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Odoo ERP to Restructure Construction Business


The construction business is a major business operation across the globe. Requiring large scale investment, procurement of material, and use of a large workforce are the main features of the construction sector. Effective management of a construction business requires a lot of effort, time management, cost management, and workforce management.

Timely completion of works undertaken by a construction firm, the quality of materials used, and the quality of the completed work construct the image of the business group. Manual management of all different stages of the construction sector is a tiresome job requiring the effort of many employees.


In this modern era management of the sector and cost-effective completion of projects have become easier. Odoo, the best ERP developers are offering Construction ERP with specialized features to suit the demands of any construction firm. 

Adapting to modern applications will not only save time but will help the business group to move ahead with the time in a professional way. Odoo ERP for the Construction sector is the most effective and creative application that ensures you better enhancement possibilities. Continuous updating, best CRM features, and features for cost planning, analysis, and review at different stages of construction work make Odoo ERP for the Construction sector the best.


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Here, we can take a glance at how Odoo ERP for the Construction sector will help you to flourish in the construction sector by enabling you to plan your work in an effective way. We can also cross-check the different features of Odoo ERP for the Construction sector and analyze its benefits. A detailed examination of the features is sure to help all from the construction sector to understand the way to change the sector from the traditional way to be part of the competitive world.


Features of Odoo ERP for the Construction sector

· A professional way for Estimation

Project cost estimation the professional way is the most significant feature of Odoo ERP for the Construction sector. From the identification of land for the construction activity to the handing over of the completed building, Odoo ERP for the Construction sector will help you ensure a professional way for estimation.

Estimation from the beginning will help to control project costs at different levels. 

The understanding of the stages where project cost could cross the estimate is also an advantage. 

BE it a small house or a multi-storeyed commercial building or apartment complex, project estimate preparation becomes quick with Odoo ERP for the Construction sector. The efficient way of estimate preparation is sure to guide anyone from the construction sector across the globe to plan the deadlines, agreements, material procurement, and other steps in advance.

· Analyze the Scope of the Industry

Analyzing the scope of work is a preliminary step in the construction business. It is advisable to stay away from work if the work is unlikely to help you retain in the business. The scope for revenue, scope for successful completion of work, timely completion, availability of material, workforce availability, and other aspects are important in the field of construction work.

With the help of Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector, we can analyze the scope of every work with the data analysis report for industry trend and sale aspect of previously undertaken works. With provided data, including estimated cost, the budget of the client, and the sub-contracting charges, the scope can be analyzed quickly. The efficacy of the ERP Application to provide analysis reports in the form of charts and graphs also proves helpful.


· Sales management

Any business starts with quotation generation and contract. The management of the contract with the clients ensures the successful completion of work in the construction sector. 

Odoo ERP for Construction Sector ensures you to include all provisions mandatory for the contract and helps you list out the contract conditions with priority. The contract conditions can be broken down into small steps and completed in a proper way.


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· E approval of workflow

Everything is through the internet in the modern era. Be it in Asian countries, European countries, or in any other part of the globe, e-approval for workflow gives a boost to the work.

The physical presence of the client is not mandatory for e-approval. With the help of Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector, the engineering wing of the construction sector can send updates about the workflow. The clients on the other hand can review the workflow chart and approve the next steps and the completed phases with a click.


· Revise And Manage Contract Changes

Getaway with all the tiresome paperwork with the help of Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector. This all in one ERP solution gives you an important feature- provision to revise and manage contract changes. 

The client or the construction firm management can revise the contract at any stage. But it becomes a tough task to manage every change manually. In this paperless world, Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector lets you update the contract changes with a click. The date of revision and all changed contract conditions can be updated easily. 

Besides, the feature enables you to communicate all the changes to the client and get an e-approval for the changes. This will avoid misunderstandings or arguments at the end of the work.

· Measure Progress of Work

A business involving large scale investment, the construction sector requires measurement of work progress at every step. The best way to measure the progress of the work is to constantly monitor the work, use of the material, and the completion of work. 

Physical measuring of work progress is almost impossible for the high-level team of a construction firm. The work progress management at different worksites cannot be reviewed every day by the top-notches. But if the ERP application offers you a feature to get updates from all worksites along with the photographs and other details, it becomes a simple task. Here, Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector is providing assistance the exact way. Optimize the features of Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector offer you the best support for work progress measurement.

· Customer Relation Management CRM

CRM is the highlight of all Odoo ERPs. Here in Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector also Odoo offers the best CRM features for constant interaction with the clients, frequent emails, and other communication and features for live chat. 

Auto updating of the progress of work, functionality for clearing worries, and other aspects also find a place in the Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector.


For all business sectors there require B2B or Business to Business management. The management of all deals with other business groups is important for the success of a business. 

In the construction sector, our B2B feature will help to coordinate well with the providers of materials. The timely communication with material providers, different manufacturers, logistics teams, and others helps to complete the work on time.

Business to customer management is the key to success in every business. The construction sector is no different. Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector offers the best B2C management features.


· Management of Material Purchase Become Simple

The efficacies with which the materials are procured play a key role in ensuring revenue generation in a business. Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector provides a feature for material procurement and management taking this into account.

The feature enables proper stock management, procurement of construction material before the stocks run out and large-scale procurement of non-perishable materials when the price is low. The feature helps you get alert when a shortage of stocked materials is noticed. The updating of the ERP application with the data of material usage and workflow helps to auto-generate alerts.


Besides, the supervisors at the sites can enter the demand for materials through the ERP application and get approval from different levels. Finance and other departments of a construction business can communicate with the help of the ERP.

· Task Planning and Workforce Management 

Management of the workforce is not a hard nut to crack with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector. Our Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector enables you to manage the workforce in every possible way. 

Task planning and scheduling of activity help to manage each step of the work. The calculation of the workforce required for the completion of work, division of the working hours, and the scheduling of the working hours can be done using this feature. Workforce management is done based on the construction work period for each project. The project requiring speedy completion can get more workforce and more working shifts.


· Effective Utilisation Of Work Hours

With minimal data entry work, the work hour utilization can be optimized in the construction industry. The division of work hours and the deployment of the workforce can be managed with a click using Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector. 


Day or night, the intention behind the working hour schedule is to complete the work on time. The timely completion of a project makes a positive mark in the construction industry. Unnecessary lag in completing the work could play spoilsport in the construction business.


Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector ensures effective scheduling of working hours by calculating the workdays required for the completion of every project. What is more important is the work quality-oriented scheduling process.

· Ensure Project Cost Control

Cost controlling can be ensured only with proper management of all other aspects. From labor charges to material cost should be controlled and regulated for cost control. Besides, waste of material, unexpected delay, technical glitches, and the wastage of working hours could lead to a cost hike. 

Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector with estimation, planning, and scheduling features plays a superior role in ensuring cost control. 

Proper management of material cost helps a construction sector to increase the revenue expense ratio. Besides, proper stock-taking avoids mismanagement of materials, theft of materials, and other unnecessary financial burdens.

The review of the market price of every material based on the entered data helps a construction firm to procure material when the cost touches the low. 

· Manage Finance

The finance management feature of Odoo is the best for all ERP applications. The Odoo ERP for Construction Sector enables the coordinated management of all expenses from the transportation of workforce to transportation of construction equipment. 


The management of fund transfers, the transaction of installments, and payment to subcontractors and bank payments can be managed with the application. E-gateway for all payments makes it quick and transparent. 

· Estimate Preparation

Preparing the budget for construction activities is the toughest task for the construction industry. But with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector, this also becomes a cakewalk. Segmentation of different works is done with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector to enable effective preparation of the budget.


Apart from major expenses, the Odoo ERP for Construction Sector helps you break down all steps of the work and calculate the expenses in detail. This offers a professional and perfect budget for work.

If you plan it the best way, you will implement it the best way. In a construction sector cost planning is the key to success. Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector with special cost planning features helps you plan expenses under different heads. Labor cost, material cost, overhead expenses, and other charges can be calculated effectively with the help of cost planning features.  

Better planning will lead to better cost controlling. Wastage of materials, wastage of working hours, and use of equipment can be avoided if the cost is planned properly.

· Manage The Use Of Equipment

Management of the equipment used in the construction industry is made easy with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector. Listing out all the equipment with the number of units the management becomes simple. 

The movement of the equipment from the inventory to different work sites get recorded every time. The return of the equipment also gets entered in the application. The details of persons taking responsibility for the equipment ensures that the equipment is managed effectively.


· Inventory Management

With detailed documentation of purchased materials, available material, and used material mismanagement is no more a concern for the construction industry. Proper tracking of material movement and equipment movement also helps to prevent mismanagement. 


· Track Project Tasks

Tracking the progress of the project becomes an easy task with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector. The features to update day-to-day progress of tasks and task setting management help the workforce and managers in the construction industry.


Proper tracking of the work using Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector also ensures the timely completion of the work.

· Manage Resource Efficiently

Resource management is an important part of any business. The construction industry requires a detailed plan for resource management to avoid wastage and overhead charges. Proper planning and estimation help to make use of all available resources including material and labor force effectively with Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector.


· Task Analysis Helps in Decision Making

Step-by-step monitoring ensures that a change can be made at different levels. Task analysis support of Odoo ERP proves crucial in decision making. Ready to use workflow reports, estimates, and project reports help the management to make quick decisions. The clients also get a clear picture of the progress and decision making turns quick with this feature. 


· Overhead management

Apart from the costs given in the estimate, overhead charges peek into every construction industry to damage all plans. Insurance scheme for workforce, the unexpected price hike for construction materials, loss of materials due to natural calamities and other accidents, damage to equipment comes under the overhead charges.


Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector helps in rough calculations of overhead charges. With proper alert on price hike possibilities and market trends also helps to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Odoo ERP for the Construction Sector is the best suited to meet all the needs of the construction industry. All features of Odoo 13 will prove helpful for the construction business by ensuring effective coordination, finance management, and workforce management.

Customer relations management which is the key feature of all Odoo products, also helps the construction industry. Besides, the chances for customization of the ERP will benefit those who want to add more features to the ERP. The Odoo ERP is designed based on the needs of our customers and changes are made in consultation with the clients.

The best Odoo support service and training process will also benefit the users. Join us in moving ahead to the future with our Odoo ERP for Construction Sector that comes in handy for different purposes.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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