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By: Evin Davis

IOT the future Of Odoo


IOT is the term that has been heard by many of you in the past decade and still is. IOT stands for the Internet of things and there is no doubt in saying that it's the future to the world.  As connectivity is the major issue of concern among people the IOT terminology makes the operation of connectivity to be with much ease and efficiency. AI and machine learning can be other terminologies in the business, but the advancements it can bring when it's combined by IOT based systems is vast and could make the life of people much easier and effortless.

On the related issue of making the life of people easier and effortless, Enterprise and resource planning software(ERPs) has been helping the companies and business organizations in automating the operations of the management. The cost-efficient automated software operations has been providing high profit to the organizations and also attaining high productivity rates of operation. ERPs have paved the way for automated and systematic methodologies operations in a company on all aspects of the business operations.

The adaptability and combustibility feature of the Odoo ERP makes it the best among the ones available among its competitors. Odoo is often mentioned as the one-stop cost-effective solution to deal with all the business operations of the company. The integration ability in Odoo helps the users of the system to integrate external third-party applications and devices with Odoo platform.

This blog will provide insight on aspects of Odoo integration with IOT devices such as:

Benefits of IOT integration with Odoo,

Odoo IOT box and

Benefits of IOT integration with Odoo

As said earlier Odoo permits its users to integrate third-party sources to the software which makes the operation of the business in a company to run smoother. Additionally, these device integrations will provide the users with various tools to help with the day to day operations inside the company for the employees and staff.

Odoo IOT integration will come as a handy tool in the business operation providing the users and its employee with various benefits at the various stages of operation in the company such as

> IOT helps the devices in a facility to connect to a single device and all the operations can be initiated and controlled from these devices. Unlike Odoo the devices can be controlled remotely using internet connectivity. In addition, there is no need for the devices to be operating in the same network or on the same topography but a connection to a single server will do the job.

> The IOT devices will provide simplified synchronous operations with the machine's manpower and the materials of operation in the company. The main motive of the IOT devices is to increase the efficiency and remove the difficulty in a task information sharing methodology of the IOT devices will be much helpful in the company operations.

> As the IOT device reduces the burden on employees and the difficulty in a task with therefore increases the efficiency and productivity of each employee which in turn provides the company with high yielding profit.

> The IOT device provides the user with the advantage of analysing the data generated in the Odoo platform. The user will be provided with insights on the data generated and provide automation functions based on these.

Odoo IOT box 

The Odoo IOT box is embedded with a Raspberry Pi which enables the urs to connect to the various IOT devices available with the Odoo platform. In addition, the IOT box acts as the bridge of connection and communication between the Odoo platform and the devices. The Odoo platform is connected to the Raspberry Pi using an ethernet cable or a wifi system which is the same in the connection between the Raspberry Pi and the devices.

Once the IOT box is integrated the IOT module in the Odoo platform can be operated and it works like any module available as it is integrated with the operations other modules allowing information sharing and exchange. One Of the main advantages of the IOT integration comes up to the manufacturing process of the company as it will further reduce the manual labor of the employees and provide efficient automation tools for operation. In addition, another main advantage of the IOT integration is the use of biometric devices which will allow the users to monitor the attendance of the employees, enter and exit to a specified area and would eradicate the entry of intruders into the company.

The flowchart of Odoo IoT operation is depicted below where the Odoo IoT box plays the intermitted role of information transfer and exchange between the IoT devices and the Odoo platform.


IOT integration with the Odoo platform can provide the users with various advancements in the automation field of operation of the company and reduce the hardening of duties on each task and provide smooth operation.

If you are interested in Odoo IOT integration for your business, drop your messages to info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your company business to attain better heights with Odoo support 

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