becomes easy with ODOO Trading ERP. Product category, product variant identification, and scheduling of purchase date can also be done with the help of the ERP.



Customer invoicing, payment details, sales receipt, vendor bills, vendor credit notes, vendor payment details are all updated at the ERP without difficulty. Auto management of all invoices helps in future auditing and report preparation also. All journal entries, payment terms, payment management, asset management can be completed with ODOO Trading ERP.


Auto-generation of customer invoicing, payment details, and bills enables the management of all sales records and purchase records without any hassle. Calculation of funding and cash arrival is made easy with the ERP application.

Besides, asset management also becomes easy. Management of multi-currency for global trading, cash rounding, real-time inventory valuation all become part of the ODOO Trading ERP.


Report preparation

Report preparation is the most difficult and time-consuming task in any business. But with ODOO ERP for trading report preparation becomes a cakewalk for you. The calculation of profit and loss becomes quick and everyday activity with ODOO ERP.

Balance sheet management, cash flow statement generation, preparation of executive summary, tax report all becomes quick and updated. General ledger management trial balance management, partner report including payment pending and payment completed reports, audit report all get with a click on using ODOO Trading ERP.

Flawless management of the account section and invoice preparation makes report preparation an easy task. With all details available on a click, report preparation also becomes a one point activity


From the beginning of the purchase to identification of the vendor, from sale order generation to delivery report presentation gets a quick turn with Odoo ERP. All this data readily available in the repository will help the trader prepare reports.

Quick reports avoid mismanagement, irregularities, and help the management of vendor lists based on their payment methods.


Apart from all these facilities offered by our Odoo ERP for Trading, we also highlight a set of main features of our Odoo ERP for your review. The below-given features will help you identify the significance of our Odoo Trading ERP.

1) Efficient dashboard for quick and easy access

2) Easy navigation from one page to another

3) 360-degree analysis report on leads opportunities and customer follow up activities

4) Effortless management of the human resource in an organization

5) Seamless tracking of sales

6) Optimizing sales opportunities and sales processes

7) Effortless stock management

8) Quick completion of auditing

9) Track stock on hand via advanced tracking system

10) Barcode scanning and printing 

11) Complete visibility across warehouses in multiple geographies

12) Greater visibility on a shipment date, shipment moving out of warehouses

13) Analyze past sale and invoicing

14) Identify delays 

15) Automate General Accounting operations

16) Easy management of sales activities

All these features enable you to manage your business the best way by coordinating vendors and buyers from different geographies. Identifying problematic areas and suggesting solutions make our OdooTrading ERP the best for you.

Automated accounting operations will free you from all your finance related worries. It is time to choose the best ERP support and Odoo is the best for any business.

Odoo Trading ERP is a one-spot solution for all your trading worries. Linking all your vendors, customers, and managing the list of all involved in business with you, Odoo ERP offers you an uninterrupted business network.

Managing the network with mass mailing, alert messages are also part of our Odoo job. Cybrosys offers the best support system for all those using Odoo Trading ERP. We also offer you a feature to personalize your needs to get the best result. 

With 12 years of experience in Odoo development, we offer you our best service throughout. Just convey your needs to us and we are here to extend our support. With Odoo we ensure you that your business will flourish in the days to come with the support of our Odoo Trading ERP.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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